Heartrending Video of Ladie

As an addendum to my post from this morning, here is a video of Ladie Verrazano, with but days to live, at a Texas (slaughter-pipeline) feedlot. If her story – this video – does not make your heart cry and your blood boil, I’m not sure what will.


  1. They throw these horses out like trash. There aren’t words to describe the pain I am feeling at this time. I cannot even imagine abandoning a horse this way.

    • There is a special place in hell for people who abuse and torture ANIMALS and KIDS.

  2. For the love of God, put her down at the track! No! Gotta get the money for that last pound of flesh! Her owners don’t deserve to breathe the air that she breathed. RIP , dear sentient being. 💔😞

    • That poor, pathetic mare. Those who are responsible for this pain and suffering I hope and pray are met with an equally painful and lonely death. I am ashamed to be a member of the human race. Horse-racing WILL end and we need to ensure that it does a lot sooner than later. Jacqueline Award….I agree with you 100$ Those responsible should NEVER, EVER be allowed to own any animal again. Those who do these kinds of things to racehorses are illiterate, pathetic, low-life loosers, too lazy and stupid to hold down a real job. All they can do is take advantage of and exploit voiceless beings for greed.

  3. Should have been the gutless, heartless, soul-less ‘owners’ that were sent to the slaughterhouse…but I forgot, the ‘owners’ all profess to LOVE THEIR HORSES’ like members of their family, all I can say is, GOD HELP THEIR FAMILIES!!!! What do they do with their ‘sick or old’ family members, sent them to be euthanized or dumped in a nursing home???

  4. Oh that poor girl, she was in terrible shape. I couldn’t watch the video it actually made me visably sick, how could anyone let this happen to her, she was just a baby and never had a chance to life a good life. People that let things like this happen to any horse, especially a young horse like Ladie, should be punished, maybe they shouldn’t be able to own any horse, ever! I’m 78 and have loved horses all of my life. Never owned a horse because we didn’t have the money when I was growing up, I used to ride every weekend at a stable near our home. Horses are such magnificent animals and should be treated as such! I do support a retired racehorse, Countdown Queen, that lives on a great racehorse retirement sanctuary here in Iowa.

  5. HORSERACING is Animal Cruelty!!!!!! The livestock auctions and killbuyers won’t stop at much of anything to EXPLOIT any type of animal considered to be livestock. This video is proof that they don’t care about how much pain and suffering a crippled horse must endure!!! The story and the video of LADIE VERRAZANO are parts of the proof of the everyday brutalization and cruelty to horses!!!!! The racing and Pari-Mutuel WAGERING industry needs to be recognized as the ANIMAL CRUELTY that it is and I dare Mr. Paulick to report on this atrocious ABUSE and TORTURE of a horse EXPLOITED by Horseracing!!!! Edmond Godfrey can be real proud of his disgusting and demented and DEGENERATE self!!!!

  6. Not gonna watch the video, because I know that racing officials at The Jockey Club are doing everything in their power to make sure this type of criminal evidence (against the vast preponderance of those super-responsible, horse-loving racing creeps) NEVER SEES THE LIGHT OF DAY AGAIN.

    How? By eliminating their innate advocacy of racehorse disposal-by-slaughter? Ha. Try again.
    By removing all the soulless monsters among them from their membership? Impossible, since The Jockey Club IS the very epitome of Baby Thoroughbred Killers (BTK).
    By investigating and aiding in the prosecution of those responsible for this type of extreme equine abuse and neglect of horses registered through THEIR bloody organization? Stop. Don’t make me laugh (bitterly) anymore, TJC jerks.

    The ONLY way you can prevent this type of evidence from surfacing — and coming back to haunt the disgusting slugs among you who do this to TBs daily — is to make definitive identification of ALL racing thoroughbreds impossible when their racing “careers” are over. So that’s exactly what you Jockey Clubbers are shooting for: Fully Anonymous Disposal of your Beloved Athletes. Worse, you’re taking these objective identifiers away from your victims JUST WHEN THESE POOR ANIMALS NEED THEM THE MOST: when they’re dumped like garbage by all those wonderful folks who populate your Sport of Kings. (Glad to see you’re protecting the Edmond Godfreys of the world, at the expense of Ladie Verrazano — and about 10,000 others just like her every damned year.)

  7. The video is heartbreaking and sickening. It breaks my heart to see this horse suffer horrifically for that slug of more money. How could the owners be so blatantly callous and cruel? Yes it did make my blood boil. Shouldn’t it be shown widely? I think of how much more she will suffer when they try and bolt her and she cannot stand up. The video will haunt me.

    • Barbara, They are not going to bolt her. She was rescued from being slaughtered. She was TOO CRIPPLED and would not have been able to stand on all fours on a long haul/truck ride to the border of USA/Canada or USA/Mexico let alone from the border to the slaughterhouse and the killbuyers know that. She was rescued and evaluated. She suffered from chronic conditions that were not reversible. They had to put her to sleep to end her suffering. I know that they tried to save her. She was too far gone with her chronic laminitis, etc. You can read more about LADIE VERRAZANO in the previous post.

