Rillito Official: “We just had a couple unfortunate incidents [dead horses, that is], and I’m hoping to get past that soon.”

It’s not that I think all racing people are dumb (though some certainly are). It’s just that so many have become so inured to the cruelty and killing that they say dumb things, seemingly oblivious to how they sound to thinking, compassionate people. Case in point, Rillito’s Mike Weiss in the wake of his track’s deadly opening weekend:

“These are athletes, and they are fragile athletes.”

“They [presumably the horses] know their job, they’re professionals.”

“We just had a couple unfortunate incidents, and I’m hoping to get past that soon.”

In other news, HW had, and will continue to have, a presence at Rillito, teaming up with local activist group SPEAK (Supporting & Promoting Ethics for the Animal Kingdom) this past weekend…

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  1. When people not only support and endorse but actively participate in the continued and systematic abuse and cruelty of the racetrack then no, they are not dumb. They are chronic animal abusers, no different than any other sadist who tortures animals, except they get to hide behind the dubious title of “sport” and make money off an animal’s suffering. At least the majority of animal abusers don’t continually spew the BS of how they loved their victims like family and treated them like royalty.

  2. We are making great progress with active campaigns in states like Florida, Maryland, Arizona, and New York! Education, Awareness, Action!

    If you would like to learn how you can help end horseracing, send me an email! We are looking for advocates in all states that have active tracks. We need to take action to make change! Be a voice for the horses!

    Thank you!

    Nicole Arciello
    Executive Director
    Horseracing Wrongs

  3. Terrible comments, flippant and dismissive.
    The guy is so desensitized to the abuse and killing he doesn’t realize he is detached from reality

  4. Obviously the money is way more important to him than any horse or any horse’s life or the suffering the horse has to endure for his pursuit of money! Mike Weiss needs to go look behind the screen, at the very least! Mike Weiss has to be a really sadistic a****** to say what he said in this video!
    Don’t bother yourself with being concerned about what you can do to stop the routine abuse of horses, Mike Weiss. Just keep on “getting past” the dead racehorses that you are so “unfortunate” to have to deal with and make superficial excuses for. Don’t do anything differently, because you are a money-grubbing piece of scum from hell that could not care less about the well-being of any horse.

  5. Here’s a guy who has personally witnessed literally hundreds of racehorse deaths. But he claims about these latest four fatalities, “It’s sadness you don’t get over…but I’m excited for next weekend.”

    OF COURSE you get over your so-called sadness, Mr. Weiss. Every single time. If you didn’t, you’d have bowed out of your sick horse-killing game a long time ago.

    Oh, and by the way, you’re no closer to making racing “safer” for horses in Arizona than you ever were. If anything, you’re killing them off at an even greater rate than ever before. (Among the three AZ Death Tracks, it’s like you guys are only trying to OUTRACE one another in the sadness department.)

  6. When I was a young child in the mid seventies my best friend’s father was killed in a terrorist attack in nyc, it was big time every major network coverage. My friend and her mom inherited huge amount of money from the company her father worked for,because they felt so guilty for sending him to the meeting in nyc. To make long story short,they move to a very snobbish part of Pennsylvania… and of course my friend buys a horse … cause that’s what you do when you’re suddenly living in Chadds Ford. Of course … yada yada yada, they lose interest in horse, like so many rich kids,that began my introduction to the world of the “idle rich”.

  7. I have to say something about the phrasing used by those in the racing industry that speaks volumes about how they seek to distance themselves from blame. Have you noticed? It always sounds like the horse had choices. Here Weiss says “….they’re professionals.” Really? The horse decided he wanted to embark on a career in racing? “They’re athletes.” Do they know that? Again, did they choose their career?

    • Teresa, we notice that convenient victim-blaming choice of words every day. The racing industry people are disgusting, spineless and gutless in their choice of words and actions. The abuse-inflicting perpetrators of this gambling racket use the words “rival” and “foe” to describe the horses as if they were gladiators. This bloodsport is barbaric!
      This cruelty to horses must be made punishable by law. It’s time to stop this egregious cruelty to horses by passing legislation to address the reality of cruelty to horses! Just the part of confinement of horses to stalls for 23 hours a day is ABUSE AND NEGLECT not to mention all the rest of the cruelties to horses.

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