Killed in the Gate at Turf

According to the chart for the 7th at Turf yesterday, Circus Ride was “scratched” at or in the gate. Sounds relatively innocuous, but what this usually means is the horse was injured either being forced into, or after being forced into, the starting gate. And that’s what happened here, and the outcome is as expected. Through a trusted source at the track, I have confirmed that Circus is dead following the events (I don’t know specific injury yet) in the gate. Circus was almost nine; he had been raced 71 times.

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    Horse racing is insanely barbaric, but there are those die-hard, psychopathic, narcissistic, money-grubbing human beings that participate in this egregious cruelty to horses and the gambling requires live racing. This cruelty to horses is unacceptable and inhumane treatment of horses. Calling it fun for the whole family doesn’t work!!!

  2. Hey guys get this ….ny scratched Derby Kisses. Kind of hard to race when you are already DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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