22nd Kill at Golden Gate

In the 3rd at Golden Gate yesterday, Cool Hunter was a “went wrong, vanned off.” “Went wrong,” as my regular readers well know, is almost always code for dead. And indeed he is, as confirmed today by the CHRB. He was seven years old; ’twas his 40th time under the whip. This is horseracing.

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  1. The euphemisms in this industry are just too much. “Went wrong,” sounds like it was the horse’s decision.

  2. This is one of millions of reasons why horse racing must be terminated from all government subsidies in all states. May this horse be remembered. COOL HUNTER, seven years old, injured and killed by an industry populated by human beings that are in it for the money, the abuse, the addiction, the twisted sense of fame. It’s shameful.

  3. What? You mean they admitted that Cool Hunter is dead? Well, that was stupid.
    The Stronachs really ought to learn that ALL their horse kills need to be covered up, hidden far away, and never publicly spoken of, ever, just like they now do for their bestest most-favorite Death Track, Santa Anita. Last year’s world-renowned Santa Anita Disaster Death and Destruction Spike has been completely obliterated by a wildly effective new Horse Safety System that they apparently didn’t put into effect until midnight on June 21, 2020. NOT A SINGLE REPORTED HORSE DEATH SINCE THEN. Not even one.
    Gosh, with that kind of sudden super-safe safety record, you’d think they’d implement the same at Golden Gate, no? Oh well. Cool Hunter was just old and expendable to the Stronachs and everyone else in racing. Next!

  4. Perhaps the owners, trainers etc shall know what it’s like to give your heart and try to please without love. Maybe, I wouldn’t wish this on decent humans but cage them up like the poor children at the border. What has society come to? I show horses, there loved and don’t breakdown. If they have troubles physically, they are retired and treasured with compassion and endless love till its there time to run free at the rainbow bridge in heaven. Mortality will come one Day, karma train!!!!! Is the all mighty dollar worth your soul? Perhaps, when you look in the mirror your answers will definitely be known.

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