Oregon Politicians Say, You Can’t Ban Racing; “Horses Obviously Love the Sport”

Back in June, Oregon State Senator Peter Courtney introduced a bill to ban horseracing in that state. While it has yet to gain traction, we certainly applaud the senator’s bold, courageous action – to my knowledge, the first of its kind in the nation. In any event, as fully expected, the racing people and their apologists are none too pleased. And, as fully expected, they are punching back with disinformation. But the commissioners of Josephine County – the site of Oregon’s sole commercial track, Grants Pass – have scaled new, risible heights.

The following letter was sent to the Oregon Senate. Enjoy.

June 9, 2021
To: Senate Rules Committee
Re: Josephine County Objects to SB871 (Horse Racing Ban)

Josephine County, as the owner of the racing facility that hosts Grants Pass Downs, objects to SB 871.

Because of horse racing, racehorses generally lead good lives. Race horses nurse from healthy mothers, sleep in secure and comfortable settings, play with each other and people, eat well-balanced diets, get expert veterinary and dental care, and receive copious human love. Racehorses love to run and to participate in a structured routine at which they are the center of attention. Beyond that, it is impossible to overstate how much horse people love their racehorses.

It is true that horse racing involves risk. But the benefit that horse racing provides to both horses and people far outweighs that risk. Horse racing is highly regulated by both the Oregon Racing Commission and by its own industry participants. A ban on horse racing would not improve the lives of the horses who obviously love the sport, or of the people who love racehorses.

Please enter this letter into the legislative record for SB 871 and all other proposed legislation that pertains to horse racing.

[signed by the three commissioners]

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  1. I stand by what I say. As the famous comment says for evil to prospere it takes man to do nothing.

  2. What a superficial, ridiculous letter – pure drivel!
    Hard to believe it was written by “adults”! looks more like what a 10yr would write for an assignment on
    “Why Horses Should Continue to Race”!
    The authors are very aware of the truth, the dark side of this corrupt gambling business. They know they are being deceptive.
    I wonder if they have any idea of how pathetic they sound?!
    What racing does to horses is indefensible.

  3. Usual BS! I’d like to run their asses around a track and whip them when exhausted!

    • Marilyn — i couldn’t agree more — the visual of one good Human riding another bad human, while whipping, is gratifying — truth be told, these apologists would rethink their positions after such a cruel & brutal experience.

  4. This letter is so absurdly ridiculous I couldn’t believe it even if I wanted to — how dare they — how could they — to hide behind the HORSES with their lies, whom they abuse & kill — HORSERACING has been going on for far too long — the torment and cruelty inflicted on Horses 24/7 MUST STOP — now that we all KNOW and are enlightened about the real goings-on in this industry, it is high time to SHUT DOWN Horseracing FOREVER —-

  5. IDIOTS!!!! It never fails to amaze me how humans will justify the exploitation/abuse/torture/enslavement/murder of the other species on the planet for their own selfish indulgences!!!! STUPID HUMANS MAKING OUTLANDISH STATEMENTS!

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