One Man’s Spill Is Another’s Kill

Paul’s Plunder in the 6th last night at Charles Town: “PAUL’S PLUNDER angled to the outside to give chase, was fatally injured past the eighth pole and was euthanized on the track.” She was three; ’twas her 7th time under the whip.

“A spill at the back with Paul’s Plunder…”

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  1. The replay which I watched this morning( and pardon my emotion) the horses at the starting gate and knowing Paul’s Plunder was minutes from that accident is just heartwrenching. Also,the announcer really sounded broken up about telling everyone the horse was out of the race…yay right

  2. The abuse and torture to and of horses goes on…and on…and on…and on! Hey, it’s a “living” for these demented people. This killing and horror show needs to be ended!!!
    Just the idea of naming a horse “PAUL’S PLUNDER” is telling of the vile nature of these demented and morally depraved people engaged in horseracing.

  3. Greatly appreciate Pat`s replays of these poor horses death. These replays & the showing of horses being euthanized should be a requirement of all people who are thinking of being participants in racing! If we had known of the # of these horrible incidents we probably would have thought several times over of becoming a licensed racing participant.

    • When you started in horseracing, fredjoan, most of the information technology we have today did not exist yet. Therefore, it was easier for the industry as a whole to hide these atrocities.
      Back in the 1970s, a smartphone had not been invented yet. So, it was easier for races with fatal breakdowns to be swept under the rug in order for the racing and gambling to continue. At the same time, Thoroughbreds have always been started out at way too young of an age. So that really is a no-brainer that various injuries are going to occur sooner and more often. A young horse being run on a track is going to be a candidate for so many painful injuries and ailments, including fractured sesamoids and degenerative joint diseases, to name two.

  4. Dear god that was horrific. I dare any apologist to watch that….and still say this isn’t a crime. Is it just me,or does this gambling racket bogusly being called a sport seem to be getting WORSE, if that’s even possible. My heart screams in pain for what that baby filly endured. May the Apologists rot in hell.

    • One thing for me, Bonnie, is that I see videos and read about it here on this blog so it seems like it happens more often. It might be actually worse, or it could just be a perception of being worse. If not for this HORSERACING WRONGS blog, I would not be as aware of how rampant the killing of racehorses is in reality. (I don’t get TVG.)

      • Wanda
        TVG eliminates the falls as quickly as possible and the camera in death defying speed takes to the race where all are on 4 legs. When the camera does not make a quick enough exit, they call it an unfortunate incident and will.get back to the viewers as soon as info becomes available. Which (surprise) never does
        Then its on to the next jandicapping race.

  5. I simply can’t bring myself to watch these replays – it’s revolting enough to read about it. I have to step away from this site every few days to keep from becoming depressed and jaded about life.

  6. This blood sport has got to be outlawed!! It is nothing more than sanctioned killings of innocent lives. STOP this insane madness. NOW

  7. I’m a 54 year old male, I been go to tracks since I was a youngSter. I was at Charles town the other nite when Paul’s plunder went down I watched the whole way to long process of the saddest thing I ever witnessed. They obviously didn’t know what they were doing ,then once they did get Paul’s plunder finally loaded in the horse ambulance their !poorly outdated pos machine would not work, so Paul’s plunder not only died on that pos track she had to lay there all that time. I never cried so much before that nite.GOD Bless PAULS PLUNDER, I will never for get HER!

    • Thank you Albert. I’m so sorry you had to witness something so evil and demonic,all in the name of greed.This is why when I’m watching tvg I ALWAYS have my tv remote in my hand,just waiting to instantaneously flip the channel to QVC. This is why we here on this site are trying so hard to end the gruesome evil cruelty.But, these horrific deaths ALL have to be sweeping under any carpet. Thank you again Albert,for speaking the truth.

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