Randi Persaud Beating Another Horse Into the Ground

Born in March 2015, Reyana Reya Dreams was first put to the whip at Belmont in July 2017, at the age of two. Since, she has been raced 44 more times, most recently at Penn National last week. Nothing unusual thus far. But here’s the thing: 45 races in and Reyana Reya Dreams is still being raced at the “maiden claiming” level, meaning not only is she in a perpetual state of “For Sale,” but over those 45 races she has never finished first. In fact, she has brought up the rear 10 times and, get this, has averaged finishing almost 20 lengths back. And all the while, enduring it at the cheapest of tracks (Penn, Finger Lakes, Charles Town). As if not enough, her race last week came a mere nine days after the previous one.

Reyana Reya Dreams has been tethered to one man throughout: Randi Persaud, trainer for the first 27 races, owner over the past 18 (current trainer is Joey Martinez). This miscreant masquerading as a “horseman” is no stranger to abuse, having been suspended by the NYS Gaming Commission back in 2018 for “being caught with injectable drugs.” And, this is not the first time Persaud has surfaced on our site: Girlie’s Dream, Hear Me Purr, Channel of Love, Jesses Giant Dunk. Truth is, though, Persaud is no different than the average racer – hellbent on squeezing every last drop out of their assets. And if the Reyanas of the world should die in the process, so be it; there’s plenty more waiting in the wings.


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  2. I can’t agree here. Randi Persaud does run horses that come in far back many times. The way I see it, he takes horses that others have dumped and keeps them and works with them. I don’t believe he is mean to them. He is usually running well bred mares that no longer have an interest in running. He keeps them a long time which most of those cheap claiming race trainers don’t. He never has late vet scratches at the gate. That could be because the horses are too slow to get hurt. If anybody should be pinned on this site it is Rudy Rodriguez. Mr. Horse crippler and ruiner.

    • Randi Persaud is a parasite like they all are so don’t sugar coat it.
      What he has done to Reyana Reya Dreams should be a crime and he’s hosted off many other victims.
      The fact that he keeps them “longer” as you stated only means that they get abused longer.
      Parasite Persaud isn’t the only one to blame, but this entire business is widespread, systemic racehorse abuse, cruelty and killing no matter who the trainer is.
      The entire system is set-up to fail the racehorse every step of the way and to condone the abuse.
      As I often stated on this site there are only 3 categories of parasites in horse racing: 1. Abusers, 2. Enablers of the abuse. 3. Both.
      Randi falls into category 3, but most of them do anyways.

    • “He is usually running well bred mares that no longer have an interest in running”. What???
      Why is it a good thing to run a horse with no interest in running?
      And he keeps then longer? Ya obviously, but why??
      And clearly – at 0-45, this poor mare is no Zenyatta. Maybe try another career?
      So we should be grateful he continues to abuse this horse?
      I don’t get your logic.

    • Persaud KEEPS them, marymbaggaley? – he last raced Girlie’s Dream mid-August at Penn National…she was found in a kill pen in November.

    • I think you sound like most people who believe there are good people in racing. I have been told by these types, “we love our horses.” When I ask them if they are committed to keeping their horse past racing…the best response I got was “That is what rescues are for.” WHAT!!!??? This is a sick sport.

      And remember, even Jeffrey Dahmer had friends.

      • Kathleen, Thank you!!!!!! We never hear from the pro-racing people REAL plans to ensure the LIVES have a home and CARE for the rest of their lives. Majestic horses are living breathing sensitive LIVES,just like humans….except most humans are not as good as them,also, most humans are not sensitive, like animals are. It’s sick they have that attitude…just pass it off on the rescuers. Just another example of how evil,evil,evil they are. PATHETIC…..

  3. Marybaggaley, I do agree, Rudy Rodriguez is an abusive trainer. Years ago he was the “go to trainer” for owner Michael Dubb who progressed from exclusively claiming horses, to the level of the “big boys”, thanks to the “talented” Rudy!!! By the way, Currently, Dubb owns around 80 horses and is a member of the NYRA’s Board of Directors!!! Talk about conflict of interest….
    But back to the subject, I would like to know what Persaud does with these horses after “he keeps them for a long time” forcing them to run when they “no longer have an interest in running”. Actually, it might be they can’t run rather than a lack of interest! Could that be the case? Do you know what happens to these reluctant athletes once he “retires” them?

