Update: 12-Year-Old Under Whip for 138th Time; 10-Year-Old for 105th Time

An update on a pair of horses we’ve previously highlighted…

Last Sunday at Camarero, 12-year-old Pickett’s Charge was put to the whip for the 138th time. He finished almost 12 lengths back. His abuser is still Jose Lozano. Same day, at Mountaineer, 10-year-old Lady Panther went under the whip for the 105th time. She finished over 14 lengths back. Her abuser remains Shane Spiess. Both horses were, of course, “For Sale” prior to their races.

Camarero Racecourse: 787-641-6060
Mountaineer Racetrack: 800-804-0468


  1. Honestly, what can any person who cares about getting these two horses retired from racing say to the people who make their living by exploiting horses for racing that would be a positive and productive interaction leading to the actual rescue from racing for these two Thoroughbreds?
    I seriously hope that LADY PANTHER will be rescued from racing and all the pain for her that goes with it.
    I hope the same for PICKETT’S CHARGE.
    If anyone has any information on their physical condition, especially if they are on BUTE for pain due to unsoundness from racing or anything else, I would appreciate you sharing that information.
    Thank you in advance.

    • I am with you, Wanda! What more can we say or do other than try our best to rescue them while our efforts are met with nothing but hostility and/or ignorance?
      Their constant suffering just breaks my heart.

  2. People in FL worked hard to shut down dog racing. They got the signatures to bring it to a vote and it won. As far as I know there was no help from the politicians.
    The same applies to horseracing. The politicians will not touch it. As long as big money is involved racing will continue and the bottom feeders such as Spiess and so many others will continue to abuse horses with impunity.
    In racing animal cruelty is integral to the business. There will never will be any rules to prevent cruelty and nobody will be held accountable no matter how the horse is made to suffer. Period.

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