Yet Another “Collapsed” at Charles Town

Going into last night, here were the 4-year-old filly Kabikeka’s most recent five races:

Aug 16, Delaware: 11+ lengths back
Sep 6, Delaware: 12+ lengths back
Oct 28, Delaware: 10+ lengths back
Nov 12, Laurel: 26+ lengths back
Nov 25, Charles Town: “fell, DNF”

That last one was the race in which Raised Wrong was killed. Here is what I wrote at the time: “This one was particularly horrific as three other horses also went down (all supposedly okay, but we’ll see).” We’ll see, indeed. Last night, in the 1st at Charles Town, Kabikeka “collapsed into the first turn.” She is almost assuredly dead. If so, at least some of the guilty are clear: owner Emeterio Rodriguez, trainer Jesus Rodriguez.

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  1. So Jesus etal succeeded in finally killing this poor creature. To what end? What was their motivation?

  2. I would like to hear from anyone who “loved” this poor horse. I want to hear how much of a “barn favorite” she was. I want to hear from someone, anyone, who tried to save her from her fate.

    • I’m having trouble linking it from my phone, but I googled this mare, and one of the first results was an article about her previous trainer. This lady’s old childhood imaginary horse was named “Kabikeka.” The article showed this beautiful mare in the winner’s circle and the lady was quoted talking about racing reforms. I guess the mare was sold away at some point?

  3. Just think, these people call themselves “horsemen” while we know that this sending of an innocent horse out to die or be killed on the racetrack is NOT HORSEMANSHIP AT ALL!!!!!!!
    Legislation must be passed to recognize this horrific abuse and torture of horses as an ARRESTABLE OFFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This industry of EXPLOITING HORSES and torturing them, and torturing them to literal death, must be punishable by law!!!! The time for this type of animal abuse to be recognized by the legislative branch of government as a crime has long passed!!!!!! Pass legislation NOW!!!!!!!! Horse racing is Animal Cruelty!!!! Horseracing itself is inhumane treatment of horses!!!!!! Stop the CORPORATE WELFARE to Animal Cruelty and, in this case, the Cruelty to and Killing of Horses!!!!!!!!!

  4. Another beautiful innocent victim of this immoral past time. And the announcer says Kabikeka out of the race..
    Duh do you think so???

  5. And let’s not forget to add the CHARTWRITER to our list as we’re tallying up the guilty creeps involved in Kabikeka’s near-certain demise. S/he works for Equibase, and not for (fabulous, glamorous) Hollywood Casino in Charles Town, West Virginia. But he (pretty sure it’s a he;) seems to have a lot of, shall we say, “motivation” to alter charts and leave out incriminating details.
    Case in point: this fellow notes only that, “The latter (Kabikeka) bore outward and collapsed into the first turn.”
    That’s it. The End. Thus, caring and conscientious horseplayers (there aren’t any) are left to decide for themselves what became of poor Kabikeka (“Who ya got in Race 2?” they lament).
    Either she:

    A. perished all by herself, with no veterinary assistance.
    B. was “humanely” euthanized by a licensed (though morally-compromised) track vet.
    C. got up, shook herself off, and trotted happily home, none the worse for wear, and eager to resume doing what she loves the most: falling down at speeds that kill 95% of her so-called competitors? No! Racing! It’s racing, I tell you. She LOVES racing.

    Or is it loved? Guess we’ll never know, thanks to this “professional” and industry-worthy chartwriter.

    • Yes, Kelly, we shall say “motivation”!!!!! The chartwriter — the man/woman/employee — being paid to keep ‘the whole truth and nothing but the truth’ hidden from the general public was motivated to do the “work” of this morally depraved and filthy industry made up of horse-abusing, horse-killing, psychopathic animal abusers by protecting the abusers referring to themselves as “HORSEMEN” (regardless of their gender; it’s an English language thing). The so-called entertainment provided to those people who choose to place bets on the racehorses IS the meal ticket for the whole rotten industry. As a more or less mouthpiece of this rotten-to-the-core gambling industry, the “chartwriter” has a duty to protect the “rotten-to-the-core” owners and operators of this gambling venue itself. It’s all about the money. To hell with the horse that cannot withstand the abuse of racing! That’s the bottom line of racing! It’s all about getting millions of dollars for the greedy psychopathic animal abusers and horse abusing creeps that say they provide jobs to keep that government funding coming into their “rotten-to-the-core” business. These horse-abusing psychopaths need government funding to create races with large enough purses to attract more horse-abusing owners and trainers so they can get more gambling revenue. The chartwriter is motivated to protect this rotten-to-the-core gambling industry and his or her own paycheck!

  6. This is horrible. We have to stop the mass slaughter of horses who race. Horse racing needs to be abolished!!!

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