New Jersey’s “Equine Athletes”: “Carcass Removed by M & S Pet Removal”

Through a FOIA request to the New Jersey Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year.

(Every report came with this: “Carcass Removed By M & S Pet Removal.” From “majestic athletes” to “carcasses.”)

Melanie’s Fran, Feb 6, Meadowlands R – “comminuted pastern fracture”

yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, May 7, Monmouth T – “fractured shoulder, severe and extensive hemorrhage”

Wishful, May 9, Monmouth S – “Found dead in stall this afternoon. A definitive cause of death for this mare was not apparent…. The subcutaneous hemorrhages were consistent with trauma related to peri-mortem collapse.” (six years old)

Incredible Shark, May 29, Meadowlands R – “severely comminuted and displaced skull fracture” (video here)

Bold Agenda, Jun 4, Monmouth T – “[multiple] fractures, [multiple] torn ligaments”

Now Tiz Time, Jun 6, Monmouth R – “fell in race: [multiple] fractures, [multiple] torn ligaments” – euthanized on track”

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  1. In 1974, I was told by a person actively engaged in working with racehorses that these (RACE)HORSES ARE NOT PETS.
    What is the point of noting that the body of each horse killed by racing people at the racetracks, Monmouth and Meadowlands, was removed by M & S Pet Removal? Is it in their contract for “advertising” for the service?
    The name of the service is deceptive and misleading to say “Pet” because racehorses are not treated like pets. They are living, breathing horses brutally exploited by greedy, money-grubbing, horse-abusing, horse-killing DEGENERATE racing creeps that only care about the money they can get out of using the horses as gambling chips/tools until the horses are fatally injured.

    • Wanda, in late 1980’s, one of my coworkers and her husband bought a racehorse at Garden State Track. They would go very frequently to visit their newly acquired pet. My co-worker would stand at the stall making conversation with the horse. Some jackass that worked there came over and let her have this is not a house pet
      And you DONOT make conversation with “it”. So this must be the mentality and it hasn’t changed much, has it?

      • Nancy, these people are so sadistic and so very rude. I think about how rude that is for a racing participant/person to say such a thing to another person. I can only imagine what the horse (each and every horse exploited for racing) goes through; it’s horrible!!!!!!
        Obviously, feeding a race horse carrots and/or mints is reserved for the phony @$$holes for “public relations” purposes only.

  2. Well we all know the term “majestic athletes” is just another term thrown around by the racing industry as part of their (ever failing) propaganda. Their true feelings about the sentient beings they exploit and destroy were on perfect display with Brigette, discarded in that landfill.

    • Yes, even though BRIDGET MOLONEY was raced and killed (and dumped) in West Virginia, the participants in this horse-abusing, horse-killing gambling industry are just as demented and demoralizing/demoralized in every state or country where horseracing occurs.

  3. if this doesn’t break your heart, I don’t know what will — knowing what we NOW know about HORSERACING, you’d think most would get it — If this Industry could reform, it would have reformed by now — putting aside the unconscionable, depraved cruelty to Horses, the monies from Government supporting this vile industry is downright criminal — WHO says it’s OK to use taxpayer money to support HORSERACING? — this money COULD go to so many other deserving sectors — something is very wrong – we must keep pushing — let’s STOP the cruelty to our Horses — SHUT DOWN HORSERACING — FOREVER

    • You ask who says it’s OK to use taxpayer money to support Horse racing?
      Racing and the politicians say so!
      And it is state by state which makes it difficult to change. Further, California and New York are both liberal states but racing, horse abuse, and killing continue unabated.
      Money is the culprit at every level. Some people will sell their souls for the almighty dollar – no integrity.

      • Dead on RIGHT Rose. I guarantee you if exploiting animals for ill gotten gains was put to an up or down vote in liberal states (ca,ny) the PEOPLE would vote it to its DEATH in a heartbeat. People must put it on the BALLOT!!!!!!! Look, florida,hardly a bastion of liberals,voted to save the DOGS. Think about it. It can be done.

      • Yes, Rose — precisely why we MUST write our legislators in Govt to change it — STOP the money & SHUT DOWN Horseracing — I wonder what Governor Hochul thinks about Horseracing? — I wonder if we’ll get any results with her.

        • Just ALWAYS remember everyone…there are MORE of us (Animal Protectors/Lovers), than there are them (exploiters/lazy leeches). NUMBERS wins out!!!!!!!!! Get stuff on the BALLOTS. Wipe it out with MAJORITY RULE. If Florida can do it for DOGS…..

  4. I don’t know how anyone with a heart could work in a job like that. They have to see the atrocious injuries and obvious suffering these horses endure – the snapped,dangling legs, misshapen broken shoulders, bloody faces from head injuries and internal ruptures, and the final moments of agony from colic forever locked on a horse’s features. Even someone who doesn’t know much about horses has to see – but in their case, probably doesn’t care – how ethically and morally wrong racing is if it can destroy horses so brutally.

  5. M and S pet removal does all the Jersey tracks. They are located quite some distance from all the tracks

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