Jockey (Loudly) Smacks Horse After the Wire

The 10th at Parx Monday, after the wire. Listen to the blow 4-year-old Belongs to Babe absorbed:

The abuser atop: Hector Caballero. By the way, because of a disqualification, Belongs to Babe actually “won” this race, earning $24,000 for her people, including Caballero.

Horseracing, a “sport” like any other, right?

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  1. Any other business or person in this country who beat/whipped/smacked a horse or any animal would be charged under our Felony Animal Cruelty laws.
    Horse racing is an uncivilized and brutal business that has no place in the 21st century.
    BELONGS TO BABE if she only had the ability to take that whip out of your hand and give you a good beating than it would be fair.
    However, you jockeys are brutal cowards because you know that your victims are voiceless and defenseless.
    This vile business needs to be shut down like tomorrow is not soon enough.

    • I agree. They are brutally whipped and treated horrible. We have came together to make animal abuse a felony yet this keeps being allowed. So many horses have died. They run in hot horrible conditions. I cannot believe there has not been any kind of charges to all parties. Including jockeys, owners and the race tracks.. We are the only voice they have. I’ve never picketed before but I would be willing to. Im jn California. The track out here us the Santa Anita Park. I am sure there are others? We need to get together and get as many people as we can. It is free speech

  2. To bad the horses don’t turn around and take a chunk out of their whatever. That guy just jumps off and goes about his lousy business.

  3. WTF, that BLOW was after the wire!!!!! Horses just can’t catch a break. The humans involved in this NON sport….are just stone cold losers.

    • I agree. So many have died. So many are euthenized. Then treated like crap because of money hungry trash. We try to end backyard breeding, declawing and animal abuse yet horseracing is glorified. It is such an extreme case of abuse. I honestly can’t believe after so many deaths that it is allowed. The owners don’t love the horses.

  4. Lousy small pos. Horseracing should be illegal. This has gotten so disgusting how the horses are treated..How they are dying all because of once again, money hungry scumbags. I’d like to smack the sh!t out of that little wanna be man. You.patheruc puke

  5. I almost felt that unnecessary, disgusting smack! This homunculus with the whip is a BRUTE and a SCUMBAG! It continues to be unfathomable to me HOW these Filthy weasels are getting away with this abuse. And his last name Caballero translates to “gentleman” talk about unfitting. … there is not even a graviton of gentle OR man in you! You disgusting PRICK!

  6. They act like they couldn’t care less about the horse as long as the horse is a gambling chip, can run in a race, somebody can bet on the horse, somebody is attracted to going to Parx Racing and Casino by the horses for the wagering and so forth. One review of Parx Racing and Casino on Maps said it is like a morgue when there is no horse racing. The “whoever” responded to that comment. It gave me the impression that horseracing at Parx will be continued as long as the low-life people in racing and pari-mutuel wagering can get away with the abuse of horses for their sick, perverted enjoyment. End the abuse.

  7. When the horse is walking away sweating can anyone else notice the red mark on his right side near his tail? Or is it just a shadow?

    • Nancy, I looked for a mark but I can’t see one. That does not mean it didn’t hurt the horse by any means.

      • Thanks Wanda. I can’t enlarge the picture and its hard to tell if it’s an injury or just a shadow. Can not tell you enough how much your input means to me.

  8. I am thinking of what has been said in the past about any type of “the corrupt people in horseracing appearing to police the corruption in horseracing” and I think if the stewards and/or racing commissioners are “looking into it” about the jockey whipping the horse at the finish line, it would be for public appearances only and that nothing significant will change. Wrong and sad but this is organized abuse of horses for wagering profits, etc cetera.

  9. It’s always intriguing to read the opinions of those who support horse racing when something like this happens. They pretend to be shocked and outraged when someone behaves exactly as expected, given the very nature of his/her job. Mr. Caballero is, quite literally, paid to whip horses. That he should do so a millisecond outside their acceptable parameters — before the gate opens, after the wire, during an actual breakdown — is neither shocking nor outrageous IF you’ve already bought into the obscene notion that a WHIP is a jockey’s SAFETY TOOL. Once you’ve made that absurd moral leap, why get indignant about the timing of the beatings?

    • Indeed Kelly.
      Let’s not forget the owners and trainers many of whom I heard give explicit instructions to their hired jockey to whip their “beloved” family member as much as they need to bring in a check.
      I heard it in the stable area and I heard it in the paddock area just before they went into the Post Parade.
      I’ve even taken complaints from gamblers that the jockey didn’t whip the horse enough to ensure that bets were not paid off.
      Oh yea – it goes on and on because this is a vile business and the poor racehorses are the victims.
      From the connections of said racehorse to the racing commissions with slap on the wrist punishments including miniscule fines it’s all condoned.
      Like I’ve often said abusers or enablers of the abuse are the only parasites in horse racing.

  10. Just another cruel jockey – he deserves the same god damn treatment – these bastards are far too cruel to these horses. Shame on you – no horse deserves this. Figure out what your god damn job is in that saddle because apparently you don’t seem to get it!!!!

  11. You know Wanda, I guess how I was raised, my grandparents had a little farm in the country with a variety of animals, I would spend summers with them, I developed a deep love of animals, so I don’t understand how anyone could be mean to innocent creatures.

    • That’s awesome, Bonnie. I think many of the people in horseracing were born into it and don’t know and/or don’t care that horseracing is inhumane and that the inhumane treatment of horses is wrong. I read about some young people who became jockeys that were raised around the horses and the racetrack. I read about a few being killed from injuries sustained during a race. Doing a search online, there are several different ones who were born into a racing family. John Radosevich, was pronounced dead at a hospital after being thrown from NYOKA in the 3rd race at Beulah Park in Grove City, Ohio in November of 2005. The horse, NYOKA, suffered a fractured leg and was euthanized. Radosevich was a 16-year-old apprentice jockey, a sophomore in high school, and had recorded 14 wins. The remaining 10 races were cancelled.

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