Horrific Crash at the Meadowlands Leaves One Horse With a Cracked Head, Dead; Track Owner Calls It a “Near Tragedy”

Through a FOIA request, I have confirmed that Incredible Shark, one of three horses involved in a crash at the Meadowlands May 29, is indeed dead: “There were multifocally to regionally extensive subcutaneous and skeletal muscle hemorrhages over the head, lateral thorax, lateral and ventral abdomen, and lateral aspects of the limbs. Blood drained from the nose and mouth and was present in the ear canals. There was a severely comminuted and displaced fracture of the occipital bone, left occipital condyle…and the basisphenoid bone (base of the cranium). Bone fragments were displaced ventrally compressing the brainstem.” And here’s how it looked:

The driver of one of the other horses, Joe Bongiorno, was suspended at three Jeff Gural-owned tracks, including the Meadowlands, for “failing to keep the lines reasonably taut during the race.” Here is what Gural had to say: “Our concern for the safety of our drivers, including Joe, and the horses is paramount. It is our hope that Joe will learn from this near tragedy as he is a terrific up and coming young driver who should have a good future.” There you have it, folks: This was but a near tragedy. And Gural is supposed to be one of the “good guys.” Vile.

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  1. When Will the Carnage end???? God Bless That sweet horse. I pray all this comes to an end soon.

  2. So, the ONLY concern is for the safety of the drivers.
    The horses just happen to be there.
    Well, we know that the horseracing industry has no regard for them, breeds them like rabbits so there’s a good supply to replace these poor horses who are breaking down and dying or disappearing every single day.

    VILE indeed.

  3. What horrible pain and suffeeing this poor horse had to go throughi saw his legs moving probly in so much pain rest in peace incredible shark

  4. What the world does NOT need, “up and coming young drivers”. Find something humane to do. Hopefully more tracks will close IF there is enough public outrage and pressure.

  5. You would THINK, wouldn’t you, that any equine veterinarian who does these autopsies would say, “No way am I going to align myself with such a monstrously cruel and abusive business, the racing of horses. There is a line at which I am willing to draw at profit.” But they stay on, bring in their earnings, shut up about what they see, witnessing and normalizing brutality, and aren’t even kicked out of the profession. (Which, largely, trains empathic and ethical veterinarians. But not this lot!) Says so much about the standards of the veterinary profession. And licensing boards. Doesn’t it?

    • The necropsy is done by an independent facility, usually the state AHDL or nearest veterinary school.

  6. Sounds like there was forewarning concerning Joe’s driving!
    And, Gural, “hoping” Joe will learn a lesson from the “near tragedy” is useless. It certainly was tragic for Incredible Shark but to Gural et al, that does not count.

    Kill pens are full of Standardbreds but that does not count either!!

  7. I guess it’s only a “near tragedy” when a mere horse is killed, right, Gural? I mean, at least your terrific up and coming young driver, who probably doesn’t know a horses’s ass from his ears, lived to cause another “near tragedy”. And good job throwing out the ol’ “safety of the……..horses is paramount” line – that always fools us into thinking you guys actually give half a shit about the horses you exploit and kill.

  8. It is a disgrace that people are so cruel to horses. We must abolish the racing of horses.

  9. Not near tragedy, full blown tragedy! Such BS, this entire industry is full of low life scum, from the tortmentors on the backs of horses to the track owner, disgusting!

    • You said it, Lynn!!! The track owner’s statement shows a complete lack of remorse for the horses!!!! It isn’t a tragedy to this evil, morally depraved, money-grubbing creep because they are not decent people that care about the horses. The horses are just TOOLS to these evil people. These people should be charged with Felony Animal Cruelty and locked up in prison. Horseracing is Animal Cruelty and must be recognized as such by the legislative branch of government. Whether they are racing Standardbreds or Thoroughbreds or any other kind of horse, it all MUST BE PUNISHED!!!!


  11. This was a total tragedy! It is unfortunate that the horse is the dead one here. These horses are victims of the greed and noncaring of the humans who exploit them.

  12. Hopefully the autopsy was done so they can sue the pants off of the Bongiorno family. Sadly it won’t bring back incredible shark, but maybe some restitution for his death

  13. And once we know EXACTLY how these heartless, money-grabbing, profiteering POS absolutely loves their horses, yea right….all they’re interested in is their next ‘blood’ money, I’m sorry but it should have been the ‘up and coming’ driver that died NOT the innocent, defenseless horse that didn’t have a choice whether to run for his life or not.

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