Filly Killed at Finger Lakes

The outcome for the 4-year-old filly Miss Jill in the 4th race at Finger Lakes yesterday: “fx to right front limb while racing necessitating euthanasia.” This poor girl had been raced three other times prior to dying, all under the loving care of trainer/owner Lolita Shivmangal: 8th, 7th, 9th – a combined 50.5 lengths back.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Pathetic chart comment in equibase: “sluggish start then fell”. Sluggish start?? Probably more like a horse who knew she was in pain and tried to save herself. I’ve heard pro racers comment that they “listen to the horses”. They failed this horse, and here’s the result of her “sluggishness”

  2. The killing never stops in the racing industry. Rest in peace MISS JILL.

  3. Every single death, every single time – blames the racehorse as stated in their comments such as “took a bad step,” (yes folks with my bones shattering it’s kind of hard to take a correct step.), “faded while being urged,” (right folks it’s kind of hard to run when I feel my leg snapping-off), “sluggish start,” (indeed I’m sluggish since I’ve been forced to train and race while I’m crippled). etc etc.
    MISS JILL – sorry for you.
    This business is so vile a special word needs to be invented in the English Dictionary to more accurately reflect it’s diabolical blood bath.

  4. So sorry, Miss Jill.
    But in this cruel business it is just a case of one more dead horse to be disposed of in the landfill or the rendering plant. No respect for the horse in life or in death…
    These horses are condemned to a life of abuse and an early death from the day they are foaled.
    This is sooo primitive!

  5. I believe,if you’re training horses you own outright and are the sole owner,the racing commission “Does not require you to know what you’re doing with the horse” they don’t give two craps. These owner/trainers are not required to take a trainers Examination. Hence no oversight on the level of knowledge required by these owner/trainers. I bet you guys on Horseracing Wrongs,never thought about this travesty.Just another “we don’t give two craps what happens to these majestic specimens, that this horse industry claims to treat like their own family.By the way Lolita Shivmagal and her father Doodnauth Shivamangal are not two back water Gypsy trainers that just meandered onto the “BACKSTRETCH” of FINGER LAKES RACETRACK. Not only have these two probably never passed a trainers EXAM. These two probably “ NEVER”…..”TOOK A TRAINERS EXAM”! And a side note is….. Either one or both of them has trained horses owned by owners other then themselves,in the past 30 years.Is everyone sitting down,the Shivmangals are “CREDENTIALED” to stable at one of the most elite racetracks in the world.I’ll give you a hint “ The Third Leg of the Triple Crown is Run There, “THE BELMONT STAKES” yes it’s true. Credentialed to be stabled on the “GROUNDS” of The New York Racing Association. At BELMONT RACETRACK.How does this happen? In my opinion not without “FAVOR or GRATITUDE” who is allowing this,who is looking the other way? This is not their first Rodeo and NYRA knows that. Including former NYRA steward BRAULIO BEAZA JUNIOR,who now knows this violation as a N.Y. STATE STEWARD. You can add NYRA Security wannabe Juan Dominguez,knowledge of this violation and his knowledge of other violations. But they do nothing.They are not doing their jobs and need to be replaced. All of this incompetence leads to a myriad of all what’s wrong with this filthy business.

    • Why does the racing commission allow certain trainers to give a lesser quality of care.Im assuming that trainers that are not officially tested and vetted by a racing commission can lead to problems,regarding horse care.Should this not be one of many responsibilities of a racing commission (New York State Racing And Gaming Comm.) It’s behavior like this,that “exacerbate” incompetent actions amongst race officials and can easily morph into race officials corruption.Incompetent trainers exist with the help of corrupt race officials. There is without a doubt a reason for the race officials allowing this despicable rule to exist,it makes no sense to allow incompetent horsemen to train horses ( so long as they own them).What kind of regard is that to the horses welfare.They just don’t care for the safety of the horse.IMO,So long as the incompetent trainers provide (“GRATITUDE IN THE WAY OF CASH OR OTHER GIFTS”) to race officials.Therefore disregarding the horses welfare in return for favors (their own greed in the form of financial rewards) It’s SICKENING,it’s WRONG,it’s ILLEGAL, it’s HORSERACING!

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