Owner, Trainer Defy State Vet – Refuse to Have Their Horse “Vanned Off”

In the 4th at Monmouth last August 6, Chispita finished 2nd for owner Bonnie Lucas (who also doubled as asst. trainer) and trainer Wayne Potts. Apparently, though, the 3-year-old filly suffered some sort of injury – an injury bad enough that the state vet thought it warranted the ambulance. (In addition, the vet voided a “claim” on Chispita – yes they were selling her – so again, clearly she was injured.) But, according to a NJ Commission ruling in September, Lucas, after consulting with Potts, refused to allow Chispita to be “vanned off.” For that, the pair had their wrists slapped: 30-day suspensions and $1,000 fines. And all this came after Chispita (under Lucas/Potts) was “vanned off” in a race exactly six weeks prior (June 25). Surely, the Commission knew that, and yet…. As for their charge, Chispita has not been heard from since.

The finding:

“As the result of the Administrative Hearing conducted on September 9, 2021, the Board of Stewards finds that: Wayne Potts was the programmed trainer of the horse Chispita when it raced in the 4th on August 6, 2021, at Monmouth Park; Bonnie Lucas was the licensed owner and assistant trainer, as well as the attendant. Following [that race] the State Veterinarian ordered Chispita to be vanned off the racetrack via equine ambulance. After communicating with trainer Wayne Potts, Bonnie Lucas refused to allow Chispita to be vanned off…despite being ordered to do so by the State Veterinarian.”


  1. BloodHorse didn’t give any details as to what the injuries were to the horse that the Regulatory Veterinarian ordered to be loaded into the ambulance.
    It appears evident that as far as the “well-being” of a racehorse goes, it is “okay” by the rules and regulations of horseracing to put a horse’s well-being at risk of injury and death!
    BUT, AFTER THE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE to the horse, it is not okay to break the rules and regulations of racing by refusing to load the horse into the ambulance on the direct order of a REGULATORY Veterinarian, because, allegedly, the Regulatory Veterinarian has a responsibility to show “concern” for an injured horse.
    ✓Wait until AFTER the horse is catastrophically injured to show concern about the “WELL-BEING” of the horse!
    It is “okay” (by the honesty and integrity of racing) to break the bones of racehorses, BUT it is not okay to break the rules and regulations of horseracing.


  2. How long is this cruelty going to go on. You’re all greedy bastards and you will get yours I just wish I can see when it happens it’s called karma assholes.

  3. if you look at nj racing commission meeting this coming week, severel other old articles are int here with trainers and vets. can you look into that because i will certainly be on record with them is you hafe further information. sean smithpeters v nj racing commission oal docket rac ll408-19

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    On Sun, Jan 23, 2022 at 1:15 PM Horseracing Wrongs wrote:

    > Patrick Battuello posted: “In the 4th at Monmouth last August 6, Chispita > finished 2nd for owner Bonnie Lucas (who also doubled as asst. trainer) and > trainer Wayne Potts. Apparently, though, the 3-year-old filly suffered some > sort of injury – an injury bad enough that the state vet” >

  4. An industry member claims the filly has been retired and is now a riding horse for a “young person” (looking at the new owner’s Twitter doesn’t leave me feeling confident Chispita is in a forever home).

    The source of this information is said to be from a Julie Ramgeet. I’ve seen adds of Ramgeet’s on social media (racehorses for sale) and I believe she is in some way involved in or connected with the racing industry.

    That said, one ad of Ramgeet’s was a beautiful gray for sale. Ramgeet; “This handsome guy needs a new job or a cheaper track. 5yr old, has an ankle and slight suspensory…can be sold to race or go in another direction.”

    Enough said, I think.

    • The gray 5-year-old needs a job??? With the injured ankle and suspensory, he needs a “job” as a “patient” in an animal hospital and as a “mower” in a large enough pasture that he is not standing in mud. How demented can these horse-abusing psychopaths get!?!?!

    • They get creepier and creepier the more they open their mouths, don’t they?

      “Needs a new job, OR A CHEAPER TRACK”??? Why not just put in her ad: “Horse for sale, cheap (Meat price OBO) Inquire within, any racing barn. Or call 555-DUMP”? That should bring all those responsible, experienced, horse-loving folks with endless time (and cash) who are always looking to adopt a crippled OTTB and give him a forever home.

      Right racing creeps?

      • NOT if it costs a one-time outlay of $5.00 in cash, because “the owner’s wife gives to other charities” mind you.
        Unbelievable excuses from unbelievable creeps as the horses are disposable to these demented, heartless heathens.

      • Exactly, Kelly – it was the “needs a cheaper track” that jumped out at me, too. SMH. What he NEEDS, Ramgeet, is to NOT be put into the ever-spiraling-down claiming system as an already injured horse at a cheaper track.

        But this is what you racing folks do – you SET THEM UP for bad endings. You don’t stop on them. You don’t provide them with caring, forever homes. Instead, you eek out as much as you can from them – then when you can’t get another dime out of them, they’re sold or given away to someone who has no business “owning” a horse. But all that does is buy them a little more time until they’re standing in a killpen.

  5. Let’s ALL (especially racing industry a-holes)keep it real …. the kindest most humane gift that could be given to the innocent horses,would be to STOP forcibly creating more of them. Take care of the horses that are already here,and NO more created. It is the ONLY way to end the horrific PROBLEM. Of course what I am advocating will so go over the heads of the lazy,greedy simpletons.

    • Right, Bonnie. That will fall on deaf ears because they’re incapable of having empathy for the horses. Their Modus Operandi is to act like that’s what horses are for: to exploit and use and abuse and neglect, to treat like used cars that are an object rather than living, breathing, feeling sentient beings. You know that’s how they roll…
      What would Spendthrift Farm do if they could not exploit world-class Thoroughbred stallions for the breeding fees and all that? They protested the Jockey Club “rule change” of limiting the number of mares that one stallion could be mated with per season to One-Hundred mares. The thought behind this rule change was to “diversify” the gene pool, because, as most people are aware of, the inbreeding of Thoroughbred horses is rampant. Spendthrift Farm protested. Why? I think it is obvious that they don’t care about anything else but the money they are able to make by exploiting horses for money until the “golden goose” is dead. I don’t think the people at Spendthrift Farm are able to see the end of this business and I know that it is not logical that they would want to see the end of it.

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