Horseracing Wrongs at the Preakness

HW was well-represented out in front of Pimlico Race Course this past Saturday, Preakness Day. In addition to our regular Maryland/Delaware protesters – superbly led by the indefatigable Jennifer Sully and Peter Herrera – we had two mobile billboards traversing the area all day long. We also, you might remember, did the same at the Derby. And yes, we will be at Belmont, too.

A warm thanks to Jennifer and Peter, and to all who lent their voices to the suffering.

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  1. Thank you all for being there. Showing up is the best way to end the scam that is horse racing.

  2. Once again I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the tireless work of Jennifer and Peter and everyone of their protestors! YOU ALL ROCK and the HORSES would thank you, too, if they could! #EndHorseracing #ForTheHorses!

  3. Everything we do at Horseracing Wrongs is made possible by our amazing donors and volunteers! You can help us continue our work to end horseracing by joining The Herd and becoming a monthly donor! Herd Members receive an Advocate Pack (a shirt, pack of leaflets, stickers and a wristband) after joining and receive quarterly updates from our team with some exclusive behind-the-scenes info as well! Join The Herd today here:

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    Thank you all for your support and for making a difference in the lives of horses!

    Nicole Arciello
    Executive Director, Horseracing Wrongs

    • Donation made Nicole and thanks to all the brave peaceful demonstrators who are the soldiers for our movement to shut this killing business down.
      The trucks with the billboards were such a great idea and probably reached lots of people, as well as, the homemade signs on display.
      Thanks to everybody who is doing their part to end this business.

  4. I hear that the New York Racing Association has suspended Bob Baffert’s horses from racing at New York racetracks. A good decision. But sadly horses will continue to break down and die on its tracks.
    As they do all over the USA and Australia and other global racing jurisdictions.

  5. All of you who attended on behalf of the lives of these gorgeous animals all need to be rewarded – you are all gentle souls and I wish many positive and wonderful things to come your way. The horses need all of you at all of these destructive tracks that is for sure. Kuddos to all of you who participated on behalf of those that have no voice. I truly hope that something positive may come from one of your rallies. God bless all of you!!

    • Thank you, Cathy. Horseracing Wrongs has been sponsoring protests at race tracks across the United States since 2016 (before we were a nonprofit!) – 20 tracks across 15 states, adding more each year. We provide signs, banners, leaflets and planning help.

  6. I’m grateful for the people that can do this protesting in person (and to all who donated $) to get the word out and to make it so obvious that horse racing is really bad!!!
    The pictures of dead horses at slaughterhouses are shocking and horrifying! I think many people will remember the horror of it and think twice about having a so-called day of “fun and relaxation” at a racetrack.

  7. Bravo! A million thanks to all of you for your efforts. Every word you spoke, every sign you held up, every disturbing picture you presented GOT THROUGH to someone who never realized how truly awful the Sport of Kings really is. It’s going down in the U.S.A., just as surely as did Ringling Bros. Cruelty Circus, Sea World’s Stupid Inmate-Orca Exhibits, and, of course, those hideous Greyhound Gambling Monsters.
    Tick-tock, racehorse killers. Tick. Tock. Tick…You’re done.

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