Educate – and Pressure – Our Politicians

Many, if not most, Americans, including politicians, have no idea how cruel and deadly horseracing is. So it falls to us advocates to educate. And nothing as entrenched as horseracing will end without unrelenting pressure. So please consider sending a message to our elected leaders. That message need not be long; in fact, shorter is better – e.g., “Horseracing is animal cruelty, no different than dogracing, which has been banned on moral grounds in 41 states.” For the subsidy states, tell them to “End the handouts – coming at the expense of schoolchildren – to a cruel, dying (as measured by demand), decidedly nonessential industry.” Copy/paste, send links from our site: most recent kill list, individual state reports (in “Categories” on homepage), etc. Speak from the heart, but use our facts, too. And please be respectful. Thank you.

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(The social media links are on the pages linked – sometimes on top, sometimes on side, sometimes on bottom.)

(All active U.S. racetracks can be found here.)

Arizona (3 tracks)
Governor Ducey: 602-542-4331; contact/social media
Senate Leaders (leadership positions in bold)
House Leaders (leadership positions in bold)

Arkansas (1 track; subsidy state)
Governor Hutchinson: phone/contact/social media
Lt. Governor Griffin: 501-682-2894; contact; twitter; facebook
Senate Leaders
House Leaders

California (5 tracks)
Governor Newsom: phone/contact; twitter; facebook
Lt. Governor Kounalakis: phone/contact; twitter; facebook
Legislative Leaders

Colorado (1 track)
Governor Polis: phone/email/social media
Lt. Governor Primavera: phone/email/social media
Senate Leaders
House Leaders

Delaware (3 tracks; subsidy state)
Governor Carney: phone/email/social media
Lt. Governor Hall-Long: phone; twitter; facebook
Senate Leaders
House Leaders

Florida (3 tracks; subsidy state)
Governor DeSantis: 850-488-7146; email; twitter; facebook
Lt. Governor Nunez: twitter; facebook
Senate Leaders: Majority; Minority
House Leaders: Majority; Minority

Illinois (4 tracks; subsidy state)
Governor Pritzker: 217-782-6830, 217-782-6831; contact/social media
Lt. Governor Stratton: phone/email/social media
Senate Leaders
House Leaders

Indiana (2 tracks; subsidy state)
Governor Holcomb: social media (bottom of page)
Lt. Governor Crouch: social media (top of page)
Senate Majority Leader Alting: phone/email
Senate Minority Leader Taylor: phone/email
House Speaker Huston: phone/email
House Minority Leader GiaQuinta: phone/email

Iowa (1 track; subsidy state)
Governor Reynolds: phone/contact/social media
Lt. Governor Gregg: twitter; facebook
Legislative Leaders

Kentucky (7 tracks; partial subsidy state)
Governor Beshear: phone/contact/social media
Lt. Governor Coleman: twitter; facebook
Assembly Leaders

Louisiana (4 tracks; subsidy state)
Governor Edwards: 225-342-7015; email/social media
Lt. Governor Nungesser: phone/email; twitter; facebook

Maryland (5 tracks; subsidy state)
Governor Hogan: 410-974-3901; contact; twitter; facebook; instagram
Lt. Governor Rutherford: twitter; facebook; instagram
Senate Leaders
House Leaders

Minnesota (2 tracks; subsidy state)
Governor Walz: phone/contact/social media
Lt. Governor Flanagan: twitter; facebook
Senate Leaders
House Leaders

Nebraska (4 tracks; will be subsidy state starting this year)
Governor Ricketts: phone/email/social media
Lt. Governor Foley: phone/email

New Jersey (3 tracks; subsidy state)
Governor Murphy: 609-292-6000; contact/social media
Lt. Governor Oliver: twitter; facebook; instagram
Legislative Leaders

New Mexico (5 tracks; subsidy state)
Governor Grisham: phone/email/social media
Lt. Governor Morales: phone/email/social media
Legislative Leaders

