Horror at Charles Town; Laurel, Too

In addition to the millions of turkeys slaughtered for yesterday’s national day of thanks, there were at least two horses murdered for gambling. In the 4th at Laurel, Manicomio “fell when sustaining a catastrophic injury…then was euthanized on the track and vanned off.” (Question for chartwriter: Was the “vanned off” part necessary?) As is Maryland Racing’s wont, the kill was completely excised from its official YouTube channel. Manicomio was five.

A few hours later, Raised Wrong was felled in the 2nd at Charles Town – “fatally injured…euthanized on the track.” She was three. This one was particularly horrific as three other horses also went down (all supposedly okay, but we’ll see). At both Laurel and CT, the “Winner’s Circle” celebration went on, proving, yet again, that these racing people are, at a minimum, callous.

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  1. Horseracing is INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES and legislation that makes it possible to charge horse-abusing, horse-killing, money-grubbing narcissistic psychopaths of this egregious cruelty to horses is LONG overdue.

  2. Out of four horses going down on the racetrack and losing their jockeys, two horses continue to run forward riderless after regaining their footing. One horse (RAISED WRONG) did not get up on her feet and the other horse was injured in the front and barely staying upright moved slowly going away IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF THE OTHER HORSES. Clearly, there are TWO HORSES that are DEFINITELY NOT OKAY!!!!!!!!!

    • It was actually Raised Wrong who got up and hobbled away (at least one front, the right, broken and dangling). I’m still trying to figure out which horse was struggling to get to his/her feet. Regardless, it was horrific and that (too many) humans support this totally unnecessary gambling on horses, risking their lives, is just beyond me – ESPECIALLY from those who claim to love horses.

      • If I’m seeing the saddle cloth correctly (and it certainly didn’t look like the saddle cloth colors of Colette’s Spirit or Posh Princess), it was Kabikeka who was struggling to get herself up.

        • Joy, I’m sorry I made an incorrect assumption on the identity of the horse that was lying down on the track but with head and neck up OFF OF THE ground. The part of the video that was shown when I clicked on it did NOT SHOW the horse trying to get up at all. I don’t quite understand how you could see the downed horse trying to get up, but maybe you are watching it from a different source so that you are able to see more of the tragedy than I saw…? I only watched it once. Maybe I missed something, but I can’t watch it again until my next data usage cycle. I hate what they are doing to the horses!!!!!!!!
          Thank you for correctly identifying the injured horses, Joy.

          • No need to apologize, Wanda – just trying to relay the correct information.

            No, I only watched what Patrick provided here. When/if you watch it again, you’ll be able to see the horse who is still down (and who I believe is Kabikeka) trying to get to her feet).

  3. Woodbine also had a filly “break down” and get vanned off. The poor filly, Our Ticket, was one of the victims of the brutal OBS 2 year olds in training sales, where the people involved beat 2 year old babies to run as fast as they possibly can to make them look more attractive to auction goers. The sad part is- they would never even have to try to run THAT fast in a race, so the times and distances essentially mean nothing.

    • It means to me that these unfortunate young
      and underdeveloped colts and fillies are more apt to breakdown sooner rather than later in their so-called “racing career” as it’s referred to by racing participants. That is if they don’t break their front legs or sesamoids or anything else that would render them useless as a meal ticket for the auction house people. It’s despicable abuse of horses and greedy as greedy can get!!! The “auction house” time trials for yearlings and two-year-olds in training need to be OUTLAWED everywhere and especially in Ocala, FL — The Horse Capitol of the World.

  4. I just typed in Manicomio horse and there is a YouTube replay available there by kill.horseracing not horses.

  5. Well, off course they had to van off the carcass. They couldn’t very well leave it there for the next race, now could they?

  6. Earlier today I watched the cutest video on the Animal Site Dodo … it was about a Chestnut filly mustang who was EMACIATED and this wonderful woman who operates an animal rescue. This little girl was not only ADORABLE, but also smart as a whip,and had a strong maternal side to her,as she became a “Helicopter Mom” to a rescued baby donkey “Joe”. This whole story just melted my heart. It brought back memories of my Grandparents, and their little rescue and menagerie of unwanted animals. The point I’m making is … I go from crying happy tears watching that video, to reading the absolute horrors of this corrupt evil gambling racket abusing innocent horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! END HORSE racing. NOW

  7. These people at these events and people who are involved in this cruelty in any way should be in jail NOW!!!

  8. What is the status of laws being changed to prohibit drugging racehorses? I think not allowed in Europe. Much more humane.if horses aren’t well,don’t race them!!!

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