  4. From an article titled “NYRA’s Deadliest Trainers” in the Horse Race Insider (July 30, 2019), this;

    “A five-year HorseRaceInsider study, from July 28, 2014 through July 27, 2019, focuses on NYRA’s deadliest trainers. Some with the higher numbers were expected empirically, others were surprising.

    “Tied in a triple dead-heat for 10th with six mortalities each are, Danny Gargan; former jockey turned trainer Randi Persaud, and the recently retired David Jacobson.”

  5. This creep, Randi Persaud, looks EVIL in his photo. No wonder because he is EVIL, OBVIOUSLY!!!! He reminds me of the slime-bags posting and laughing on social media (that was shared by Joy Aten) about shocking horses with their “racing industry insider” tools, called “machine” or “buzzer” or whatever name. It is all EVIL, and as long as these EVIL people continue inflicting abuse on horses without remorse, it is unforgivable!!!!!
    Either you are FOR horseracing and abusing horses in the process, OR, you are AGAINST horseracing and abusing horses in the process. There is no in-between. Horseracing is synonymous with HORSE ABUSE. If you can’t comprehend that, you must be in some weird delusional state of mind.

  6. “Actually, it might be they can’t run rather than a lack of interest!”
    Please fess up to that was a joke.

    And when retired. You were forced under the cane for 95 years. Now you retire. Does anybody, perhaps except family and close friends, give a care what happens to you? Imagine a horse.

    • That’s exactly why I always say…if horses could talk, they’d probably say…if I knew my life would be THIS hell,I wish I had not been born.

  7. I feel so bad for the horses. This disgusting POS needs to find work outside of racing !

    • No,feel bad for Persaud,he can’t leave racing,it’s the only culture that would reward a dispicable the likes of him,for doing whatever it is he does. Training ? I don’t think so. It’s kind of ironic that he and Rudy Rodriguez were probably the two worst jocks to ever sit a top of a racehorse.For all the years they rode at NYRA I’m sure they each made dispicable contacts along the way. Most would fall into the category as NYRA would state “people who are not beneficial to the reputation of racing at NYRA” that’s the most ridiculous statement I’ve heard. When Persaud began training horses,he would win his share of races,then all of sudden he lost his ability to train a racehorse.You might ask how does he survive and many other dispicables who call themselves trainers but don’t win races. My guess,it would not surprise me if it involves illegal activity.I think it would “behoove” the average racegoer or anyone who has any outside connection to racing how many convicted felons are licensed by N.Y. Gaming Commission and are allowed to be credentialed to be on the grounds at NYRA racetracks. If Randi Persaud does hold onto these horses,no matter how lame and crippled they may be,so long as he enters them to race,he will keep his stalls.So long as he helps fill race cards,do you really think that NYRA or the New York Gaming Commission care if his horses do not run well enough to compete successfully. He and NYRA feed off each other.Mean while the betting public are betting on horses of Persaud that are non-competitive and are burning their money. If Persaud was not allowed to train horses,what other occupation would he be doing. A)washing dishes in an Indian restaurant in South Ozone Park. B) Working in the Fountain Ave landfill separating the ass wipes from the regular garbage. C) Open a Curry in a Hurry Hut franchise on the Belt Pkwy, between JFK airport and The Casino and Aqueduct racetrack. D) Open a racing venue with a new concept, training elephants for racing,this would be right in his wheelhouse, training slow animals.

      • Obviously the NYRA is complicit. Racing is corrupt at every level – the character of, the reputation of and even felonies committed by trainers, et al, are consistently ignored by those “in-charge”. This orientation is finally being exposed and it is a matter of time before the systemic corruption takes its toll – after all how can the corrupt police corruption!?

