Hey NYRA, how about instead of prosecuting Bob Baffert you prosecute yourself for the 1,000 dead horses at your tracks since 2009 (not one of whom was Baffert-trained)?

Clearly, I’m no Bob Baffert apologist. That said, he is, in my humble opinion, being scapegoated by the powers that be. In economic and popular decline, under unrelenting pressure from us activists, and receiving unprecedented scrutiny from the media, the U.S. racing industry is desperately looking for something to reverse its current trajectory. And going after the controversial Baffert is an easy play. Currently, the New York Racing Association, one of those powers that be, is attempting to have Baffert banned from its three tracks (Aqueduct, Belmont, Saratoga); a hearing is taking place in Manhattan as I write. Here is the general theme of the “prosecution”:

NYRA attorney Henry Greenberg: “[Baffert] took a wrecking ball…to the integrity of the sport that was so good to him. … The damage that was done to Thoroughbred racing on these two days [after Medina’s Derby positive] was incalculable. … What happens if those institutions do not give their best effort to do everything in their power to protect the safety of the animals, in this case horses?” NYRA spokesman Patrick McKenna: “As we have said throughout this process, NYRA’s focus in this matter is protecting the integrity of the sport of Thoroughbred racing in New York.”

And now for some (inconvenient) facts. Since 2009, when the state began making these things public, almost 1,000 (997 to be precise) horses have been killed at the three NYRA tracks – an average of over 75 per year. In the past two years alone, 159, with 5 more already this year. And how many of those do you suppose were trained by Bob Baffert? Not a one. Yes, that’s right, according to the Gaming Commission, there has not been a single Baffert-trained casualty at any NYS track over the past 13 years. But it’s Baffert who “took a wrecking ball…to the integrity of the sport.” Their brazenness – their hypocrisy – is enough to leave one speechless.


  1. I’m just glad that they are bringing attention to themselves. Anyone who can read between the lines can clearly see that it’s going to be a matter of time before the game of EXPLOITING HORSES for money is going down.
    Clearly, the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority is a joke. A more appropriate name would be The PINK BARBITURATE APPOINTMENT COUNCIL and with their BLUE RIBBON NOMINATING COMMITTEE, they will certainly CONTINUE to lie and deceive and continue to kill horses as though they are completely incapable of being honest! Money is their god!!!!!
    Take note that the top priority of the New York Racing Association is to protect their bloody, horse-killing, psychopathic, narcissistic, money-grubbing “sport” and NOT THE HORSES.
    Actions speak louder than words but their words are also quite revealing.

  2. Right? Watching this whole, embarrassing court debacle is like seeing a loooooong, drawn-out. REAL sport (baseball, hockey, football, basketball…pick one, I don’t care) match-up between two teams you can’t stand. (You can’t decide which side to root for (against), but you can always hope they both inflict maximum damage to the success, image and reputation of the other.)

  3. When will scapegoating stop the deliberate cruelty suffered by exploited horse-slaves for fun and profit. Get “dark money” behind bars NOW! Close all of the criminals’ racetracks IMMEDIATELY!!! Scapegoating will not stop the clock on positive CHANGE!

  4. why not prosecute baffert and nyra why get baffert off

    On Thu, Jan 27, 2022 at 3:58 PM Horseracing Wrongs wrote:

    > Patrick Battuello posted: “Clearly, I’m no Bob Baffert apologist. That > said, he is, in my humble opinion, being scapegoated by the powers that be. > In economic and popular decline, under unrelenting pressure from us > activists, and receiving unprecedented scrutiny from the media, the” >

  5. The thing about the New York Racing Association is that they have to throw Bob Baffert out of the mix in order to give somebody else a chance at doping their horses up so they can win the Triple Crown. You know Bob Baffert has won the Triple Crown twice with two different doped up horses. It just isn’t fair (sarcasm) to let Bob Baffert blatantly and openly get away with doping-to-win while the other Hall of Fame/Shame licensed trainers are slightly lower profile with their doping of racehorses and cheating to win.

  6. To me, anybody who dopes a racehorse with total disregard for their welfare (throxin ordered for all racehorses and not for health-based issues) and for the purpose of performance and/or masking painful issues (morphine positives with split sample disappearing that didn’t lead to any legal repercussions) that results in harm or death to a racehorse is somebody worth prosecuting no matter the state.
    Baffert has a long list of dead racehorses suffering horrific injuries over the years and he’s part of the problem.
    He also has hundreds of racehorses missing in action.
    I don’t see him as a scapegoat at all since this court case, if nothing else, brings attention to this entire business and how vile it is.
    Any court case is a good court case and I would never take a “scapegoat” stance against Baffert, the NYRA or anyone of them for that matter.
    They are all racehorse killers and a court case brings attention and exposure to the sad truth.

    • The stakeholders in horseracing throw out the word “Integrity” constantly as if to say that they care about being honest. We have seen multiple and repeated demonstrations of the exact opposite; in other words, the stakeholders are constantly lying and more or less saying one thing and doing the opposite. As you know, the claim in New York is that their tracks are “less deadly” so who can’t make a logical deduction that horseracing itself is deadly?

    • I don’t see Baffert as a scapegoat. This trial is revealing much of what really goes on in the racing industry. And about time. The public has the right to know and I hope this Baffert bloke is appropriately punished in a court of law. This is not a nod nod, wink wink ‘hearing’ in the comfort of racing commissions/boards and the like which resulted in wins for him and gentle slaps on the wrist for many years.
      And on Baffert’s long list of dead horses is the highly successful racehorse, Arrogate. Arrogate’s untimely death should have been independently investigated.

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