Born in March 2015, Reyana Reya Dreams was first put to the whip at Belmont in July 2017, at the age of two. Since, she has been raced 44 more times, most recently at Penn National last week. Nothing unusual thus far. But here’s the thing: 45 races in and Reyana Reya Dreams is still […]

More from NY: Tia Vicky “was found deceased in its stall [this] morning” at Belmont. The dead “it” was a 3-year-old, an equine child. For Belmont, that’s 26 kills on the year. (By the way, Tia’s exploiter was Randi Persaud – no stranger to these pages.)

First, the facts: Holding Aces was born (made) on April 4, 2012. His first race came in September 2015. He “won,” earning $22,920 for his first set of “connections,” trainer Wayne Catalano and owners Gary and Mary West. Four more races followed for this team and then Jason Servis (yes, that Jason Servis) came on […]