12 Years Old, 137 Races – And No End in Sight

Last Thursday, a horse named Pickett’s Charge was raced at Camarero (Puerto Rico). He finished 9th, 16+ lengths back. Here’s the rest of the story:

Pickett’s Charge is 12 years old.

He has been pounded (exclusively) on the Camarero Race Track for over 10 years.

Thursday’s race was #137; he has been “For Sale” in all but 2 of those 137 races.

He has been trained by 17 different people.

He has been owned by (at least) 16 different men/partnerships.

His current trainer/owner, Jose Lozano, has had him for the past 28 races; in those 28 races, Pickett’s Charge has finished 5th or below 26 times.

According to my research, up to 90% of racehorses suffer from gastric ulcers; everyone knows what just a couple of years on the track does to a horse’s musculoskeletal system. Can you imagine what this poor animal’s interior looks like? Cruelty, thy name is horseracing.

Pickett’s 17 trainers:
Gaston Capote
Freddy Jacobo
Miguel Lopez
Juan Diaz
Jose Jimenez
Hector Astacio
Edwin Diaz Jr
Rafael Marquez
Jose Caro
Javier Rivera
Nicolas Figueroa
Luis Ramirez
Eliezer Velez
Victor Garcia Orozco
Ghislaine Henriquez
Harry Ramirez
Jose Lozano

Pickett’s 16 owners:
D. W. Frazier (breeder)
Establo Glorilu
Establo Naranjito
Si O Si Stable
Me K Nic Racing
JAL Racing
Parcha’s Stud
Establo Barcelona
Casan Racing Stud
A T & N Stable
Establo Central
Real Star Stable
Establo Mi Sueno
Agrinzoni Racing
Establo Ninimel
Jose M Stable

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  1. This is horrendously sad!!! I’m not sure that “everyone” knows the damage that forcing long yearlings, two-year-olds and three-year-olds does to the immature bones of any horse that is forced to do what these Thoroughbreds are forced to do. It seems as though that basic knowledge is something that flies over the head of many people. Ignorance is no excuse for the abuse and exploitation of Thoroughbreds or any breed of horse for racing!!!! Racing ruins good horses!!! I think a lot of people are clueless about the internal damage to the horses stomach and digestive system also. However, ignorance is still NO EXCUSE to abuse horses for racing and wagering!!!
    All of these trainers and owners are not innocent by any means.

    The outright abuse, cruel, and inhumane treatment of racehorses is on display daily.
    Not one apologist or pro-horse racing entity gives a damn about PC as long as he continues to fill races and their wagering coffers.
    The physical abuse is obvious and, yes, probably has a stomach full of painful ulcers, but one can only imagine the amount of times needles have been plunged in and out of his jugular vein, muscles, and joints.
    For most racehorses in Puerto Rico, whom they deem are “finished,” it’s the incinerator waiting around the corner for most not unlike the slaughterhouse here.
    Python Pat the parasite and serial racehorse killer is at it again.
    This time her victim is KENDYL ELIZABETH.
    On Tuesday, September 22, 2020, Race 6 at Parx Kendyl Elizabeth couldn’t take it anymore and she “stopped suddenly and lost contact.”
    It doesn’t indicate whether or not she was “vanned-off” but this is every indication that KE was in extreme distress probably from whatever dope Python Pat shoved into her coupled with the abuse.
    You can always count on Python Pat, serial racehorse killer, to not disappoint.
    She watches those racehorses in the stall suffering and she sends them out to die more or less.
    She’s a racehorse murderess – nothing more, nothing less – and seems obvious that she’s in with that deeply corrupt gang in PA who takes billions in casino profits and/or taxpayers money to run this killing show.

    • I saw that chart notation too, Gina. But it’s not so different than any of Pennsylvania’s track notes. I swear, they all use “STOPPED” to describe a couple horses each and every race. And they often have these so-called stoppers even beating runners to the wire! Do they not know the meaning of the word?
      And, yeah, Python Pat is awful. Can’t wait until officials finally wise up and end this racket for her (and all the other soulless horse-killers stealing from the good people of PA.)

  3. What a disgusting crew, owners and trainers, but imagine PR isn’t the best at animal abuse. Almost better to euthanize this horse instead of it ending up giving rides to tourist on the beach.

  4. Gina, I was looking at the pp’s of poor K.E. , something was VERY wrong with her for quite some time! Her one recent race at Monmouth she had speed figure of ZERO. This poor dear baby was “crying out”.

    • No amount of pain and suffering would ever garner one ounce of compassion from Python Pat.
      She just continued to abuse her until she either drops dead or gets claimed.
      Python Pat (Patricia Farro) has been doing this for years.
      A true parasite who lives off of her voiceless victims until they can’t give anymore and then she jumps onto her next victim by claiming them.
      Killing racehorse after racehorse with HBPA affiliations and absolutely zippo accountability or repercussions when in the real world this lady would be in jail on Felony Animal Cruelty charges.
      K.E. was crying out, but that’s never enough for this parasite.

