A Kill at Aqueduct Today; NYRA’s 2020 Death Toll at 75

Astonishingly, the “demonstrably safer” New York Racing Association keeps killing horses. In the 1st today at Aqueduct, Mr. Tag, three, was “vanned off” and subsequently euthanized. (The Gaming Commission appended this consolation: “no apparent injury to rider.”) In this, a covid-impacted year, an unconscionable 75 racehorses have died at the three NYRA tracks (Aqueduct, Belmont, Saratoga). 75. America, you’ve been had. “The Sport of Kings” is nothing more than garden-variety animal cruelty – and mass animal murder.

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  1. Sigh. I thought for sure this post would be titled, “A Kill at Aqueduct Today; And Another One on the Way from Our Good Friend, Mr. Rudy Rodriguez,” or some such truth.
    Might as well start consolidating some of the deaths in your reporting, Patrick. Seems these assholes are killing ’em off faster than you can type ’em up.

  2. Replay
    Horse #3 bumped out of the gate
    Went all the way around almost at the finish and disappeared off the video
    Ambulance in the background while the winner gets his connections their just due. Hope Mr. Tag’s people enjoyed the day at the races.

    • Bonnie..in the Del Mar Cary Grant race? He did finally cross the line on all fours and a rider.

      • Let’s hope Nancy,but he was really motoring on the rail,and all of a sudden fell back soooo fast,and then made several very awkward movements,before the jockey took him to the far outside. I would be shocked if something wrong didn’t cause that weird sequence of events. But, let’s hope.

    • Bonnie , if it was Delmar Cary Grant stakes, he did cross the finish on all fours and with a rider. Just took a long time for catch up.

    • At Del Mar? Obviously, it’s not at Los Alamitos. They’re due for their scheduled kill, but won’t start their horror show for a couple of hours. And it can’t be at Golden Gate, because they’re a festering colony of COVID and Super-safe Polytrack breakdowns, so not allowed to race. And it can’t be at the SADT, because they’ve already admitted to their one obligatory kill for the quarter, and are between horse-killing meets anyway.
      So, yeah, Bonnie. That only leaves Del Mar. That the place?

      • Kelly. Did you see the fog at Los Alamitos? Mountaineer is snowy slop that will probably be ice

      • Nancy, my god! They just had what I believe was a breakdown in race 9 at a foggy-as-hell Los Alamitos. I thought, that’s it, they’re done because Jess Spice, a baby QH, finished almost 20 lengths back(!). So I forced myself to watch the video — can’t see anything much, but he appears to reach the wire, be pulled up and to the outside before the Los Al camera manipulators scrub him from the shot. End of story? Of course not.
        Very next race, chart says Jess Agree, another baby QH, of course, running blind through zero visibility…and I quote: “JESS AGREE fog, lost rider 1/8, vanned off.” Same chart says her next closest “rival” finished more than THIRTY FIVE lengths back! In a freaking 400 yard race!
        No way can I force myself to try to watch THAT video. Racing folks are already asking about it on Twitter, say they can’t see anything because of the FOG (duh!). Who knows if they went and paralyzed another jockey this time, or if Los Al will even acknowledge their non-stop carnage tomorrow. They make me SICK.

  3. It was their feature race. It was the 3yr old gelding Bettor Trip Nick. He was leading the way on the inside.

  4. The “factory farming” mentality of Thoroughbreds for racing is part of the “killing machine” of the horse racing industry.
    They can put on a public relations show of words but the consequences tell the facts. Horses killed by racing participants are what tell the true story of horse racing. It is time to kill this blood sport!!!

  5. Nancy, I just watched the replay..it still has me concerned. The horse really bolted to the far outside, after he plummeted so quickly. Usually when a horse bolts to the far outside, I’ve heard it said it’s like a protective instinct,I also didn’t like the action of the jockey when he first started falling back. I hope I’m worried for nothing…we’ll see.

  6. Kelly,
    Doesn’t everyone drive like a bat out of hell in the fog??? Doesn’t everyone know how “safe” that is??? Why should it not be any different in racing Quarter Horses in the fog??? These super €/@$!#* stupid people are demented to race horses to the point of catastrophic injuries and death!!! Horseracing is inhumane!!!!! Besides stupid!!!!!

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