3-Year-Old Killed at Del Mar

The CHRB has disclosed a training kill at Del Mar yesterday: Moonlite Promise. Moonlite was three and being prepped for her debut.

Del Mar fancies itself the “safest track in the country”; Moonlite is the fourth dead horse there this summer.

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  1. So, in keeping with the psychopaths’ abilities to articulate their innocence, can we just say that “it was not anything that the human beings did WRONG, it was just the horse losing her mind?”

    • Yep, and I’ll bet it was absolutely ghastly for those who witnessed Moonlight Promise’s breakdown — unless, of course, her death was seen ONLY (whew!) by soulless racing creeps, who are all too familiar with experiencing these atrocities all the time. They’re SO used to the hideous carnage, in fact, that, rather than get sickened by it (like anyone with compassion and actual empathy for an innocent, mortally-wounded animal bred to break down), they instead go into full-fledged cover-up mode.

      Now, how do I know her death was horrifying? Easy: It was actually recorded and publicly reported by those meticulous dead-horse-counting sticklers at the CHRB. Her loving connections would have hauled her OFF TRACK PROPERTY to euthanize her if they thought no one had seen how hideously they’d mangled and maimed her. That way, the CHRB would never, ever, ever have reported her death to the public, and they all could have happily (and silently) moved on to their next Super-Safe Del Mar kill.

      (*Great system you got there, Chairman Ferraro! All that “cracking down” you’re doing is really paying off in the “transparency” and “integrity” departments;)

  2. First off there is not a single ‘SAFE TRACK’ for any horses. All of the losers in the world are involved in this horrible so called sport. Always about the money – never ever about the animal. Just another bunch of bullshit from some more losers at the tracks. Again a poor animal dies at their hands – just unbelievable how this is still on going and no one higher up the food chain has the BALLS to stop this racing.

  3. “Where the turf meets the surf…” I used to go there back in the days of Charles Whittingham. Got personally walked back to the paddock area when I was 10. I rode the pony horses at San Luis Rey Downs, Rod Kaufman let me take out Buttons. I never saw one horse overtly abused but the horses still went out for a short break and a whip from their box, cleaned up and right back in. I was afraid of D Wayne Lukas, he didn’t like kids around and I was warned to stay away. I also remember meeting John Henry, a $6.5mil winner, at good ol’ Del Mar.

    I watched Secretariat with great anticipation, and saw Ruffian leg shatter yet she still tried to run. It was Ruffian that made me think twice about this whole ‘sport.’ My sister explained how she was pushed so hard, and it caused her fatal injury.

    I will never set foot on Del Mar for racing even though it once had good memories. It is just a place for greedy, uncaring people to build their ego for a quick buck, and the crowd to feel rich for a day. They don’t care, and the beautiful grounds hide the disgusting reality for these horses from the people who attend. It needs to be shut down and for good.

    • Katie,I think Eight Belles beating the boys in the Kentucky Derby….and right after the finish line SNAPPED OFF both front legs was the WORST. Yes, I know she finished second. And then she was frantically trying to stand up 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭….with no front legs. The people involved in this gambling racket are the SCUMBAGS of the universe.

    • Thank you for sharing, Katie. Here, for me, is the takeaway line: “…but the horses still went out for a short break and a whip from their box, cleaned up and right back in.” Indeed, “right back in.” Confinement and isolation – the worst of it.

    • Thank u for your perspective. I agree wholeheartedly. SHUT THE MOTHA DOWN

  4. I am so sick of this. I just read an article that trainers are sending horses no longer winning here to Puerto Rico by boat, in horrible conditions and run there until they die. The sanctuary there is overwhelmed with horses sent from the US. This is appalling! Another way these so called horse lovers are trying to get every bit of money they can from these majestic animals and then do away with them like so much trash. I hope this gets out to the media, this needs to be stopped NOW!!

  5. Disgusting sport just like greyhound racing. Innocent animals die to make rich people richer. It should be stopped

  6. Amber Codd, you are an utterly disgusting, despicable, narcissistic human being!!! I am speechless from watching your intense abuse on this poor horse! You DESERVE the same horrid treatment–maybe that would bring you to your knees!

  7. Horses dying at race tracks, people killing wolves for “sport”, wild horses taken off their land and most go to slaughter for cattle grazing, shooting bison in national parks! There’s certainly more disgusting and abusive happenings to all animals. We need to get “top people” involved! What a joke. People in our government could care less what happens to any animals! They have proven over & over again that money talks first and foremost and that’s it. Horses are the most beautiful animals and next to dogs & cats the most abused. Wish we all had more power to change it all!

  8. Please stop thinking horses want controlled and forced racing.
    Even one race related horse death is one too many.
    RIP Moonlight Prancer. You never deserved an unrighteous death. Peace to you and you are free from the greedy grasp of humans.

    • MOONLITE PROMISE, a Filly foaled on March 10, 2018 and injured and killed in training on August 29, 2021.

  9. When will people find more intelligent ways to entertain themselves other than the abuse of innocent animals?

  10. What a tragic way to end the young life of a young promising filly. My heart goes out to her. Very sad.

  11. Disgusting way of entertainment? I think not!Horse racing is disgusting and as usual money speaks.
    Horses are majestic beings and to make them race for money is beyond me. End this crap once and for
    all!Too many horses have died doing their best and then whipped and whipped to get across a finish
    line is beyond me. All just put aside when one dies as there are more waiting for their fate.

  12. When will these people in horseracing be made accountable for the horrible deaths of these magnificent animals! These people go on with their lives as if nothing happened!

  13. People involved in horseracing are the worst of humankind. as long as they continue mistreating and killing these beautiful horses. If they are never held accountable it will continue and the horses will always pay with their lives!

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