  8. Started looking into the horses of Persaud’s that Patrick has previously written about here…

    Girlie’s Dream; after Patrick’s post about her on January 4, 2019, she was raced another 12 times. Her last race was MID-AUGUST at PENN NATIONAL for RANDI PERSAUD (O) and Joey Martinez (T) —she was FOUND IN A KILL PEN IN NOVEMBER.

  9. Persaud is a killer like the rest but he is a small guy in an animal cruelty ring. Look at Baffert. He is making big money on ‘training’ horses and running them to the ground. Although he does have winners, these are just horses that were tough enough to make it through the treatment these horses receive, getting drugs along the way. Think about it, If he is such a great trainer, getting the best of the best in breeding, and many, many more horses than the likes of Persaud and other peewee trainers, you would think there would be more great horses. Look at the fraction of horses that actually ‘make it’ and when I say that, I mean somehow tolerate the intolerable and win some races. Trainers are making their day money and lying through their teeth to owners who are wiling to put a beautiful animal in a box in hopes for a win, so they have bragging rights. So they listen to anything the trainer says, complicit. It is all a scam at the cost of the horses that you know will end up mistreated, euthanized, at a rescue or a kill pen. This must stop!

    I am encouraged and hopeful hearing the many people on this forum speaking up. Bravo people and horseracing wrongs! Keep up the good fight!

    • Kathleen, thank you for your comments. I agree, except that I do believe all owners of race horses are just as guilty of all of the abuse and torture inflicted on their horses and pleading ignorance DOES NOT FLY! It’s the owners’ money that “pays the bills” and when they cannot exploit their horses any longer, the owner dumps the horse/s in whatever way seems appropriate to them with their moral compasses being completely broken. To dump horses into more abuse, more neglect or kill them for the insurance money, if they think they can pull that off, or sell them to killbuyers for the purpose of slaughter, or euthanasia on the racetrack or racetrack grounds. The horses are objects to the owners as well as anyone else that participates in racing. Horses deserve better than the abusive practices involved in racing. Owners have to be selfish, egotistical individuals to send their horses to a trainer that has “a winning reputation” or to race in any capacity at any track. If owners can sit in the grandstands and watch their horse(s) struggling and being whipped and all the rest, they are not innocent. The owners are not innocent even if they don’t watch their horse(s) being whipped. It is no secret that racing is so abusive on so many levels. How many owners do not place bets on their horses in any given race???

      • 100% agree. I was trying to make the point that the trainers keep injured horses that they know will never race or even be viable (after they are done with them), by telling the owners that they need more time, just to keep their stables full. The owners are just as bad but it is a symbiotic relationship between owners and trainers for it to work for sure.
        I should also want to add that the horses suffer abuse long before they make it to training at a track, and are also broken down at farms by inept trainers, terrible riders and handlers who lack patience and care for the horses. Tendon are bowed long before they reach the track, if they make it that far. I mention this part because it is cruel from beginning to end. It is ALL ABOUT MONEY.

      • Okay, Kathleen, I get what you’re saying about the deviant practice of prolonging a horse’s suffering (whether the owner/s is/are aware of it or not) just to keep a stall at the racetrack. Thanks for clarifying that point. It’s all abuse, but that is so horrible.

    • Billy, thank you for the follow up on the mare, Reyana Rya Dreams. Just like so many other horses in this business of “legalized” animal cruelty and brutality, her “fate” is in the hands of her abuser. I do not see a green pasture for her just as she is reaching maturity.
      We know the suffering of this mare is not over. We also know nobody in racing will step up for her.

      The reason for these scratches should always be disclosed. But as we well know, transparency is not the hallmark of this sleazy business and the victimizers who make their living by it.

  10. REYANA REYA DREAMS has been living in a horse’s nightmare all of her life. I hope she doesn’t have to die the way the majority of racehorses have to die, which is injured on or near the racetrack and euthanized, or sold into the slaughter pipeline and killed that way. I hope someone could rescue her and I wish it could be me, but I don’t have the wherewithal to do that. I can only hope someone else does, for the sake of the mare.

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