A Reminder on Preakness Day: It’s not about Bob Baffert. Horseracing is cruel. Horseracing kills. Horseracing must end.

And so, Preakness Day arrives. Surely, the focus, for the media and masses alike, will be almost entirely on Bob Baffert and a relatively inconsequential drug positive in the Derby two weeks ago. As advocates, it falls to us to shift that focus – to the everyday cruelty and the incessant killing of the U.S. horseracing industry. When they say “Baffert,” you say “solitary confinement”; when they say “betamethasone,” you say “chattel”; when they say “Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act,” you say “slaughter” (on which the HISA has absolutely nothing to say). Remind them that over 2,000 horses are killed racing or training across America every year. Remind them that hundreds more die back in their stalls. Remind them that most of the horses being raced on U.S. tracks today will eventually have their lives snuffed by the butcher’s blade.

And you can also reacquaint them with some of the horses killed at Pimlico, the host of today’s big race, over the past two years:

Seeking the Sunset, May 17, 2019, racing
“vanned off, later collapse[d] in his stall – multiple pelvic fractures with severe acute hemorrhage”; also: “degenerative joint disease in fetlocks”

Congrats Gal, May 17, 2019, racing
“artery rupture with severe internal hemorrhage”
Dr. Daniel: “When she collapsed after the wire in right lateral recumbency, my initial thought was exhaustion or heat stroke. We quickly got cold water on her, tack off, and after a few minutes, attempted to get her sternal. She rolled back, her heartbeat became harder to feel, and she developed nystagmus. Within 30 seconds she started taking agonal breaths and died on her own.”

String Bean, May 23, 2019, racing
Dr. Walsh: “On the morning she broke down, she was being her usual, high strung self and bucked/jumped down the shed row instead of jogging. The groom had to place a lip chain on her to jog her. When the jockey was pulling her up before the wire, I immediately called the horse ambulance for her as she had an obvious left front lameness. Palpation and visualization showed a displaced mid body sesamoid fracture with the proximal piece comminuted and beginning to swell.

“The filly was being difficult to hold still and examine. I asked [owner/trainer] if he wanted me to have her taken to the barn so he could get radiographs and see if she was savable or if he wanted to have her euthanized. He said she would be difficult to keep quiet to rehab, he didn’t want to fool with it, and elected euthanasia. For safety of all involved and to allow the horse to settle, she was vanned to the pen for euthanasia verse [sic] doing it on the track so that she could be safely restrained….”

Polite Pearl, Nov 7, 2019, training
“RF leg fracture; subcutaneous hemorrhage on [both] sides of the cannon bone; blood and foam were coming from the nostrils; severe bruising over the right eye, right side of poll and neck and right side of head; right hock showing some degenerative joint disease; left hock showing some degenerative joint disease; LF fetlock showed advanced cartilage erosion/bone cyst; stomach had gastric ulcers present”

Yukon Eric, Jan 3, 2020, training
“horse pulled up and appeared to be exhausted…fell to the track and died – apparent heart attack”; also: “stomach: acute ulcers – presumptive stress” (just two years old)

Supercross, Mar 18, 2020, training
Dr. Meittinis: “The horse died on his own from head trauma before I could get there.”

Lotto, Mar 21, 2020, stall
“chronic respiratory disease; chronic left hock, developed laryngeal paralysis”; also: “[previous surgery] – shin had two screws” (just four years old)

Unbridled Outlaw, Mar 23, 2020, stall
“severe degenerative joint disease; suspensory tear”
Dr. Meittinis: “Basically, bad claim of a cheap horse.”

Long March, Sep 7, 2020, training
“flipped over and struck his [head] on the starting gate – trauma was so severe that Long March was immediately euthanized on the track”

Talent Scout, Sep 24, 2020, racing
“blunt trauma, catastrophic fractures, LF fetlock; open wound into joint, copious amount of blood, RF fetlock” (that’s both front ankles); also: “significant, chronic degenerative joint disease in both radiocarpal joints”
Dr. Daniel: “The horse was unstable and in severe pain. He was euthanized on the track.”

This is one of the 2019 deaths at Pimlico’s sister Maryland track, Laurel Park (same owner, The Stronach Group):

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  1. Patrick, I just sent a letter to the NY Times and cut and pasted and attributed to you the first long paragraph inside my own comments.