  8. This is cruel and pathetic. It is utterly psychopathic and a CRIME AGAINST ALL OF LIFE. You BASTARDS who murdered this magnificently graceful, dignified, intelligent being should be indicted for murder!!!


    Gary Bennett

  9. Where are all the “good people” the people who “love the horses”. Their silence is deafening.
    Surely all these “good people” must know their silence gives consent to the atrocious suffering inflicted on this young mare.
    All the Jockey Club is good for is making rules (none of which remotely protect the horses) concerning naming horses, etc, and most importantly, raking in the money.
    What a sorry business peopled by even sorrier bunch of soulless cheaters and horse abusers.
    Shut it down!!!!

  10. Can’t bring myself to watch. The pictures of Ladie in Patrick’s previous post were enough to feel the pain and suffering this beautiful girl had to endure. That look in her eye…The bastards, the excrementts who did this to her are no human beings. DAMN CRIMINALS!!

  11. This is heartbreaking. If you can treat this beauty like this, you are a monster. You feel she does not have value to you because she can not win races. I hope this person spend their last day like her. In pain and discomfort and to know there is nothing but the end of your life. People need to stop supporting these events.

    Thank you to the person who took the video. I hated to see it but it’s a reality. If someone can help, can we know how to send some money to them. I don’t have a lot but I would be willing to make a donation for this sweet girl.

  12. This is such crap. I hate people they really are vial idiots out there. Everyone is all for killiing something instead of having any kind of passion and help animal. You will be judged on judgment day.

  13. This man or person’s responsible for the cruelty & death of this poor horse must be jailed for a very longtime & never to be allowed to work with any animals ever again he’s scum I feel the pain of what that poor horse had to endure…. R.I.P sweet angel

  14. What I really would like to post would be deleted. So…putting it mildly as possible, this is for all you “humans” who stand by and watch this daily occurence of Ladie and all the others that escape our radar. There will be NO MERCY when time is up for all of you who remain silent and stand their with a thumb up your you know what

  15. Those who need to abuse animals for their entertainment are the pits of the earth and are the perfect examples of COWARDS!

  16. This is so wrong and if these Race Officials and the owners care nothing for the horses then they have no hearts and do not belong running this Race Track without fixing the problems and the owners should lose their horses when they care nothing but for the money they win. Shameful and just wrong.

  17. We must put an end to horse racing all over the world. Animals were never meant for the enjoyment of sport and money making.

  18. NOT ONLY is this cruel, unconscionable, it’s immoral, it’s so wrong, it’s so hateful & depravedly insane — NO empathy – NO compassion — WHY ARE WE ALLOWING such horror to Horses — people who think this is acceptable belong in rubber rooms — these INSANES walk around as normal, earning a living, paying mortgages, paying rents, shopping for this & that — in truth, they are the worst of the worst in the whole ANIMAL kingdom — they belong in prison.

  19. Horrible that should never happen to young horse like that they were on them to quickly

  20. I hate anyone who mistreats animals or slaughters them inhumanely will reap what they sow. I believe in karma, and they will get what they deserve. RIP to this beautiful horse, and all those animals who suffer and die at the hands of humans.

  21. I didn’t watch the video, I’ve seen so many videos of tortured animals and I petition and give what I can to help but it seems we are fighting a never ending battle. Thanks to all who do what they can and endure the heartache these videos expose, don’t give up, you are needed more then ever.

  22. Evil people to allow so much suffering!! This is all because of rich old men wanted to use them as toys.

  23. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing! ~ Sir Edmund Burke Let’s ask ourselves….other than post here, complain to elected officials and racing scum, what can we do to help end this for good? This is why God gave us brains! Let’s use them for the sake of these innocents. What can we do to help Patrick put constant pressure on those who have the authority to make a difference?

  24. How disgusting human beings treated this horse this horse was in severe pain those humans that sent this horse to the auction / slaughter needs to be ashamed and charged for abuse To animals

  25. Stop killing these beautiful animals! They should not have to die for your greed.

  26. I can see that the poor horse in the video is suffering. It is time to end this abuse of horses. Those guilty of the abuse must be punished!

  27. This is so hard to watch. How can anyone treat these animals that way? This cruelty needs to stop and these horses need to be free to have a home where they are loved !

  28. They throw these HORSES out like trash — There aren’t words to describe the pain I am feeling — I cannot even imagine abandoning a HORSE this way — these INSANES who ABUSE & MURDER walk around as normal, earning a living, paying mortgages, paying rents, shopping for this & that — in truth, they are the worst of the worst in the whole ANIMAL kingdom — they belong in prison — why are we ALLOWING these ABUSERS to continue!

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