Where’s the Humanity?

Not that anyone reading should need it, but here is further motivation to sign and share this petition to shutter Camarero in Puerto Rico. Yes, it is graphic – practically unwatchable. If you do, however, get to the end, I’d be curious to know whether you have the same bad thoughts as I toward the people just milling about as this horse suffers and dies. How humans lose their way – their (innate) compassion, their hearts, nay, their souls – is one for the psychologists and sociologists. (While I do know that this death occurred at Camarero, I cannot, unfortunately, provide any other details.)

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  1. What these abusers just don’t understand …ONE death is too many. Animals unlike humans are ALWAYS innocent. Would they allow their spoiled little brats die for participating in a gambling racket?

  2. what the hell is wrong with these “people”? How do they just mill around and act as if nothing unusual is happening? That horse’s eyes are pleading for help. This is absolutely barbaric. This track should be permanently shuttered and these “people” should be charged with animal cruelty. I just have to ask: who are the animals here? Certainly not the horses.

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