3-Year-Old “Found Deceased in Its Stall” at Belmont

More from NY: Tia Vicky “was found deceased in its stall [this] morning” at Belmont. The dead “it” was a 3-year-old, an equine child. For Belmont, that’s 26 kills on the year. (By the way, Tia’s exploiter was Randi Persaud – no stranger to these pages.)

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  1. Oh, well, what’s another juvenile horse – so long as she was insured, right? If “found dead”, she died alone. No one was there to comfort her or attend to her in her last hour on earth.

  2. Randy Persaud was the owner trainer of the horse. I doubt he would have killed his own horse after he bought her for $15,000. These horses are left alone during the night like many other horses everywhere. Even at Old Friends where War Emblem died during the night. And that is considered a “wonderful” tertirement

  3. Horseracing is Animal Cruelty! The abusers of horses for gambling bets and purse money do not have to have any scruples to be so-called horse trainers. The term “horse trainer” could easily be defined as a “horse BRUTALIZER” in this business of extreme brutalization and EXPLOITATION of horses. Randi Persaud should be charged with Animal Cruelty and arrested. If the laws were written to protect horses, racing would be history. DEFUND Animal Cruelty!!!! DEFUND HORSERACING!!!

    • Are these horses insured?With a suspect history as Persaud has,how can the insurance companies allow payment,how is he allowed to have insurance.Obviously Persaud is earning a living somehow.This seems to be quite lucrative a business without actually working.Breakdown,kill spindle,fold and mutilate horses,for a living.Persaud never has to win a race if insurance companies continue to reward him for being a horrible trainer.

      • It has been said that most racehorses are not insured. I don’t have any first hand knowledge of whether or not Randi Persaud has insurance policies on any of the horses he owns, abuses and subsequently kills. The chartwriters have no obligation to share such details with the public. The chartwriters don’t even have to be competent enough to share the fact of whether or not the racehorse is male or female.

  4. Was she drugged, poisoned, does anyone care enough to find out the reason a 3 year old horse died in a stall? If she was insured, doesn’t insurance Co. demand a necropsy in order for a payout, want to know if she was ‘murdered’ for the insurance?

  5. Get a law passed to stop horse insurance, until one is passed to stop slave horse racing. There should be no profit from the murder and abuse of living creatures in human captivity. An added tariff should be placed on horse racing and on remote betting. Take as much profit out of the industry as horse lovers possibly can. Fans have to be told they are accomplices in horse torture and murder. THEY OBVIOUYSLYY DON’T THINK ABOUT THE VICTIMS OF THEIR PASTIMES.

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