More From California: “2-year-old Thoroughbred with a history of being found dead in his stall”; “fell during race, died on impact – complete, displaced cranial neck fracture”; “catastrophic lumbar fracture [with] complete transection of the spinal cord”

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have obtained the following details on 2021 kills. (I have been posting in installments.)

Noodles, May 22, Los Alamitos S
“2-year-old Thoroughbred with a history of being found dead in his stall – necrotizing bronchointerstitial pneumonia.” Noodles, again just two, had not yet been raced.

Registrant, Jun 12, Los Alamitos R
“After unsaddling, horse appeared to weaken, staggered, fell, seized and died – likely acute heart failure. The anterior chamber of both eyes was severely hemorrhagic; hemorrhage [in] lungs [and] stomach.” Registrant was three years old.

Pushing Sixty, Jun 13, Santa Anita R
“Horse broke down during race – LF P1 fracture, comminuted; complete rupture of sesamoidean ligament. Horse has history of LF P1 fracture repair [with] metal implant.” And, of course, “multifocal gastric ulcers.” Pushing Sixty was four years old.

Uncle Boogie, Jun 27, Santa Anita T
“Catastrophic humeral fracture with partial rupture of brachialis, biceps, and teres minor muscles; severe hemorrhage.” And, of course, “multifocal gastric ulceration.”

Needless to Say, Jul 18, Del Mar T
“Sudden spontaneous death, cause undetermined.” Also: “multifocal moderate-to-severe ulcers [in] stomach.” Needless to Say was three years old.

Luca’s Ride, Oct 17, Los Alamitos R
“Fell during race, died on impact – complete, displaced cranial neck fracture with compression of spinal cord and tearing and hemorrhage of surrounding tissues.” And, of course: “gastric ulceration.” Luca’s Ride was four years old.

Set the Tone, Nov 3, Del Mar T
“Horse ran into pole – severe laceration of right shoulder, loss of function of the entire limb, [and] open, comminuted fracture of the right frontal bone [head].” And, of course: “severe gastric ulceration.” Set the Tone was two years old.

Barbwire, Nov 20, San Luis Rey T (euthanized Nov 21)
“Highly comminuted, complete, displaced P1 fracture; transported for [surgery] – euthanized on table due to poor prognosis. Additional findings include bilateral dorsal metacarpal disease and palmar osteochondral disease.” Barbwire was three years old.

Conchita, Nov 28, Los Alamitos R
“Fell during race unable to rise – catastrophic lumbar fracture [with] multiple variably-shaped fragments within spinal canal accompanied by massive hemorrhage and complete transection of the spinal cord [and] complete separation of major and minor muscles from the lumbar vertebrae.” Conchita was two years old.

Not This World, Nov 28, Los Alamitos R (same race as above) (euthanized Dec 1)
“Locked up, down, unable to rise – lumbar fracture [with] multiple variably-shaped fragments within spinal canal, which together with displacement of the cranial fracture produced massive hemorrhage and significant spinal cord compression.” And, of course, “multifocal gastric ulcers.” Not This World was two years old.

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  1. Reading the necropsy reports is gut wrenching.
    Causing such injuries and diseases takes a special brutal mindset. And to think this is “accepted” industry practice should make every decent person shudder.
    A few people with twisted psyches are causing untold suffering to millions of horses and as well as being legal it is tolerated.
    What does say about our society?!

  2. Who wrote the ridiculous sounding statement?
    It sounds like NOODLES, a 2-year-old Thoroughbred, had a history of being abused and neglected in his stall, neglected by his human slave masters.
    These gruesome killings of horses exploited for racing and Pari-Mutuel gambling are just vile and must be punishable by law.

  3. This comment, repeated several times, makes no sense: Noodles, with a history of being found dead in his stall …

    He can die only once.

    What should this say instead?


      • Thank you for explaining that, Patrick. It seems unnecessary to say “with a history of being” in this case.

      • Vets are not exempt from proper usage. It should say found dead in stall.

      • Oh, thanks! I had to read it a couple times to understand. Then again, I’m not quick like those California racing vets, who can perform medical miracles on their victims without bothering to examine, diagnose, or even meet them.
        Besides, Noodles was (another) victim of Bob Baffert, among many other soulless horse killers, and Bob was kinda busy at the time making up excuses for the soon-to-be-dead Medina Spirit’s drug positive in the Derby.

  4. Sometimes I get very frustrated with the pace at which things are moving. I maintain the greater point I am making … the overarching theme that the very wealthy horse owners involved in this gambling racket are not doing enough as far as giving their money to the horses and providing for the HORSES. Like I’ve said before … owners such as George Soros,mike repole,mike dubb, and several other owners have more money than they could ever spend in several lifetimes. Horse racing is just a vanity project for them, something to boost their egos. They must contribute more …..

  5. When someone buys a horse at the “sales”, they should have to sign an iron clad legal DOCUMENT that they must provide for the horse/horses for the entirety of the horse’s life.

    • Bonnie, that is an interesting thought. I think I get what you’re saying, but at the same time I think about how the human owners and everyone else involved directly with the cruel exploitation of horses are able to kill horses without being punished. There needs to be enforceable laws against such exploitation and destruction of the horses lives and bodies. Otherwise, IF there was a law that owners were legally bound to provide for the horses for life, they could just kill them sooner than they already do.

      • Yes, Wanda … and therein lies the PROBLEM,these humans have no conscience 😭

  6. Patrick, how exactly did the wonderful residents of Fl. get greyhound racing made illegal?I apologize ahead of time,if you’ve already answered this in the past.

  7. But do these owners really care about their horses?!
    I think not.
    For instance, Michael Dubb considers his horses as an investment portfolio which he is constantly updating…

  8. Necrotizing Bronchointerstitial (Broncho–inter–sti–tial) Pneumonia… Can you imagine what it was like for this very young, underdeveloped two-year-old colt to be forced to run? Who knows how long he suffered from this hideous disease/illness in addition to the basic routine cruelty of so-called training? Do you think Dr. Jeff Blea or any other veterinarian was there to help with the care of NOODLES? The colt was left to die in his stall unattended!
    All of the deaths are hideously unacceptable!!!!!

  9. Registrant’s death – “likely acute heart failure”. Really?!
    Severe hemorrhages in the anterior chambers of both eyes along with hemorrhages in both lungs and stomach – I wonder how they decided he died from acute heart failure?!
    It doesn’t make any sense. Something was terribly wrong before his heart stopped beating (failed) as it does in all deaths regardless off the true cause of that death…

  10. All day today I have seen images from Ukraine of people carrying their pets like babies,trying to flee the Russia invasion. People love their pets. Too bad here in America they really only care …. a little, if the owners “livestock”, because that’s the owners sentiment about horses, produce money for said owners. If they don’t win races,then it’s “cut the losses as quick as possible”. We learn that from mike dubb, a big time owner.

    • Racehorses are not considered pets. They’re babies, but they’re not pets. How’s that for morally depraved???

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