Big Little Risk Makes It 105 Dead Horses in NY Last Year

In the 1st at Aqueduct December 30, Big Little Risk, said the chartwriter, “took a bad step, was eased under restraint,” and was eventually “vanned off.” With that kind of a writeup, I was surprised when his name didn’t surface on the Gaming Commission’s database. Well, it finally has – over a week after the fact. Big Little was three years old; ’twas his ninth time under the whip. The complicit: owner Guyana Rocky LLC, trainer Michael Simmonds. As a postscript, this is likely the final kill on the NY Racing year – the final, that is, of 105. That’s 105 dead horses for $2 bets and by an industry that is mostly being propped up by corporate welfare.

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  1. But you heard them – they’re getting closer and closer to their goal of zero dead horses. Just because they’ve never been able to do it in all the years they’ve been in existence and have absolutely no intention of changing the primeval way they treat their horses doesn’t mean they won’t be able to get to that magic number of zero.

  2. I wonder if they tried to drag out the suffering of BIG LITTLE RISK on purpose because they are sadistic. Or, did they euthanize him soon after and just delayed the reporting for some reason or excuse? His race record shows that he never won a race. He was always a Maiden either in Special Weight or Claiming.
    The sadistic people in this barbaric industry must be punished by law and this barbaric industry must be shut down.

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