Delaware to Welcome Back Animal Abuser Amber Cobb With Open Arms

In Delaware, an animal-cruelty suspension for trainer Amber Cobb has been reduced by the Racing Commission from two years to two months (she still has to complete “anger management” though). While I do not know the specific abuse(s) – the stewards simply said that Cobb “demonstrated cruelty to a horse in her care” (I’ve heard it was physical) – the mere fact that she was originally suspended for two years, which for racing is akin to capital punishment, means it must have been pretty bad.

While some are (might be) outraged over the commutation, I believe this is missing the forest for the trees. The issue is not the term; rather, that there is a term. That anyone “convicted” of cruelty to horses would ever be allowed back in – whether in two months, two years, or a decade hence – is as powerful an indictment of this vile industry as I’ve seen.

On another note, I’m often asked why miscreants like Cobb can’t be charged under state cruelty statutes. Well first, as is the case with most every other industry that uses animals, the law typically defers to what’s called “common industry practice.” This is why a person whipping his dog in the park would (hopefully) be arrested, while a jockey whipping his horse is cheered. Also, with racing, the policing is left to the industry itself, masquerading as state racing commissions. In other words, don’t look to laws and courts for remedy; the only way to truly curb the Amber Cobbs of the world is to shut this thing down completely.

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  1. As a Delawarean, I am horrified at the commissions’ decision. The Cobbs and others like her need to be arrested and the whole racing industry shut down. The commission will hear my outrage at this action. You can bet on it !!!!

  2. While trying to find the info I just saw yesterday concerning this sweetheart, saw in race 5 at Monmouth both jockeys to hospital after a spill. No word on horses naturally

    • Yes, thank you, Nancy – but don’t you know?!? – letting the jockeys WHIP the horses will fix that problem of racehorses crashing to the turf/dirt!

      • Joy, that is a big issue in NJ re whip use for “safety”. This is the new cry for arms from the jocks and trainers. And when Midnight Bourbon almost was fatality injured they pleaded their case. We must continue this race to the finish line of barbaric racing. On a lighter note, there is a therapy TB in France named Peyo. He seeks out the terminally ill and needy in hospitals. Showing such kindness and apathy to the sick. When seeing the videos and then read HRW, how much are these creeps in need and are missing the beauty of these precious creatures they abuse. What they are missing…

        • Oh Nancy, I’ve seen their idiocy regarding MB – that he wouldn’t have clipped heels and gone down if the jockey had been permitted to WHIP the horse. Racing and fans, are you not aware of Monmouth’s policy for whip usage? – the whip can be carried and used for “safety” purposes. MB’s Haskell was the perfect opportunity for racing to show how the WHIP can keep horses “SAFE” – but it DIDN’T because it CAN’T.

          That’s a special bunch at Monmouth – their “Support Horse Racing” group not only support this industry, they align with the pro-slaughter organization Protect the Harvest…AND a couple of their FAVORITE trainers are Navarro and Servis. No joke.

          • No joke and NO SURPRISE, either. Thank you for saying the line (about the WHIP is needed for “safety”) — but it DIDN’T because it CAN’T.

  3. Amber Cobb 17 violations so far this year including this animal abuse.
    As a former industry insider you would have to perpetrate extreme abuse, cruelty and brutality to be reported let alone get suspended as mentioned herein.
    True to industry form the original hearing, which suspended her for 2 years, doesn’t contain any details at all.
    It doesn’t even mention the name of the horse who was a recipient of such abuse and could indicate that she actually killed the racehorse – it’s possible.
    Here’s the ruling:
    They protected this racehorse abuser which is what this entire industry is about.

    • The horse went down on (I have a feeling that this horse was a gelding, but I don’t have proof) his side inside the stall after being savagely screamed at and whipped with a long handled WHIP with a long lash by Miss Amber Cobb. I think the horse died. This is not the end of this story! The horse reared up and then went down and there is nothing involved here that could be called training. It is completely ABUSE and TORTURE of a horse while confined inside the stall. The video has been shared on Facebook which is where I watched it. It is horrifying!!!

        • Nancy, I found the article in the PR. I hope that a judge does NOT NULLIFY the suspension issued by Pennsylvania. I didn’t see anything in the article about Pennsylvania giving the ANIMAL ABUSER and BRUTALIZER and HORSE KILLER, Amber Cobb, a hearing before the two-month suspension.

  4. YES, Patrick, the only way to stop this obscenity is to shut it down. Period!
    The Delaware Commission (DTRC) members and Chairman w. Duncan Patterson are as guilty as the lowlife, Amber Cobb.
    Also, I tried hard to get the necropsy report on a horse that died in his stall at Delaware. The horse, Indy’s Quick Image , was reported to have died of an “acute brain hemorrhage” one day after he raced at Parx.
    I spoke to the then Commission Chairman, John Wayne (now deceased) who did not contradict me when I suggested the horse had been knocked over the head. He told me to request the necropsy report from the Dept. of Ag. I tried with no success and was told it was a privacy issue and when I persisted I was curtly informed the case was closed. Also Wayne said that the connections were suspended for “contributing” to the death of the horse but there were no “witnesses”
    Also the poor horse was abandoned by his owner , Joann Lafaber , whose daughter bred the horse in Georgia. The Garcias took over the horse raced him 2 times in 10 days including a trip to Parx which was his last race..
    I guess knocking horses over the head and other hidden cruelty must be common industry practice in Deleware, at least!!

    • We need to have this type of cruelty videoed as they do concerning cruelty in the lab experiments category! Where are our people that care about the horses, too? Wake up. Amber Cobb should have been sent to jail. It’s a felony to abuse an animal now in California. What she did to the horse should be on the news!!

      • There is a video shared on Facebook of Amber Cobb screaming at and whipping a horse inside the stall. It’s absolutely horrifying!!!!!!

    • Thank you for trying, Rose – what a corrupt bunch of animal abusers and enablers of them.

      Indy’s Quick Image, I’m so sorry you were born merely for use by this disgusting industry – you and all of your “brothers and sisters” were/are set up for suffering and death…and all of those “good folks” in racing do nothing to help. They’re all too concerned with Lasix and whips. Or are they?

  5. Not that anyone expected the morally bankrupt and ethically handicapped racing industry to actually do anything about this chronic horse abusing bitch – and why should they, when every other trainer could be accused of the exact same crimes? This entire industry is nothing but a septic tank of sadists who get off on abusing and killing horses.

  6. I know this is extremely twisted, contorted and convoluted, but I perceive that the horse racing industry people are “more concerned about the image of the industry” (than the horses, of course) so that they don’t want to dish out real punishment to anyone “in their family” of horse abusers; as if there is an image of horse racing that could ever be regarded as something to be desired. Take the racing industry trade journals such as “The Blood Horse” and “The Paulick Report” as the “voices of racing” as examples of this morally depraved gambling industry. They do report on some of the negatives but not in depth as an expose of the industry to shut down the horror show. They promote racing and Pari-Mutuel betting for gamblers because there are Millions and Millions of Dollars to be made by this morally depraved industry in the WAGERING HANDLE and CORPORATE WELFARE! So commuting a two-year suspension down to two months is a no-brainer for a morally depraved industry that “really looks after it’s family members” if you know what I mean.

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