New York (11 tracks; subsidy state)
Governor Cuomo: phone/contact/social media
Lt. Governor Hochul: twitter; facebook
Senate Leaders
Assembly Leaders

Ohio (7 tracks; subsidy state)
Governor DeWine: contact/social media
Lt. Governor Husted: twitter; facebook
Senate Leaders
House Leaders: Majority; Minority

Oklahoma (3 tracks; subsidy state)
Governor Stitt: 405-521-2342; contact/social media
Lt. Governor Pinnell: 405-521-2161; contact; twitter; facebook; instagram
Senate Leaders
House Leaders

Oregon (1 track)
Governor Brown: phone/contact/social media
Senate Democratic Leaders
Senate Republican Leaders
House Leaders

Pennsylvania (6 tracks; subsidy state)
Governor Wolf: phone/contact/social media
Lt. Governor Fetterman: 717-787-3300; twitter; facebook
Senate Leaders
House Leaders

Texas (4 tracks; subsidy state)
Governor Abbott: phone/contact/social media
Lt. Governor Patrick: phone/contact/social media
House Speaker Phelan: phone/email

Virginia (2 tracks; subsidy state)
Governor Northam: 804-786-2211; contact/social media
Lt. Governor Fairfax: phone/email; twitter; facebook
Senate Leaders
House Leaders

Washington (2 tracks; subsidy state)
Governor Inslee: phone/contact/social media
Lt. Governor Heck: phone/email; twitter; facebook
Senate Leaders
House Leaders

West Virginia (2 tracks; subsidy state)
Governor Justice: phone/email/social media
Senate Leaders
House Leaders

Wyoming (3 tracks; subsidy state)
Governor Gordon: 307-777-7434; social media; staff contacts
Senate Leaders
House Leaders

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  1. Horseracing is animal abuse. Horses exploited for racing must tolerate and endure everyday abuse, everyday soreness, everyday suffering. They must do this in silence except for advocates who speak out on behalf of the horses.

  2. Patrick, you forgot Oregon.Although racing is very much reduced with the redevelopment of Portland Meadows we still have Grant`s Pass being used as the lone commercial meet having been converted from a 1/2 mile bull ring track which it still is.Albeit with many hundreds of thousands of $ in upgrades to the track surface as well as an electronic tote board video screen. We have been told that Grant`s Pass is a very expensive place to race at & economics will in time eliminate this business. There has been some discussion about 2 of the fair meets not operating this summer due to not having any live wagering due to no attendance because of the virus shutdowns . Our states industry is partially subsidized by a HUB tax from wagers processed through various wagering platforms.At times we do place a like on various Face Book postings, especially those videos that allow a person to hear as well as watch past experiences of how hard a track we once galloped on was. Hearing as well as seeing horses running on a bad track can`t be hidden very well when you can hear & see the truth!

      • Anytime we can be of help let us know. We have seen so many bad experiences within this” crooked , crummy , gamboling game.” We like Gina have had threats to us by very bad people including practicing vets who now are operating as “leg ” vets at now performance western equine facilities. Sadly, the entire equine industry is were beginning to believe, is all about the $$ & not about the many good experiences to be enjoyed with horses.

  3. Also, almost forgot to mention that Washington`s track, Emerald Downs, is owned & operated by the Muckleshoot Native American tribe as a racino that subsidizes race purses with casino revenues. We greatly appreciate your allowing all to comment on your site as well.

  4. Patrick,
    Yesterday, 3/23/21, I called the one remaining race track open in Michigan, Sports Creek Raceway near Flint, MI.
    I spoke with a very sweet young lady who told me the track was struggling to stay open. I let her know my name, why I was calling and that I was very much against horseracing. I asked if I could share with her my reasons and she said yes. I did so and her response was that she agreed with me. Horse racing is very dark and evil.
    Thank you for staying the course, horse racing is going to end.
    Pam Cingano

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