Mare Killed at Charles Town; Replay “Unavailable”

The “result” for Wiggle It Jiggleit in the 4th at Charles Town last night: “WIGGLE IT JIGGLEIT angled in to pressure the pace, contested the turn nearest the rail while at a close disadvantage, threatened the winner to mid-stretch, showed no further response to steady urging, suffered a fatal injury later yards and had to be euthanized on the track.” She was seven years old, and this was her 43rd time under the whip. Oh, and her owner (Derrick Goetz) also had her “For Sale” prior to dying. A witness to the race said the poor girl’s leg was “flopping”; I would show this but…

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  1. I saw this and the camera showed her by herself tacked up and limping with a horrified look on her face. Why 43 races?? Waiting for insurance money??? Pathetic poor girl! Where was the jockey??

    • TOM, to the best of my knowledge, the majority of horses stabled at cheaper racetracks including Charles Town are not insured. I’m guessing the owners are too cheap to pay the insurance premiums in the first place. They get a little money from each time they race at racino tracks. I think the owners and trainers are demented to begin with to run horses in races with all of the abuse that goes with horseracing. The racetrack owners and operators want horses to fill their race card. How many times a horse has been raced is not the main concern or not a concern at all. If DOPING the horses to keep them able to stand, walk and run works for them (the trainers), that is what they will do! The doping is detrimental to the horses, of course. These people in horseracing have to be cold and callous to do what they do. How could they be capable of drawing a line and saying, “Enough is enough” in this morally depraved business???

  2. Another incident of horrific racehorse cruelty and dying.
    Sorry for you Wiggle It Jiggleit yet another victim of this morally bankrupt killing business.
    Yet another example of this business deliberately hiding their widespread business practices that happen to kill lots of racehorses.
    They should be sued for First Amendment Rights.
    This track would not exist if the “horsemen groups” were not receiving obscene amounts of money that comes directly from casino profits that should be going to the surrounding communities.
    STOP ALL FUNDING TO HORSE RACING and let them die in the dirt just like all the racehorses they kill.

  3. I think I’m developing a kind of perverse respect for Charles Town. They don’t screw around with hiding their many on-track kills like the “elite” tracks do. Guess they figure there’s no need to waste energy telling the public the usual lies about walk-offs and van-offs. Or to pretend their equine victims are anything but dead in time for the next race. What’s the point of all that hot air, anyway? We all know the needle’s coming out in a matter of hours, if not minutes, for most of these DNFs.
    At fabulous, glamorous Hollywood Casino in Charles Town, West Virginia, they just present the facts:
    “Yeah, we killed him then and there,” or, “She was injured, then destroyed. Next!”

  4. Yes, of course it would be unavailable.
    Got to hide the ugly cruel breakdown and death of this innocent mare.

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