Horse Murdered – Oh, the Money Lost

The lede in a Rock Hill Herald article yesterday says it all: “A retired race horse worth thousands of dollars was found shot to death Sunday at a boarding farm near York [South Carolina], officials said.” That a sentient being was murdered is clearly not the primary concern here. Rather, it’s those “thousands of dollars” in property loss. Vile.

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  1. This is so horrible. Hope that vicious murderer is caught and made to suffer for the rest of his worthless vicious life

  2. It’s creepy besides horrible that anything this bad could happen to a horse anywhere, but in this case at a boarding stable. After reading the article, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. No arrests have been made, so whoever did it will probably get away with it.
    R.I.P. DEUCES TAKE EM, retired from racing. 💔🙏

  3. The apathy of the article is so obvious, and I don’t get the impression – at least from the article – that the owner is all that upset, other than the fact that the horse was worth money. But isn’t that how the racing industry measures whether a horse’s life has meaning? So sorry for your loss…….of money. I wonder if this horse got a dignified burial or was just hoisted and disposed of by a rendering service.

  4. As we all know horses are considered property in law. Consequently, the monetary value is always a consideration when a crime involves property.
    Of course I strongly disagree with horses as property. The shooting and death of the horse is the the only focus for me.
    The horse, known as Dewey, belonged to me.
    I did not write the article or give input.
    Needless to say I’m heartbroken and I am also very angry that someone would shoot a defenseless horse standing in a pasture.
    I’m outraged at the way this was handled by law enforcement to begin with. Suffice to say it was not treated as a crime and therefore the area was not searched for shell casings, a vet was not called to verify cause of death and the bullet was not removed before burial…
    Today I found out no officer had been assigned to investigate the crime but I insisted that an officer be assigned to investigate and that has been done. I reiterated my concern that the perpetrator be identified and prosecuted. I have offered a substantial reward for information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible for this atrocious act.
    I gave a TV interview today because this horrible situation needs as much publicity as possible. And my thought is someone knows something and needs to come forward.
    I emphasized my concern for my other horses boarding at the barn and those on my property…
    This whole event is surreal and very traumatic for me.
    PS In the interview I spoke about the plight of so many horses, the cruelty so many experience and the fact 10,000 to 20,000 ex race horses are slaughtered in Mexico and Canada year after year.

    • The fact that this case was not handled in a more appropriate way by the law enforcement agency is disturbing and distressing on top of the heinous crime of someone shooting your horse.

    • That’s horrifying and disgusting. I’m so sorry, Rose. You helped Dewey beat the odds — both surviving the track, and getting a forever home — only to have him perish at the hands of some creep. I know you’ll get through this trauma, as you’ve helped so many thrown-away racehorses get through theirs. I also think they’ll find the monster who did this to him. Justice for Dewey!

    • Dear Rose, I’ve been thinking of you and praying for comfort for you since our dear friend told me this heartbreaking news. I couldn’t believe it – you have done so, so much for so many horses dumped and discarded by the racing industry – you never seek praise from anyone (and in fact have asked to not even receive acknowledgment when rescuing yet another horse) – YOUR HEART is the kindest of all and YOUR REASONS for helping horses are the purest of all – that this happened to you and Dewey just breaks my heart.

      YES – as you said, animals are mere property and to so many are only worth the dollar amount that imperfect humans assign them – I KNEW those were not your words nor even your thoughts – to you, to us who truly love and VALUE animals, Dewey was PRICELESS.

      Oh but I pray you find comfort and peace in knowing you gave Dewey the BEST – that he lived knowing what true unconditional love and fierce commitment to his well-being were – and YOU did that for him and for so many others. You are an inspiration and role model to me…I wish I had a magic wand to undo the horrific act carried out by the low-life scum of the earth who took Dewey’s life and endangered the others. And I’d do anything to help shoulder your pain and grief – just know I think of you constantly.

      • All I can say is, thank you for your sincere empathy and understanding, Joy.
        It is a sad time for me and Dewey’s friends, human and equine.
        He was loved and appreciated for eleven years.

  5. Are there any updates on the York County Sheriff’s Office investigation of this heinous shooting of an innocent horse?

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