Jockey Hector Caballero Gets Wrist Tapped for Blatant Horse Abuse

In the 10th race at Parx July 27, jockey Hector Caballero raised his right arm high and proceeded to give his mount, Belongs to Babe, a loud crack (with his whip) on the neck – after the finish. (I reported on it at the time but unfortunately the short video documenting the abuse was subsequently deleted from Twitter.) We now learn that the Pennsylvania Horse Racing Commission held a hearing on July 30 and rendered the following verdict: a 10-day suspension (which he is currently serving). 10 days – for public, blatant animal abuse. And that, folks, is horseracing.

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  1. I hadn’t paid attention to the twitter name. I thought it was for someone who was at HW. I would’ve downloaded the video if I had paid more attention to the user name. Now the video is gone. 😩

  2. Wishful thinking..too bad the horses don’t follow John Henry and my beloved Seattle Slew behavior of turning around and take a mouthful of someone’s boot. But I guess that wouldn’t end well for the horse would it??

  3. That scrawny, insecure little bastard of a man could only pump his sorry ass up by abusing the horse who knows nothing more than what it has been shown in its short life. Sport of fucn Kings – yeah right 😡😡😡

  4. If this ten-day suspension for using the whip on a horse that just won a race is like other suspensions, the jockey will still be able to ride during the “ten-day suspension” which shows that it is nothing more than a “formality” and basically means nothing. The jockey will still be able to whip, and get paid to whip, horses as he rides them during races. It’s all abuse anyway but to punish a horse for winning is stupid besides abusive. All of horseracing is abusive from its core.

  5. Suspension, that’s just a slap on the hand! Maybe he shouldn’t be able to ride for a year or two, which would really hurt his pocket book, what else could he do? Now, that would be the best punishment for every jockey that abuses the horse he is riding!

  6. Well, it’s too bad the Travers Stakes is over, because Saratoga decided to return to its killing ways immediately after. They’re in good company though; EVERY major track today hosted at least one breakdown/van-off/fall/confirmed euthanasia. Two jockeys have so far been hospitalized, too, so it’s fitting that Mr. Caballero is getting his “punishment” out of the way.
    Hurry it up, Hector. You’re NEEDED out there to fill in for all the other little whip-happy tyrants who aren’t currently able to beat the shit out of under-aged, drugged-up, breaking-down, uber-fragile, slaughter-bound animals. Hell, at the rate you and your cohorts are whipping them into the ground, there won’t be many living racehorses for you to “ride” when you return next week.

  7. That jockey should be charged with animal cruelty. But of course that wont happen because racing is autonomous. We see the result of this autonomy daily – the cruelty, the drugs, the criminality and of course the deaths, all with impunity.
    Caballero was angry because he lost the race by a neck. He took his anger out on the horse after the finish. According to the footnotes, he got the horse stuck in traffic and in the stretch she drifted out…
    The winner, Solid Gold Dancer, was disqualified because she “drifted out badly under left handed pressure” interfering with another horse.
    How these “officials” can casually write these notes is testament to horse abuse as integral to the industry.
    And this is just what we see…

  8. They just continue and continue to ABUSE, to DISRESPECT — SHAME on all who participate in this horrible industry — it is filled with cruelty, hatred, unconscionable neglect — SHUT IT DOWN — SHUT DOWN HORSERACING — FOREVER — it is high time to transfer HORSES to Sanctuaries for TLC and maybe even a career-change.

  9. A 10 day suspension – gee that is really going to be a problem for this f*cker – NOT. Why the hell isn’t his sorry ass kicked off the f*cking circuit and just get rid of this piece of shit. Yeah – you are a real man alright – just abuse the horse to show us how great you are – FUCK OFF loser – too bad you hadn’t got dumped off and killed off at the same time. What a piece of crap.

  10. This is disgusting ! You do not have to beat a horse to get it to run it’s best for you. These sick abuser need to GO!

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