70th 2020 Kill at NYRA Tracks

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that High Knuckles was killed while training Tuesday at Belmont: “pulled up severely lame at 3/8 pole, splint applied and ambulanced to barn where examination revealed necessity for euthanasia.” He was two years old and had been put to the whip three times.

The New York Racing Association, home to “demonstrably safer racing,” has now hosted 70 equine kills this year. 70. And all in the name of gambling. Look folks, I realize there’s lots going on, but this is carnage, and it is immoral – and it must end.

Voice your outrage: Link this post. Cite data from this website. Tell them horseracing is animal cruelty; horseracing must end.
Governor Cuomo
Senator Schumer
Senator Gillibrand
Assembly Speaker Heastie
Majority Leader Cousins
“Domestic Animal Welfare” Committee
NYS State Senators

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  1. Question: How many babies is the NYRA gonna let Rudy Rodriguez kill, anyway?
    Answer: As many as he wants to.
    Typical industry advocates: They all stay silent while the worst of the worst offenders just keep on truckin’. And then they cry about why they can’t generate any new fans.

    • Not everyone wants to see this unscrupulous, unnecessary, barbaric, sadistic, heinous abuse of beautiful and young Thoroughbreds. It is immoral.
      Let these filthy horse killers cry!
      Rest in peace HIGH KNUCKLES🙏💔💔💔💔💔


    • It will take more time, but it is so agonizing to know these horses are suffering and being killed.
      I can only hope that there will be a “change in the political will” of this country (USA) soon! I hope within the next 20 years, maybe 30 years that more governors and other politicians will change their stance on horse racing and stop funding it with public funds. I could be wrong about the 20-year projection, of course, but I’m guessing. I base my projection on how long it will take for some of the older people participating in racing and breeding Thoroughbreds to die of old age. Some members of the younger generations are not as oblivious to how cruelly animals are treated. I think more people are aware of how sadistic racing participants are to their horses just to attempt to win races and Pari-Mutuel bets; for “fame and fortune.” Also, because the older racing participants were born into racing and breeding Thoroughbreds in which case the racing participant may claim “that’s all I know” as if they can’t see themselves learning a new occupation.
      I think there should be some types of programs created for underpaid workers who are there on the grounds of the racetracks doing the work of cleaning stalls and grooming the horses and such as that. Many of these people could benefit from a chance to earn a living without being treated like cockroaches, meaning immigrants are treated like second class citizens, or worse, fourth-class non-citizens, if you will. If it weren’t for migrant workers, who would pick the crops of vegetables (such as asparagus in the Columbia Basin) and fruits (such as apples)? They deserve better, in my opinion. I don’t believe in giving anyone “a free pass” to commit crimes but, in general, there are a lot of people that come to the USA with the idea of working, doing physical labor. I think there should be recognition of the fact that these people need a legitimate way out of being trapped in poverty working at the racetracks.
      If the governors’ (and the others’) offices were flooded with letters requesting that government subsidies to horseracing be stopped, that would be part of the process to achievement of a change in the political will.

  3. This is animal abuse and I do not know why it is not being treated as such. There is a lot going on but exploiting and abusing these incredible animals is immoral, evil – and their lives are just as important.

  4. Patrick,
    Thank you for the links in today’s post. I always copy & save them. It really helps!

    • And the thing is , mankind would be nowhere without what horses did for them(man). Horses deserve to be worshipped and sacred,like cows in India.

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