A Mint, Then Death

The following picture was posted by “Eddie C,” horseracing guy:

Two days after this picture was snapped, Pleasure Luck was mortally injured in a race at Saratoga; she was euthanized a day later. So I wonder, Eddie, did you arrange an opportunity for your nephew to view the lifeless body? A chance to stroke the mane of the athlete-turned-carcass? Did you explain that this scene plays out almost six times on American tracks every single day? No, didn’t think so.

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  1. This picture shows a lot of how wrong racing is even without the inherent cruelty of the actual race. Can you imagine being confined to a box stall 23 hours a day, 7 days a week? A horse’s natural instinct is to roam in a large acreage and graze. Getting natural exercise is essential to the horse’s health and well-being. Both their mental health and physical health is affected in a very negative way by being locked up/confined to a stall, usually 12 feet by 12 feet square. It’s also possible that they might not have wrapped her front legs properly. If the wraps aren’t done correctly, they can cause more damage or injury to the horse’s tendons.

  2. Just looking at that stall shows the boredom and frustration horses feel with their confinement. It looks like a bipolar beaver attacked the doorway. Oh, look – a jolly ball! And, Eddie, this photo just screams STAGED to me.

    • I have an off-the-track Arabian and he will chew a fence post in half given enough time. He’s a terrible wood chewer. He also hates being locked in his stall – the few times I’ve had to keep him in, even for a few hours, he bangs the walls and throws buckets around. His other quirk is about having his tail touched – he instantly clamps it, evidence, I’m sure, of having had it twisted for loading in the gate or trailer.

  3. My goodness this is where the horses live 23 hrs a day at one of the most prestigious tracks in the country, the fabled Saratoga!!!
    Chewed wood, holes in the wall….clearly show how these people view the horse!!
    It’s a dump!
    The defense would probably be that the horses don’t care. But that is not the point.
    The state of the place speaks to the attitude toward the horse in this business.
    They pocket the money while allowing the horse’s environment to go begging!!

  4. What she has on her legs are ice boots. They are to decrease pain, inflammation, and swelling. So think on that, this was 2 days before she ran her fatal race.

    • Yep. A few years ago there was a filly owned by a fractional ownership group at Indiana Grand (many were Friends of Barbaro people) and this filly was typically in ice boots before running her races. Photos posted by the fractional ownership group attest to this. So uneducated willing to believe anything their trainer tells them. They didn’t have a clue.

  5. Horses are social, intelligent animals who wide, open spaces like pastures. Horseracing deprives them of they need to be healthy, and happy!

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