      • Pat – Once We Bring Down Bob Baffert The Rest Of The Bad Trainers Will Be Easy To Take Down!

      • Pat – NYRA suspends Bob Baffert (Monday) 5/17/21! Wow! Now We Need CA & FL!

      • Pat – Ask Mike Smith What Happened To Concert Tour? We Need The Jockeys To Start Turning In These Bad Trainers!

        Mike Smith Said “I am at a loss for words,” “He didn’t seem to participate at all down the backside. He just wasn’t going anywhere, and when I put my hands down, he just backed off. It was very strange.”

        • Molly Julia, the idea of jockeys turning in “bad” trainers would mean the jockeys would be out of a job, if you get my drift…!


    • Reading how utterly cold that veterinarian was just made me sick to my stomach. It’s so obvious that those track vets are every bit the heartless parasites that the rest of those human stains are.

      • If they aren’t they don’t have a job at the track any longer. You have to sell your soul to be a Vet there

        • Why would they want a job there unless they didn’t care, you know? It has to be one of the most grotesque and gruesome jobs on earth. To see all of the injuries on a daily basis and have such a cold- hearted attitude takes a special kind of psychopathic veterinarian. The same with the chartwriters in that they know the injuries, van-offs, kills inflicted on the horses happen because of being forced to gallop as fast as they can when underdeveloped, etc. They say as little as possible to keep their jobs. Why would anyone want these jobs after they know first-hand how cruel and sadistic RACING is to the horse?! They have to be a special kind of demented degenerates.

      • Rebecca – We Stop Bob Baffert,The Other Trainers Will Get Scared!

        NYRA Has Listened To The Horse Lovers! NYRA suspends Bob Baffert (Monday) 5/17/21! WOW!

  2. Remember! Bob Baffert Is Horseracing! If We Catch Bob Baffert We All Have Won! We Have Been Trying For Years To Catch Bob Baffert In The Act!

      • Alan – We Are Trying To Get All The Owners To Drop Bob Baffert Completely In 2021!
        Spendthrift Farm will be removing horses from the care of Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert following this week’s controversy over the test results of Medina Spirit after the Kentucky Derby 2021! Gary & Mary West Should Be Next On The List!

          • Katie – Looks Like NYRA Does Not Want Bob Baffert Also! Looks Like Everyone Is Starting To Wake Up!

            NYRA suspends Bob Baffert (Monday) 5/17/21! Finally! Now We Need Bo Derek & CA!

          • Alan – We Are Working On More Trainers On The List!

            Bob Baffert, Peter Miller, Saffie Joseph, Robertino Diodoro, Rob Atras, Brad Cox, Norm McKnight, and Karl Broberg just to start.

    • The NEW YORK RACING ASSOCIATION is horseracing also! The Stronach Group is HORSERACING too! They need people like Bob Baffert to attract gamblers. It is ironic because it can have the opposite effect of bringing more public scrutiny to the dark underbelly of the racing and Pari-Mutuel gambling industry. It all needs to be shutdown! Those people in horseracing who enable the trainers and other connections need to be caught AS WELL!!! Horses are forced to suffer physical and mental health abnormalities brought on by the AGGRESSIVE FORCE of the racing/gambling industry. Expecting yearling colts and fillies to perform as though they are adults is FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG in any type of horse business or hobby. Horseracing is the EPITOME OF WRONG!!!

      • Wanda – Bringing Down Bob Baffert Is Way Bigger Than Bringing Down Jorge Navarro & Jason Servis!

        • It might seem that way to some but the whole racino/RACING/ gambling on horses industry/industries need to be DEFUNDED. That would be much bigger than just one trainer who has been enabled for decades by this horse-abusing, horse-killing, money-grubbing business with many, many human participants.
          Spendthrift Farms will pay a different trainer to abuse, drug and kill their horses.

  3. The Stronach Group must not continue to receive the benefits of Corporate Welfare. Public schools and other essential services need this public money for the betterment of society. The STRONACH GROUP should be charged with multiple crimes including race fixing and fraud, not to mention multiple counts of animal abuse!!!

    • There are fractures with the Stronach’s and the pressure needs to continue. Not all of them are on the same page and they are barely hanging on…

      • That’s great news, Katie!!! There needs to be more pressure and more pressure and more pressure!!! Eventually they’ll go down! The Stronach Group needs to go down like all those horses that go down on the racetracks. The same with all of the various horse racing associations, boards, commissions, and anyone else who has a controlling interest in the abuse and exploitation of horses for profit.

