Dead Horse Racing? – The Abuse and Suffering of Girlie’s Dream

Girlie’s Dream’s first time under the whip came as a 2-year-old on November 3, 2017. The result: second-to-last, 21 lengths back. From there, more of the same:

Nov 24 – second-to-last, 31 back
Dec 9 – last, 17+ back
Jan 12 (2018) – last, 25 back
Jan 27 – second-to-last, 27+ back
Feb 1 – second-to-last, 19 back
Feb 23 – last, 49+ back
Mar 25 – second-to-last, 30+ back
Nov 15 (after an almost eight-month hiatus) – last, 28+ back
Dec 20 – last, 39+ back
Jan 3 (yesterday) – second-to-last, 14+ back

To make matters worse, Girlie’s Dream is being run exclusively in “claiming” races, meaning she has been “For Sale” each and every time out. (Not surprisingly, her “tag” has plummeted from $50,000 in start one to $5,000 yesterday.)

The immediate and obvious villain here is Randi Persaud, GD’s owner throughout and trainer for her first nine races (Aqueduct) (and someone who should be on all tracks’ radar). But there are plenty of other indictments to be had: Joey Martinez, trainer for the most recent two (Penn); officials/stewards at Aqueduct and Penn; GD’s private vet (whoever that may be); NYRA and Pennsylvania regulatory vets; commission officials, etc. But let’s not ignore the elephant in the room – the “horseplayers,” for without bets there would be no races. So, when Girlie’s Dream breaks down or simply turns up missing (use your imaginations), take a good, long look in the mirror.


  1. It’s so disturbing to see how Girlie’s Dream is being abused by these blood sucking human parasites.
    They just keep on sucking, all of them, until there is no more blood to give.
    The entire time GD is being run into the ground there are the horseplayers watching, supporting, and endorsing this.
    Without them there would be none of this and the politicians would have no more excuses to keep this death circus going.
    There are so many moments of negative memories that I have, but one that stands out happened at Woodbine Race 8 on August 17, 2001.
    I was running my horse, Get Down Wolfie, and they made a huge spectacle out of the favorite in the race.
    His name was Theatromania.
    I can still see his beautiful chestnut coat and flaxen mane/tail glowing in the outside saddling paddock.
    Of course I had my eyes on him because he was slated to win the race, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
    As I looked closer I realized that something was wrong with him.
    He didn’t want to be saddled and when they finished saddling him he was obviously limping to me.
    Now I know it’s easy to say that in retrospect, but I said to my groom “we don’t have to worry about beating that horse because something is wrong with him.”
    By the time he got out to the post parade he was sweating profusely, and I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t scratched, but I now know that the favorite rarely gets scratched.
    Well because lots of money gets wagered on a favorite, in the thousands, and in order for them to get their wagering money the horse must leave the gate.
    Unfortunately, I was right, something was wrong with him because Theatromania broke down on the far side at the 1/2 mile pole, vanned-off and I think (but can’t confirm) that he was later euthanized..
    I saw and heard some horseplayers on the rail complain that the horse had broken down and possibly died before the wire because they couldn’t cash in on their bets.
    I was so upset at their comments because all they cared about was their stupid bets, and it seems that all Woodbine and/or the wagering recipients (mostly HBPA) cared about was their stupid money generated by the stupid bets.
    You think I would have quit right then and there?
    I suppose there are some things in life that we just can’t go back and change.

    • How true Gina we should have left the business earlier too, after seeing a farm manager use his own truck and the farms old 1/2 worn out trailer to haul 2 perfectly good, old, but able to be ridden horses to auction to were sure was slaughter in 1989. Those 2 horses had earned $123,531 in late 1970`s and early 1980. We could tell you their names but we don`t want the young man who is now working in the oil fields of North Dakota to be shattered knowing his uncle sent his horses to their deaths.The very young boy at the time thought they had died on his uncles farm in 1999 at the ages of 35.Those two horses deserved to be taken care of for the rest of their lives by that now hardworking young man once he had the means which now he does.His very selfish uncle sold everything including the farm for dismantlement and the horses for slaughter were sure in 2010.

  2. Such horrible things happen behind the scenes of horse racing, money is the root of all evil. When a horse stops winning they are thrown away like garbage. It wouldn’t be that hard to surrender them to a sanctuary so they could live out their lives with care and love!

  3. Girlie’s Dream; after this post about her on January 4, 2019, she was raced another 12 times. Her last race was MID-AUGUST at PENN NATIONAL for RANDI PERSAUD (O) and Joey Martinez (T) —she was FOUND IN A KILL PEN IN NOVEMBER.

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