2 of 31 Ohio Kills: “comminuted fracture, bone in at least nine fragments, surrounding tissues torn [and] shredded”; “suddenly broke RF cannon when asked to accelerate…was caught after about 200 yards…euthanized”

Through a FOIA request to the Ohio State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2021 (this is part 2; part 1 here).

Shesdiamonite, Jul 8, Belterra R – “open fracture, avulsed ligament”

Enduring Love, Jul 12, Thistledown R – “fractured both sesamoids RF ankle”

Southern Oak, Jul 14, Belterra R – “open, compound fracture” (first race)

Commander Chachi, Jul 21, Thistledown T – “horse collapsed and died during morning workout; necropsy revealed multiple large pulmonary blood clots” (three years old)

Zippy Kitty, Jul 22, Thistledown R – “pulled up lame – comminuted fracture”

I Got the Time, Aug 4, Thistledown R – “open, displaced cannon fracture”

Fricka, Aug 5, Thistledown R – “horse won race, pulled up lame, poor prognosis for pain-free future, euthanasia”

Cousin, Aug 11, Thistledown T – “horse collapsed and died in barn after returning from workout – [multiple] hemorrhages, head, neck, chest” (six years old)

Sweetnessncharm, Aug 19, Thistledown R – “fractured shoulder”

The Tabulator, Aug 19, Thistledown R – “[multiple] open, compound fractures”

Truly Noble, Aug 29, Northfield R – “fractured tibia, not salvageable”

Watch Your Step, Aug 30, Thistledown R (euthanized Sep 6) – “horse became lame after racing and did not improve – displaced sesamoid fracture”

Yeahiknow, Sep 3, Belterra R – “collapsed and died [after finishing last, 28 lengths back] – most likely pulmonary bleed-out or cardiac event” (six years old)

Royal Briar, Sep 7, Thistledown T – “displaced P1 fracture”

Bionic Rosie, Sep 14, Thistledown R – “fell over fallen horse, fractured shoulder”

Make the Call (below), Sep 22, Thistledown R – “collapsed, agonal breathing, died”

Quasar Moon, Sep 23, Thistledown R – “won race, pulled up lame, [euthanized]”

Prado Colors, Sep 26, Thistledown S – “infected joint” (had been raced 49 times)

Mox Nix, Sep 28, Belterra R – “complete, compound fracture of cannon”

Dunroad, Sep 28, Belterra R – “[multiple] fractures, avulsion of apparatus”

Bartender, Oct 4, Thistledown S – “pony horse developed bad flipping habit, hurt owner, owner elected euthanasia”

Punahele, Oct 5, Belterra R – “fell – [multiple] fractures”

Kings Beach, Oct 10, Northfield R – “comminuted fracture of P1, bone is in at least nine fragments, many of which are displaced and penetrate adjacent tissue; surrounding tissues are torn [and] shredded”

Kulp, Oct 23, Mahoning T – “pulled up lame – [multiple] fractures RF ankle”

King Creed, Oct 30, Mahoning R (euthanized Oct 31) – “broke shoulder”

Even Keeled, Nov 12, Mahoning T – “shattered pastern” (had been raced 55 times)

The Rocker, Nov 17, Northfield R – “fractured tibia”

Flash Patriarch, Nov 23, Mahoning S – “found dead in stall around 7 am – cecal rupture” (three years old)

Shark Control, Nov 29, Dayton R – “suddenly broke RF cannon when asked to accelerate…was caught after about 200 yards…euthanized”

Hoof Prince, Dec 11, Mahoning R – “[multiple] fractures, euthanized on the track”

L C Zero, Dec 22, Mahoning R (euthanized Dec 23) – “displaced tibia fracture”

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  1. Bartender – destroyed for a habit his connections created, whether through a heavy handed rider or pain somewhere in his body. Flipping over is a last resort for a horse, an extreme reaction that they feel they have no other choice but to respond with. But why try to work with a horse to fix a problem when you can just throw him away?
    And the picture of Make The Call lying dead on that cold floor just broke my heart.

    • Rebecca, I couldn’t agree with you more on all counts. What a lousy justification and a lousy overall scenario. Animals can not talk and tell “humans” what is hurting so just get rid of them and be done.

    • In this industry, all horses are disposable and eventually get thrown away for the most part.
      It’s hard to believe that anybody that claims to love horses could ever defend this egregious cruelty and killing of horses once they become informed of just how bad and how widespread the inhumane treatment of horses is and knowing that approximately three horses are killed by racing and so-called training per day. The figure of 3 per day on average is the last figure I read. Every week, horses are killed by the racing industry.
      The Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Associations exist to promote and perpetuate this egregious cruelty to horses because there’s money to be made in the wagering handle and the government subsidies. I think many of these people just enjoy the killing. They are sadistic.

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