“One man’s war on horse racing”

We are profiled in the Times Union – the Capital Region’s (NY) largest newspaper – today (print edition tomorrow): “One man’s war on horse racing.”

Takeaway paragraph: “But I don’t doubt that Battuello is on the winning side of the argument. As the near-disappearance of dog racing and certain circuses shows, the future of animal-based entertainment is dim. Undeniable cultural changes will eventually curb horse racing, too.”

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  1. Excellent article. Congratulations, Patrick. Thanks for everything you do for the horses, you are their voice.

  2. If you and all Horseracing Wrongs supporters, donors, & activists were not dedicated to the cause of banning horseracing, and the inherent cruelty and killing of racehorses that goes with it, many people that were casual Triple Crown race bettors in the past would still be betting on the racehorses to win, place or show and be oblivious to the heinous ABUSE and killing of racehorses. Thank you for your time and effort in bringing AWARENESS to the atrocities of horseracing and keeping the advocacy going. I hope that I live to see a major horseracing track shut down, such as SANTA ANITA as well as Los Alamitos, for example. They are killing so many horses and hiding it as much as they can possibly get away with. They are willfully brutalizing innocent horses! I would love to see legislation passed in California to make horseracing illegal. Of course, I would love to see horseracing be banned and corporate welfare stopped in all of the States and Territories, including Puerto Rico. If it takes 40 years, I won’t be alive to see it unless I live to be 108. Younger generations are and will continue to be instrumental in making this worthwhile change happen.
    Thank you, Patrick, and may you live to see the change you and many others advocate for; all horseracing banned, defunded and laws passed and enforced.

  3. But for Batuello, I wouldn’t have become aware of the plight of racehorses, he’s a man on a mission! I can’t thank him enough for his dedication to shed light and awareness on this barbaric industry!

    • Kate, I certainly would never have known the truth, either, if not for Patrick. And Nicole and the board, as well.

  4. Great work,Patrick. Thanks to you and your dedicated followers, I now actually believe that this cruel and corrupt sport can be banned. I would not have said this a couple of years ago. My instincts tell me that now is the time to make our push. Good ol’ Bob Baffert has given us a wonderful opportunity to get our message out. The day that the Ky Racing Commission Makes a decision on the outcome of the Derby seems like a great time to pounce..I’m just not sure how to do it. Suggestions from you and your readers would be appreciated. I also have a question. Baffert was suspended from Churchill Downs and I couldn’t help but wonder if Steve Asmussen has ever been. Keep up the great work all of you Rick Bowman.

    • Rick, I could not find any information that said Steve Asmussen was ever banned from running horses at Churcill Downs. However, he was exposed by PETA for the dastardly deeds he and his assistant trainer, Scott Blasi, have committed on racehorses. He has allegedly run more horses in the Kentucky Derby than any other trainer, but has never had a horse win the Kentucky Derby. The cruelty to horses is such a routine practice that it would never be acknowledged by the industry as anything to be disturbed about. A writer for the Blood Horse is never going to write as though they have, or have ever had, a conscience. It is sickening that the industry insiders are going to portray the EXPLOITATION of horses as though there is nothing to expose. The “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization” associated with Bob Baffert is more important to so many gamblers and racing insiders than the cruelty to horses.

  5. It must have been Patrick’s relentless efforts on behalf of horses that the message of the cruel deaths of so many race horses reached me all the way in Prescott, Arizona on NPR radio in 2019. The cruel facts had such an impact that I surfed horse racing cruelties online and found horseracingwrongs.com. I have been a contributing member ever since I moved to Albany, NY two years ago. Thank you, Patrick for your resourceful
    efforts to give race horses a voice. I want you know your tireless efforts have far reaching impact.

  6. One man’s war..
    They are not countingall of us!! And you have Gina who is a power house of commitment and knowledge toward this goal. However, with out your leadership and no fear ability, how can we lose?

    • Thank-you Nancy for the shout out and you are a powerhouse as well.
      What a great article and exposure.
      Thanks to Patrick for being an unwavering voice for the racehorses.
      They need us all so badly.

  7. Isn’t it sad that dog racing, horse racing, PMU farms, and other horrific forms of animal exploitation and abuse actually have to be fought against, when their existence should already be a moral and ethical stigma?

  8. The article was just OK. Pat deserves more recognition than that. Also, the writer isn’t getting the message that racing needs to be totally banned. Without hedging. He doesn’t understand what Pat and others do and that horseracing is inherently dangerous.
    I, myself, stand in awe of what Pat has accomplished thus far due to sheer conviction and intelligent diligence. Thank you, Pat. So very much!

  9. I also would not be aware of what goes on in horseracing if it wasn’t for Patrick.Your dedication speaks for itself as evidenced by the tireless comments you make several times a day on your blog. All animals are sentient beings and deserve a life free from exploitation and abuse. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Ghandi. Thank you Patrick for making a difference and being a voice for these horses.

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