The West Virginia Report – With a Heavy Dose of Salt

Through a FOIA request to the West Virginia Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s two tracks last year (this is part 2; part 1 here).

Please note: Originally, the Commission sent me but two deaths at Mountaineer for the second half of 2021 – but even more telling, nothing after July 27. I contested with this email: “Mr. Moore, where are the rest of Mountaineer’s deaths? There is nothing after July 27, yet that track, as you know, ran through the end of the year. If nothing else was reported to the Commission, an investigation is in order.”

Three weeks, another email, and a voicemail later, I received this response: “I have been working with management at Mountaineer to determine if there were any additional fatalities not initially reported by a Vet. We identified that there were 2 additional deaths. These deaths were not originally reported by [the] Racing Commission Vet due to them having not been during training activities or live racing.”

Okay. First, my request encompassed, as it always does, all deaths; Mr. Moore knows that, as he’s been at the helm since I started doing this in 2014. Second, and to the heart of the matter, there is simply no way Mountaineer, one of the worst racetracks in the country, recorded only four deaths from Jul 14 to Dec 31. No way. In any event, here is what I do have – including the first FOIA, 65 dead racehorses in West Virginia.

That’s for Sure, Jul 3, Charles Town R (euthanized Jul 28) – “tendon injury/infection”

Mercedes Machen, Jul 25, Mountaineer R – “tendon rupture”

Glorious Glitter, Jul 27, Mountaineer R – “slab fracture”

Big Boots, Aug 12, Charles Town R – “fractured sesamoid”

Mio Becoming, Aug 12, Charles Town R (euthanized Aug 18) – “slab fracture”

Becoming Smitty, Sep 9, Charles Town R – “fractured fetlock”

Little Leo, Sep 16, Charles Town R – “[multiple] fractures”

His Lordship, Sep 24, Charles Town T – “fractured shoulder”

Ask Me How Iknow, Sep 24, Charles Town R – “fractured MCIII”

Siente La Magia, Sep 25, Charles Town S – “founder” (had been raced seven times)

Return to Me, Sep 25, Charles Town T – “fractured shoulder”

Happy Saison, Sep 25, Charles Town T – “[multiple] fractures”

A P Rock, Sep 28, Charles Town T – “carpal fracture”

Grandpa Munster, Oct 13, Charles Town R – “fetlock fracture”

Majestic Siren, Oct 13, Mountaineer S – “laminitis in feet”

Infinite Reward, Oct 15, Charles Town R – “collapsed – sudden death” (three years old)

Red Hood, Oct 23, Charles Town T – “[multiple] fractures”

Jimmysextragirl, Oct 23, Charles Town R (euthanized Oct 25) – “carpal fracture”

Sir Longwood, Oct 27, Charles Town R (euthanized Nov 2) – “[multiple] fractures”

Brayden’swarrior, Nov 2, Charles Town T – “[multiple] fractures”

Hutter Mnt. Jake, Nov 10, Charles Town S – “EPM” (two years old, not yet raced)

Raised Wrong, Nov 25, Charles Town R – “fractured MCIII”

Flyover State, Dec 9, Charles Town R – “fractured MCIII”

Bahama Breeze, Dec 10, Charles Town R – “collapsed – pulmonary hemorrhage”

Hot Shot, Dec 12, Mountaineer S – “found dead in stall”

Kabikeka, Dec 16, Charles Town R – “collapsed – pulmonary hemorrhage”

Moonlit Night, Dec 25, Charles Town T – “fractured hock”

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  1. As a resident of West Virginia I find these deaths disturbing and deeply troubling. West Virginia needs to close Mountaineer.

    • Karen, this whole damn thing is so deeply disturbing on so many levels. If this was soccer moms and their offspring dying in these numbers you’d be seeing screaming matches televised every day …. which by the way,EVERY damn day is how often these gorgeous,majestic thoroughbreds die needlessly. #AllLivesMatter

  2. Fifteen jockeys at Mountaineer Park were suspended for presenting falsified physical examination forms. They were suspended on September 6, 2021 by the Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort Stewards. (BloodHorse)

  3. Let’s not forget how they “dispose”of the fatally injured horses at their tracks. Just look up Bridget Maloney death and see how it is done down there.

    • Supposedly, they are not dumping horses in the landfill anymore. I don’t have proof one way or the other, but I am going by what I read regarding that whole disturbing incident of BRIDGET MOLONEY after she was injured in her last race and vanned off.
      The main point is that the horses are expendable and disposable as gambling chips whether the human participants are doing necropsies, or not, of the horses killed at Mountaineer Park and Charles Town Races.

        • The way I understand it is that it was common practice to dump deceased horses in the public landfill in West Virginia.
          The picture of BRIDGET MOLONEY and the information that goes with her story that is on the internet epitomizes what the horse racing industry is all about. They exploit, abuse, and kill racehorses and discard them like garbage and want public funding to continue this unacceptable horror. They want the taxpaying public to bankroll their abuse and torture of horses. This is not okay in any state or country!!!!

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