  5. I remember reading an article from the ESPN magazine years ago that showed the realities of racing in PR. This article was prior to this little island being ravaged by numerous catastrophic hurricanes recently.
    I still remember the author saying horses would be lead straight out of their stalls to behind the barn, where they would be euthanized. Some owners did it because they knew finding a home for a horse off the track would be next to impossible, others did it out of spite because the horse ran badly. But essentially it was assembly line euthanization.
    Then there’s the travel to PR in cargo ships, from the US, where many horses suffer and even die during the journey.
    There is a rescue for OTTBs based in PR, but she sends the horses back the US, and that requires a lot of funding. Of course, the racing community’s support is very minimal in the massive amounts of money required to support these horses with limited resources and the travel back to the mainland.
    Racing in PR is it’s own special kind of hell for the horses.

  6. First, there was Eighty Eight 14 years old, 156 races. Then, the un-retired Tobias , 11 years old and now Pickett’s Charge, 12 years old and 137 races. Canada, US/Puerto Rico the cruelty, abuse, monstrosities know(s)no bounds and has/have no borders! Disgusting “human” beings.

  7. A regular on the Paulick Report, Ida Lee, who said she is from Puerto Rico reported horses that were finished racing had their throats cut and bled out. She said she would never forget the scene if she lived to be 100. She also said things had gotten a bit better since then, because of animal activists.
    But horses sold to owners in PR are still being shipped from Florida in “modified” containers via freight lines without room to turn around during the 4 day sea voyage, just to save money. This is still going on despite the death of 8 horses by asphyxiation in one shipment last year.

    Actually, horses that die at the tracks early in their careers are spared future misery, suffering and abuse followed by the ultimate betrayal, a cruel death by slaughter.This is a business out of step with the most basic principles of human decency.

    • Agreed, Rose, that the many horses RACED TO DEATH are, in fact, the lucky ones. The racing press, track officials, The Jockey Club, et al. ought to finally start to come clean about the true, appalling frequency of fatal racing and training breakdowns. Then they’d be able to magnanimously point to the daily piles of dead horses and say, “See? We spared all these animals a future of suffering! We are the pillars of human kindness and decency!” But, of course, they won’t. As a group, they’re far too short-sighted and unethical to even begin to consider the magnitude of the suffering they cause each and every day, much less make any attempt to correct it.

      So, alas, the best we can hope for (for only a small percentage of U.S. racehorses) is that they’ll EUTHANIZE their “beloved family members” at the ripe old age of five or six years, when that poor horse’s racing days are over. Yes, that’s right; this is what it’s come down to. They literally have their own horse killed in order to avoid the social media scorn that comes from sending him/her through the lower claiming ranks, and then to the kill buyer. They know there is zero market for sales (and even rescues) of nearly all OTTBs. So they have the vet quietly dispose of him/her (well, we can only hope they use a professional’s services in this regard), then they’re free and clear to shop for their next champion prospect. And these are the KIND and conscientious people in horse racing. You don’t have to imagine how the vast majority (the unkind and uncaring) do it.
      By the way, Rose, I know you know all this with all your years of saving hundreds of these poor racehorses. I just find it an interesting topic that’s only whispered about in racing circles because it’s their only “solution” to their relatively recent horse disposal publicity problem. And, clearly, it ain’t a very palatable solution at all.

      • Kelly, you give too much credit. There are so many people that have done, and continue to do, much more for the horses. I could name several here but I do not have their permission.
        And, of course, Patrick’s devotion to keeping the abuse of the horses front and center while exposing racing for the hell it is for the these athletes is invaluable.
        As you know, Kelly, the plight of the horses is overwhelming and that suffering will continue as long as racing exists.

  8. This business is so vile, bad, and rotten that a horse being euthanized is better than their fate as a cripple for the rest of their lives or bleeding out on the slaughterhouse floor.
    I can’t believe that I’m actually saying this, but that’s how horrific this business is.
    It’s nothing but a horror show and hell hole for racehorses and taxpayers are forced to support it because our politicians continue to give them handouts and/or casino profits.
    A civilized society with no horse racing is a goal that we should all be working towards.
    More jobs would be supported with other humane industries or developments in their place.
    So their ace card of “jobs” is nothing more than deception like this entire business is full of it.

    • Bravo Gina, you said it! The ruse of ‘jobs’ has Always been just that. We can do better and we must do better BECAUSE it’s an ETHICS issue. I’ll fight for these horses til my dying day…if that’s what it takes. I’m NOT a quitter!

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