Texas, Colorado Welcome Back Animal Abuser With Open Arms

In 2015, jockey Roman Chapa began a five-year suspension for, the Thoroughbred Daily News (TDN) reports, “using an illegal electrical shocking device on a Thoroughbred at Sam Houston Race Park.” But that wasn’t the first time for Mr. Chapa, as the TDN explains:

“Chapa had twice been suspended in Texas (1993) and New Mexico (2007) for attempting to frighten a racehorse into running faster with an illicit object. In addition, the Houston Press reported that in 2001, Chapa was charged with one felony count of cruelty to animals when a Harris County sheriff’s deputy responded to a call about a man reportedly beating a Boxer dog with a leather strap. Chapa pled guilty to a lesser offense and served 10 days in jail, the Press wrote.”

And still more: In requesting a new license in Oklahoma, the Racing Commission, in its denial, noted 50 rulings against Chapa and said: “Roman Eric Chapa’s conduct throughout his career has been unsportsmanlike and detrimental to the best interest of horse racing, [including] three rulings for possessing or carrying devices, electrical or otherwise, that stimulate or increase the speed of a horse in a race.”

In addition, Chapa allegedly jockeyed at unsanctioned “bush” tracks during his suspension. For his part, Chapa says, “I love horses and horse racing. Horses are my life. My actions five years ago betrayed their beauty and grace as athletes. I am capable of doing better. I will do better. I’m doing better now. See you in the starting gate.” And indeed, we will – or actually already have. In February, the Texas Racing Commission reinstated the bad boy; an application is pending in New Mexico. And at Arapahoe Park, Colorado’s lone track, Mr. Chapa was aboard five different horses over the past two days. Welcome back, Roman.

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  1. He has plenty of company at every racetrack. I like to think that “he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword”. Laws have to be changed on animal cruelty. Then people like this can be prosecuted instead of suspended.

  2. Horseracing Welcomes Convicted Felon.
    Stop. The. Abuse.
    Stop. The. Brutality.
    Stop. The. Corporate Welfare.

    • A dirtbag that committed a felony crime against a Boxer dog pled guilty to a lesser charge. He is still a felon to me!!!!
      Bush tracks obviously are even worse than the recognized racetracks.

  3. Scum. If you can’t outwit a dog, or a child for that matter, you shouldn’t have one.

    • He was caught numerous times doing the unthinkable to horses and a dog. He should not only not be allowed near animals, he should be locked up behind bars and concrete 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until he dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He epitomizes sadistic abuse… So, why does any racetrack welcome the scumbag to ride and abuse horses????
      Obviously, horseracing cannot be reformed.

  4. Despicable industry welcomes back one of his excrements. Let’s pop the champagne too and celebrate , what the heck!!!
    Can we expect anything different from this morally depraved industry? Suppose not. But we should expect more from politicians, law enforcement agencies etc. who can put an end to the abuse and cruelty and lock up this sleaze bag. This guy is a frickin serial abuser and he will continue doing the only thing he knows; ABUSE, MAIM, HURT and KILL more horses, dogs and I am sure other living creatures as well. YET, the oh so loving industry is celebrating! Abhorrent to the core!

      • Unfortunately not, Bonnie. But, my heart still breaks for all the beautiful souls this piece of s**t will continue abusing and torturing. It’s not only sad but just plain WRONG and I am feeling so helpless.

  5. The fear in this racehorse’s eyes tell the story!!!! Mr Chapa, you are so full of anger, you lowlifes all will stand before God one day, KARMA…

  6. Chapa has crossed the line and once that happens there is no going back.
    The “welcome back” is enabling more animal abuse. These people know that and are just as guilty as the perpetrator. But isn’t racing about animal abuse, so he fits.

  7. Horse racing is widespread, legitimized racehorse cruelty.
    Chapa is just one apple in the entire basket of bad apples.
    There are only 3 types of people in horse racing: 1. abusers 2. enablers of the abuse 3. both.
    This business attracts criminals, abusers, dopers, cheaters and killers because they know that they will get away with it.
    Not only are their victims voiceless, but the entire system condones abusive behaviour.
    The fact that racehorses are not even given the most minimal protections under our Felony Animal Cruelty laws says it all.
    This business continues to deliberately ensure (Kentucky) that racehorses are categorized as livestock so that abusers can’t be convicted under our animal cruelty laws.
    These are not the actions of people who care despite their lip service and public wallpaper.
    These are the actions of people who want to use, abuse, exploit, dump and kill racehorses with total impunity.
    Every time you place a bet you are supporting this.

