At Least 38 Kills in West Virginia So Far This Year

Through a FOIA request to the West Virginia Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s two tracks thus far this year:

Pratti, Jan 14, Charles Town S – “founder”

All About Tap, Jan 14, Charles Town T – “fractured sesamoids”

Best Shot, Jan 20, Charles Town R – “complete pastern fracture”

Venetian Drive, Jan 28, Charles Town R – “fractured cannon”

Don’tmesswithbull, Jan 29, Charles Town R – “fractured sesamoids”

Mio’s Long Term, Feb 3, Charles Town R – “fractured cannon”

Parisian Diva, Feb 6, Charles Town T – “fractured tibia”

He’s a Gold Digger, Feb 17, Charles Town T – “heart attack” (seven years old, 56 races)

Classy Crossing, Feb 19, Charles Town S – “colic” (was raced Feb 12)

Paul’s Plunder, Feb 20, Charles Town R – “fractured cannon”

Tiz Johnnie, Feb 25, Charles Town R – “fractured sesamoids”

Lanesborough, Feb 27, Charles Town R – “fractured sesamoids”

Nicaloe, Feb 27, Charles Town R – “fractured cannon”

Ima Cat Genius, Mar 3, Charles Town T – “tendon tear”

Ultimate Justice, Mar 6, Charles Town T – “sudden death” (four years old)

Uncle Funky, Mar 10, Charles Town R – “compound fetlock fracture”

Pacific Gold, Mar 13, Charles Town S – “colic” (two years old, was raced Mar 4)

Shamrock Kid, Mar 17, Charles Town T – “fractured sesamoids”

Wiggle It Jiggleit, Mar 24, Charles Town R – “fractured cannon, fetlock”

Ready to Translate, Apr 7, Mountaineer T – “fractured sesamoid”

Class Ruler, Apr 8, Charles Town T – “[multiple] fractures” (last raced Sep 2019)

Magicians Diva, Apr 9, Charles Town R – “fractured carpus”

Comeonbetsy, Apr 18, Mountaineer S – “head wound” (was raced Mar 4)

Smiling Angelo, Apr 26, Mountaineer R – “fractured sesamoid, [ruptured] ligament”

Chromatic, Apr 29, Charles Town R (euthanized Apr 30) – “[fractured] pelvis”

Bumpa, May 3, Mountaineer T – “slab fracture”

Hero of Haven, May 10, Mountaineer R – “fractured sesamoid, ruptured ligament”

My Emmally, May 14, Charles Town R – “collapsed and died” (four years old)

Captain Machen, May 19, Mountaineer R – “fractured sesamoids”

Sir Kowboy, May 19, Mountaineer R – “fracture, tear”

Weaving You Behind, May 27, Charles Town R – “fractured sesamoids”

Horseyoucameinon, Jun 2, Charles Town T – “fractured both [italics added] tibias”

Shortlister, Jun 3, Charles Town R (euthanized Jun 24) – “fractured cannon”

B’s Wild Man, Jun 16, Mountaineer R – “severed spinal cord”

Dynamic Miss, Jun 16, Mountaineer R – “flexor rupture”

Laurel Lad, Jun 23, Charles Town S – “EPM” (was raced Jun 17)

yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, Jul 3, Mountaineer T – “fractured radius”

Continental Clash, Jul 13, Mountaineer R – “fractured sesamoid”

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  1. 7 years old raced 56 times, no wonder this horse is dead, raced with colic dead! West Virgina HELL for racehorses!

  2. Thirty-eight horses killed in the first part of the year of 2021 in West Virginia is EGREGIOUS. The horses listed here should each have a video of the abuse and inhumane treatment that they had to endure all of their lives!!!
    The psychopathic, sociopathic, sadistic, money-grubbing, horse-abusing, horse-killing, degenerate human beings that are abusing and causing the deaths of horses must be punished for their crimes!!!

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