        • Wanda & Katie – Frank & Belinda Stronach Knows What Exactly Is Going On At Gulfstream Park, But They Think It Is A Show For The Rich People – No Respect For The Horses! We Told The Mayor Of Hallandale Beach,
          But She Recently Got Arrested & Then They Brought Her Back For Round 2?

    • Roland – Bob Baffert Is Bigger Than Donald Trump – Everyone Knows Him All Over The World!

    • Very interesting link! Thanks for sharing.We have also galloped horses down the stretch many times. Our own farm`s & for others farms as well. We NEVER used or carried a whip or forced any horse to go any faster than what they wanted to go at. We also never had any of horses wild eyed out of fear as they trusted us & we trusted them & we accustomed to new things / experiences gradually.Have never cared for or agreed with D.W. Lucas or his various students of his training programs. Baffert and his like are way..too hard on horses being taught to ride. So are many so called trainers in our area of saddle horses.We have seen those wild eyed, scared young horses at our now defunct local 1 mile track being forced to gallop down the back stretch! We felt greatly for those horses who had no bond or relationship with their riders.We left the industry in 2005 after seeing & experiencing many of the same things that the linked author writes of.Racing is just a ” crooked , crummy , gamboling game”.

      • 👏 bravo! Totally agree. These horses do what they have to do but are never free or happy.

  4. It’s about the racehorses and that’s why doping is flat-out abuse, in whatever capacity, because it’s used to keep sore racehorses flipping a buck and the whip is used to keep tired racehorses moving forward.
    The Stronach Group facilitates the massive suffering and dying of racehorses.
    Jill Baffert, wife of Bob Baffert owns and dumps lots of racehorses.
    She runs under the ownership name of Natalie J. Baffert and she’s an enabler of abuse and of BB’s many kills.
    She dumps racehorses, every single one of them or they disappear off the radar.
    Bob and Jill Baffert don’t own a farm, they don’t have a facility to provide for the racehorses they own and race.
    So her latest dumping victim is called DR. DORR – made Jill $526,077 and she dumped him at Vocations in Kentucky and people who work there are reportedly rumored to say that Jill doesn’t want to pay Vocations to upkeep this horse and it’s up for sale for $1000 right now on their site if you want to buy him.
    This business is so slimy that even their horse-industry supported aftercare program spots are given to the top owners/trainers who are worth millions who can afford to financially support their horses and chose not to.
    After all, these racehorses quickly become a liability to them and they expect everybody else to clean up their unwanted racehorse mess.
    Nevertheless, I think it’s disgraceful of Jill Baffert to dump any racehorse let alone one that has made her over $526,000!!! She can’t even board him and take care of him financially herself?
    This is just one of many and this is yet another example of how horrific this business and the apologists are.
    This dumping and killing business needs to be shut down and public funding needs to stop immediately.

    • I’m guessing this horse, DR. DORR, that she dumped onto the rescue/ aftercare group most likely needs a lot of veterinary care. It’s obvious the Baffert’s only love anything else involved in horseracing, but not the horses themselves. I suppose that the adrenaline rush, the “fame” and fortune as well as the ego trip are their motivations. People who have genuine compassion for horses don’t treat them like used cars or used newspapers. I feel sorry for the horses they use, abuse, injure, dump and kill.

      • According to New Vocations he has four bad suspensories. They are recommending that whoever adopts him rests him. They might have him forever.

    • Gina, DR. DORR is available for $800 until May 31. Otherwise, the price is $1,000 as you said. (New Vocations, Kentucky)

      • Bargain price for now, but dumped by Jill Baffert who made over $526,000 off of him – disgraceful.
        Expects everybody else to pay for his upkeep and vet bills.
        His suspensories were destroyed by her husband Trainer and her who enabled him to continue running to make more money for her and probably was doping him up pretty good to mask the pain and keep him going.
        She has a bunch of other victims in her husband’s race stable out in California right now that will eventually be dumped because if over half a million dollars is not enough to secure a home with her than nothing is.
        I can’t help, but think about all the kind people, who never exploit racehorses, but step up to rescue, pay, and house them out of their own pockets while Jill the parasite doesn’t give back anything.
        Birds of a feather flock together.

