A Laurel Trainer Unwittingly Admits a Truth

As I wrote yesterday, Laurel Park is the latest track to come under the gun for killing horses, with racing temporarily halted there while the track surface gets dissected – which is all, as we know, for show. Look, I know this gets repetitious, but: From breeding for speed, to employing pubescent bodies, to the incessant grinding – not to mention commodification – of those bodies, to forcing them to run at an unnatural rate, in an unnatural way, and through unnatural means, horseracing guarantees killing. Guarantees. That’s not to say the industry can’t take steps to prevent some deaths, but as a general principle, killing is built into the system.

Every once in a while, one of the exploiters unwittingly acknowledges some of this truth. In a Baltimore Sun article on Laurel’s crisis, trainer Gary Capuano, after noting that he’s “not happy about [the deaths]” and has incurred “a lot of sleepless nights lately,” said: “The horses are running a lot faster than they’re usually capable of doing.” Now, I know what he meant – it is this particular, supposedly “too hard” track that is making the horses run faster. But the truth is, Mr. Capuano, they are always running faster than they should be, and that, as mentioned above, because you and your brethren are forcing them to do so. So let’s not pretend here: It is you, the racers, who are responsible for the killing. Not the track, not the weather, not “bad steps” or “freak accidents” – you, greedy, selfish human beings.

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  1. They know what they’re doing. They know what the consequences are. They continue to do the same thing. They should lose more than a few nights of sleep. They should be punished by law and racing should be shut down forever!

  2. Agreed that the industry CAN, indeed, “take steps to prevent SOME deaths…”, but I’m pretty convinced the effectiveness of these so-called Horse Safety measures is largely nullified by exponential increases in racehorse fragility and unsoundness of late. Add in the straight-up GREED of every single human(?) left in this dying game (for intentionally making these babies this way)…
    And, well, you’ve got a net gain of ZERO in terms of actual “increased horse safety.”

    • Exactly. Kelly. Let’s not forget they are infants being ripped from their Mother as soon as they are weaned, and asked to be run at breakneck speeds. Geez,what could go wrong with that? It’s so evil and mean, that if your a human with a soul … you cannot cope with the level of EVIL.

    • That is correct, Rick. This VILE industry consisting of VILE, DEPRAVED people DEPRIVING HORSES of living normal happy, healthy lives and killing them in the process.

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