    • Gina, I just want to say that attorneys are among those criminals, abusers, dopers, cheaters and killers that know they will get away with it!!!! With this convicted low-life getting away with a felony crime against a Boxer dog, pleading to a lesser charge, it only stands to reason that a low-life attorney got him off and told him what to say to make it appear that he is “acceptable” to ride race horses with a license in the states of Texas, Colorado, and sooner or later New Mexico. The people he rides for are most likely attorneys who also own racehorses. I would not be surprised!

  8. Mr. Chapa should be thrown out of the horse racing business! He is a disgrace as a human being for doing ungodly things to horses!

    • Sharon, this is more evidence that provides proof that horseracing cannot be reformed. The whole industry is corrupt. Horseracing must be ended in order to put this corruption out of business. Thoroughbreds won’t be forced to suffer the daily grind of being abused in various ways if they are not being forced to race. #Endhorseracing

  9. “I’m capable of doing better. I will do better. I’m doing better now”
    This sounds all too familiar!!

    No Chapa, you will not do better. Your record is who you are.

  10. Hey, I still can’t get over the fact the California racing board got away with that Bob Baffert,Justify….CHEATING/DOPING scandal. Those scumbags need to be stripped of the Kentucky Derby,and all of it. That is THE biggest scandal in stupid ass horse racing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate all these horse ABUSERS.

  11. Once a horse torturer, always a horse torturer!

    It is the same argument when people say they drive differently when driving a company vehicle from when they drive their own vehicle.

  12. They should never welcome him back to racing! Anyone who would use at any time during their career a device that would scare or torture an animal should never be allowed near another animal!!!!

    This does not say much about people who are welcoming this person back!

    Stop him from being around any animal!

  13. This piece of excrement is one that stands out as far as the publicity he is getting here, but for everyone of the animal abusers we read about, there are many more just as bad as he is and getting away with it that are not being reported on and/or the attorneys and racing commissioners seem to make it “disappear” into “the woodwork” and the scandal with Bob Baffert doping JUSTIFY is one example of people in the racing industry getting away with so much corruption involving horses and abusing them to death. It’s a no brainer that racing a horse will eventually cause him or her to suffer injuries whether it’s a life threatening injury or not; the racing horse is doomed to suffer. This extremely abusive jockey is just one among many that the breeders, owners, trainers, racing commissioners and racetrack operators need to help them “win” races and attract people to wager on the horses to win, place or show. It is all morally depraved. Get an honest job. Do an honest day’s work. Stop abusing horses and stop getting paid to abuse animals. If that is what you have stooped to in order to “make a living” you have absolutely nothing to be proud of and everything to be ashamed of.
    To end horseracing is to end the daily abuse and suffering of horses used for racing. End the abuse. End racing.

  14. Gina, HOW the hell did Bob Baffert, that horse and the Ca. racing board get away with that whole scandal,it STILL bothers the shit out of me. That horse Justify, SHOULD’NT have been allowed to even compete!!!!!! It’s SICKENING how Bob,the connections,and California got away with ALL that!!!!!!!

    • Bonnie, I don’t exactly know all of the details, but it shows how much corruption there is in the business of racing horses. Somehow the people responsible for this mass corruption fixed it so that the trainer of the horse that came in second to JUSTIFY is not able to sue them to have JUSTIFY disqualified and give his horse the win.
      Another thing about Bob Baffert is that he was hired by the Prince to train the horses belonging to the Saudi Arabian Prince. That tells me that the Prince does not care about his horses at all. Obviously, the Prince only cares about his horses as objects to be exploited to win races and for the top Grade One winners to be exploited as breeding animals, especially the stallions. No time for treating horses with dignity and respect when there is huge amounts of money changing hands; literally billions of dollars involved.

  15. Lets hope everyone is watching this vile excuse for a ‘human being’ as, no, doubt, he will revert back to his cruel, brutal, sadistic ways as a ‘leopard NEVER changes its spots’…so watch this dirt-bag as he WILL abuse again. Why do they put ‘sportspeople’ animal abusers on pedestals as though they’re heroes (Michael Vick springs to mine) when they are NOTHING but glorified thugs.

  16. The scumbags in this gambling scam have NO feeling,compassion ,…or anything,they are evil ,evil humans. Listen to me you loser dirtbags…the ANIMALS are better than all of you scumbags put together. Can’t wait til you losers have to go out and get a real job….because it’s getting shut down.

  17. That is a tragedy waiting to happen! You will only realize your mistake when his methods cost the lives of more than horses!

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