Just One of the Ohio 35: “Horse fell over fallen rival at 5/16 pole. Horse was unable to stand…deteriorated with paralysis and evidence of spinal fracture. Horse was humanely euthanized on the track.”

Through a FOIA request to the Ohio State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year.

Please note: Ohio is a subsidy state; the racing there subsists almost entirely on the corporate welfare gushing in from slot machines. Please consider contacting state leaders. Tell them to end the handouts (which come at the expense of schoolchildren); tell them to end the cruelty; tell them to end the killing. Tell them to end horseracing.

Governor DeWine: contact/social media
Lt. Governor Husted: twitter; facebook
Senate Leaders
House Leaders: Majority; Minority

Treasured Bond, Jan 3, Mahoning T – “collapsed on track, deceased when arrived; most likely, pulmonary hemorrhage” (four years old)

Doc Gardner, Jan 4, Mahoning S – “found dead at 6 am – cecal rupture, exsanguination [bled out]” (four years old)

Reign Showers, Jan 8, Mahoning T – “bilateral sesamoid fracture of LF limb”

Sarchione, Jan 13, Mahoning R (euthanized Jan 14) – “Horse pulled up lame. Radiographs showed tibia fracture…surgery the next day. The surgery was unsuccessful, and the horse was euthanized on [the] table.”

All About Stella, Jan 27, Mahoning S – “The horse was being transported to the racetrack after being purchased at a sale. She kicked out the window…and hung her LH leg over the ramp. This resulted in severing the tendon, joint capsule, and artery.”

Beautifulstreetcat, Jan 27, Mahoning R – “[multiple] fractures…euthanized on track”

Prince Arlo, Feb 10, Mahoning R – “fractured both RF sesamoids at 7/8 pole”

Westwood Proud, Feb 13, Mahoning R – “fractured both sesamoids RF ankle”

Master Legionaire, Feb 14, Mahoning T (euthanized Feb 15) – “took a bad step after crossing wire…both sesamoids fractured, severely displaced”

Warrior Baby, Feb 20, Mahoning R (euthanized Feb 22) – “became lame while cooling out – fractured knee”

Lunar Heat, Mar 2, Mahoning S – “found dead in stall at 6 am – dark, red froth and bloody liquid drain from both nostrils” (was raced Feb 16)

Double Play, Mar 6, Northfield R – “severely fractured pastern”

Cambassador, Mar 9, Miami Valley R – “shattered pastern into numerous small fragments; no large pieces to anchor or plate together”

Just Like Richie, Mar 10, Mahoning R – “fractured knee at 3/8 pole”

Goodgolly Mismolly, Mar 11, Mahoning S – “Mare was found unstable in stall. Mare became violently painful, cast herself, and died. The second cervical vertebra was fractured in half with compression of the spinal cord. The left side of head had multiple, massive hemorrhages.” (two years old, was raced Mar 1)

Island Chic, Mar 13, Mahoning R – “fractured both LF sesamoids”

Twelve Rocks, Mar 15, Mahoning R – “fractured cannon 3/8 pole, euthanized on track”

Who Dat Mo, Mar 20, Mahoning R – “fractured both sesamoids and dislocated ankle”

Disciple, Mar 23, Mahoning R – “multiple large fractures left knee”

Lucky Angels Dream, Mar 24, Mahoning S – “lameness and swelling RF carpus, poor response to treatment” (three years old)

Ventus, Mar 24, Mahoning R (euthanized Mar 26) – “became lame after race: multiple, chronic chip fractures and severe arthritis; marked chronic to chronic-ongoing degenerative joint disease” (Ventus was just five years old)

Giant Boo Boo, Apr 3, Mahoning R – “broke down: fracture with severe displacement”

Full On RocknRoll, Apr 6, Miami Valley R – “comminuted fracture, prognosis grave”

Hakman, Apr 10, Mahoning R – “Horse fell over fallen rival at 5/16 pole. Horse was unable to stand, and despite emergency meds and fluids, deteriorated with paralysis and evidence of spinal fracture. Horse was humanely euthanized on the track.”

You Got Trumped, Apr 27, Mahoning T – “[multiple] fractures”

Zeke the Streak, May 3, Thistledown S – “groom arrived at 3:30 am and found the horse deceased in stall – cecal perforation” (five years old, had been raced 46 times)

Justourluck, May 6, Belterra R – “open, complete, compound fracture LF cannon”

Big, May 7, Belterra R – “went down on the far turn – open, compound fracture”

Joe’s Heifer, May 20, Thistledown R – “fractured both sesamoids and dislocated ankle…euthanized on the track”

Pearls in Charge, May 25, Belterra R – “Exhibited distress on the far turn and began to ease herself from race. Jockey continued to ride her out. Just prior to finish line, she pulled herself up, collapsed and died.” (five years old)

Volume by Daisy, Jun 2, Thistledown R (euthanized Jun 5) – “displaced fracture”

Rocks Empire, Jun 8, Belterra R – “multiple displaced fractures” (two, first ever race)

G Q Girl, Jun 14, Thistledown R – “After the race she became distressed, was treated with emergency meds, became very lame – then collapsed and died. This mare died from hemoperitoneum due to blood loss coming from a major artery.” (she bled out)

Is She Quick, Jun 15, Belterra R – “open wound on fetlock with avulsion of sesamoid”

Dunraven Pass, Jun 24, Thistledown T – “fractured both sesamoids at 7/8 pole”

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  1. #HorseracingisAnimalCruelty
    The hideous injuries and ailments that are listed above are so unnecessary, because racing is unnecessary. Stop the Corporate Welfare to the ABUSE of horses!

  2. Pearls in Charge – “jockey continued to ride her out”. In other words, continued to try to beat her across the finish line.
    Reading the horrific atrocities these horses suffer on a daily basis is enough to scar your soul.

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