3-Year-Old Killed at Finger Lakes This Morning

The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed the following from this morning at Finger Lakes: “Kelly’s Secret, fracture to LF sesamoid during training – euthanized.” She was but three years old and being prepped for her first race.

This, as ever, is horseracing.

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  1. For Willow, for all the racehorses who have died for this vile industry please, I beg you, to try to virtually attend the CHRB meeting this morning:
    The CHRB meeting at 9:30 a.m. PT today Friday, July 10 is by
    teleconference, and live audio will be available on the
    CHRB website.
    Go to the CHRB website and click on the Meeting tab to join.
    If you have issues contact the CHRB and tell them that you would like to comment.
    I hope that Kelly and her brigade will be there to defend the racehorses.
    They need our voices now more than ever.
    There’s no doubt in my mind that the CHRB will severly restrict the comments by racehorse advocates since it will be much easier now without their physical presence.
    Mike Marten of the CHRB: “nothing is pre-determined” referring to Bill 469 which should have been invoked a long time ago, but never has.
    The emergency meeting has been called over the deaths at Los Alamitos, but they’ve been killing racehorses for years and nothing has ever been done about it.
    This CHRB meeting will probably be another spectacle of public wallpaer with nothing being done.
    The “reforms” the “safety measures” can no longer be used as an excuse and never should have been in the first place because the sad truth is that horse racing kills racehorses.
    That’s why they need to shut it down.

  2. Once again, an innocent, defenseless horse is killed, all for the sake of the fat-assed, money-grabbing profiteering ‘owners, trainers, jockeys and gamblers’ Shame on all of them, may they live to have nightmares for the rest of their miserable lives as Karma payback for ALL the horses that have been killed for the sake of the mighty dollar.

  3. I suppose the trainer and owner thought they were doing the horse a favor by waiting to race her as a 3 year old. Did they think she was “more physically mature?”
    Guess not. She broke down anyway.

    These people know a horse might not be
    Fully grown until age 5, with some horses not teaching physical maturity until 8. Yet they
    keep racing them far too early.

    It’s not about the horses at all. In fact, they do t even consider these animals. It’s all about money, and nothing more. How much do I have to spend for this horse. How long before it begins to earn its keep by winning. When it gets hurt, if treatment is too expensive, if the horse will not be able to race for months, it’s costing me money. The cost of an overdose of anasthetic is a lot less than feed and vet bills for a horse not earning its keep.

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