James Jungquist, Animal Abuser, Should Be in Jail; Instead, He Will Be Back Whipping Horses in Minnesota

In August, I chronicled James Jungquist’s leaving-welts-on-the-horse “whip violation” at Running Aces Racetrack. Later that month, Jungquist again left welts. And now, like animal hoarders who, try as they might, cannot quite shake the urge (studies indicate a near-100% recidivism rate for hoarders), Jungquist strikes anew. From the Minnesota Racing Commission: “James Jungquist was the driver of Captain Terminator in the 8th race on 9/7/21. Captain Terminator was examined for welts…by Dr. Taylor. Welts were present. This is Mr. Jungquist’s 3rd welt offense in 2021 at Running Aces. The penalty is a $500 fine and a 5-day driving suspension.”

Three times, just this year and at the same track, Jungquist has inflicted (excessive) pain and suffering on a defenseless animal – and will live to whip another day (just five days hence, that is). Can this industry be any more abhorrent? (Incidentally, another RA driver, Brady Jenson, was cited for his second “welt offense” of 2021; penalty: $200 fine and a two-day suspension.)

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  1. Speaking of abusers it looks like the hammer has dropped on Delaware’s infamous video of Ms Cobb. We can assume that the pressure of losing business has kicked in at Delaware Park. I may want to add, that the famous Budweiser ad from honoring 9/11 in a once only view will be shown today during the Air Force Navy football game and later at the Yankees game. It has been updated slightly showing the Freedom Tower. I am bringing this up because there is nothing like a horse to bring out “a moment”.

  2. Perhaps someone ought to give this vile POS a good whipping, leaving plenty of welts, as Karma payback. Truly a despicable animal abuser.

  3. At the 53rd International Conference of Horseracing Authorities in October 2019 in Paris, the then equine medical director of the California Horseracing Board, Dr Rick Arthur stated as follows –

    ‘Whips are noxious stimuli; they hurt, that’s why they’re used. Run fast or I’ll hit you again.’

  4. What a piece of sh(&*$#&$*#&$#*($t! I still can’t understand why it isn’t considered abuse but then my mind goes right to money. Oh, and I would be more than willing to whip this guy too! Put me in line.

  5. If someone wants to start a petition to have this repeat offender BANNED from horseracing permanently, I will sign it. BAN HORSERACING! Until Horseracing is Banned Forever, at least BAN JAMES JUNQUIST from racing in Minnesota and all other states. Put him in jail for Felony Animal Cruelty (along with Amber Cobb). Lock these horse ABUSERS up in tiny cells.

  6. Obviously the fines and suspensions do nothing to deter him.
    What is it they say about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!!?
    Obviously this abuse is not taken seriously. It is just ho hum to these people.

  7. At Monmouth, jockey Tomas Mejia is off his mounts pending a meeting with the clowns running the show there.
    The reason? there are pictures he was found with a shocking device in his hand during a race. I

    • Thank you for sharing this information, Marie. I found a very short article that says he will have a hearing Wednesday. That is the 15th. No statement will be issued until after the hearing. He has already been not allowed to ride this weekend (Sept. 10, 11, 12). So I am wondering IF they give him a three-day suspension, will it be retroactive…? We will have to wait and see.

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