        • You are correct in that these people are just out to victimize the horses for their sick, sadistic pleasure and no amount of money will ever be enough for these psychopathic, sociopathic, sadistic, money-grubbing people. At the very least, this is one horse that was not killed at the track and not sold to a killbuyer. Dumping him at New Vocations was probably the easiest way out for the Baffert’s with the least amount of scrutiny considering that they are the type to want to dump a horse that can’t run or win anymore. There’s nothing heroic about them giving him to a Thoroughbred rescue, but the horse, DR. DORR, may have a chance at life on pasture and not be constantly used and abused.

          • You know it’s vile and a sad state of affairs when a racehorse owner, Jill Baffert, dumps Dr. Dorr after he’s made her over $526,000, to a aftercare facility that’s considered a “chance at life?”
            May I remind people that the Baffert’s are worth millions, made their money off the bones, backs and lives of racehorses, yet, don’t want no part of them after they are done crippling them.
            I suppose they are no different than any other racehorse apologist and, yes, at least he has a chance, but his earned retirement should be financially supported by Jill Baffert.
            We know she made around $30,000 on 1 bet on Medina Spirit on the Kentucky Derby.
            So just that 1 bet alone could have supported Dr. Dorr for about 6 years.
            Nevertheless, whether racehorses dying or being dumped this industry operates with total impunity, total lack of transparency, zippo credibility, and facilitates the thousands of racehorses dying on slaughterhouse floors.
            They have never or will never hold racehorse owners fiscally responsible for their racehorses.
            This cesspool of destruction that shows the deepest evil in humanity needs to end.

          • The laws governing horses and racing need to be changed so these animal abusers can be put in prison where they belong!!!
            “A chance at life” for the horse comes only after being dumped onto a rescue. That says a lot about the Baffert’s psychopathic personalities!!!

    • Gina – Ban Jill & Bob Baffert At All Racetracks Around The World!

      NYRA suspends Bob Baffert 5/17/21 (Monday)

  5. The recent evidence that has surfaced from a inside PETA investigation proving that Baffert is connected at the highest levels to the top Commissioner on the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission.
    The implications are huge because this Commissioner controls and orders drug tests and is in a position to take full advantage of the loopholes in the drug testing process to Baffert’s benefit.
    This preliminary evidence is enough for the FBI to conduct a full-scale investigation and if the evidence uncovers this organized crime than Baffert should not only be suspended, but should be carried off the track in handcuffs.
    It’s about time that the NYRA and Kentucky take a stance, but his buddies on the CHRB?
    Well, as expected, they’ve gone silent.
    There’s no doubt in my mind that every single Kentucky Derby that he won was under the pretense of cheating.
    I allege that he knew what dope would NOT be tested for and was given inside information from the KY Commissioner who gets paid from big farms like Coolmore or sits on the Board of Directors where the majority of Baffert winners sold for millions to go to stud there.
    Let’s not forget the 40 racehorses that have died under the custody of Baffert with 22 disappearing off the radar.
    In the midst of all this corruption the racehorses are the biggest losers.

    • Will the assistant trainers of these cheating trainers be under any scrutiny at all? Will the investigation include the assistant trainer/trainers to Bob Baffert and all of the other cheating trainers? Will their names be made public?

    • The people, including the Racing Secretaries and the person or persons signing their paychecks, who accepted the injured and doped horses of Bob Baffert and all of the other cheating trainers for entry into the respective races SHOULD BE under investigation as well!!!

      • Wanda – NYRA Banned Bob Baffert (Monday) 5/17/21 – From Entering Horses In Races & Occupying Stall
        Space At Belmont Park, Saratoga, Aqueduct – Jimmy Barnes – Bob Baffert Assistant Trainer Will Be Banned Also!

        • Molly Julia,
          The Racing Commissioners, Racing Board Members, and Racing Association Members ought to be investigated for fraud and Animal Cruelty everyday!

          # HorseracingisAnimalCruelty

  6. I agree — they want us to believe that Bob Baffert and his drugs are what’s giving Horseracing a bad name — NOT TRUE — there’s so much evil in this industry, it boggles the mind that it still here with us — we MUST SHUT DOWN Horseracing — we MUST SHUT DOWN this vile industry FOREVER.

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