Jorge Navarro Is an Obscenity

Back in January, X Y Jet, a million-dollar racehorse, was killed training in Florida. His trainer: Jorge Navarro. Yes, the same Jorge Navarro who was indicted by the U.S. Justice Department last week on multiple doping charges. So I thought a tidy juxtaposition was in order. Here is what Navarro said when announcing X Y’s death:

“With deep regret, I am sorry to notify you that X Y Jet died this morning as a result of a heart attack. X Y Jet was more than a horse on my trained list, it [not ‘he’] was the one that took us through a wonderful and exciting roller coaster of emotions. He always fought against adversity and despite the injuries that affected him during his career, he always brought out that kind of champion he was.

“Beyond the racetracks, XY Jet becomes [sic] part of my family, was like the older brother of my children and of course, that affection extended to all those who in one way or another related to this swift, mood [sic], but noble racehorse.

“Since his arrival at my stable, I immediately felt that connection with him, which remained until today and will surely remain with me until the day of my departure. I owe X Y Jet so much, that I’m sure there are no words that can specify my thanks to his nobility and class. I do not say goodbye to a horse, I say goodbye to a friend that I will carry forever in my heart. Keep running fast to your next destination X Y Jet.”

Now, from the indictment:

“[JORGE] NAVARRO and others administered several adulterated and misbranded PEDs to XY Jet prior to both the February 13 race in Florida and the March 30 race in Dubai. On or about February 9, 2019, NAVARRO and MARCOS ZULUETA had a telephone conversation in which they discussed NAVARRO’S need for a particular customized analgesic PED, referred to as a ‘blocker.’ NAVARRO specified that the PED was for administration to XY Jet, and ZULUETA agreed to supply that PED via an overnight shipment.

“NAVARRO further attempted to source additional PEDs for XY Jet…including additional doses of a ‘blocker’ PED. On February 10, NAVARRO wrote to OAKES: ‘Do u have any of that new block that dr makes [?],’ and in subsequent calls between NAVARRO and OAKES, OAKES agreed to procure and deliver the ‘blocker’ PED to NAVARRO in advance of XY Jet’s February 13 race.

“On or about February 11, NAVARRO complained to ZULUETA about XY Jet’s performance in a pre-competition run…. NAVARRO and OAKES discussed a plan to secretly introduce a bottle of the ‘blocker’ into the stable where XY Jet was being held prior to the February 13 race. OAKES confirmed that he would smuggle that PED into the racetrack and meet NAVARRO once inside.

“On or about February 13, the day of the Florida race, NAVARRO instructed OAKES to visit XY Jet to administer the PED, and to lie to racing officials if necessary to access the racehorse: ‘Drive through. If anything, if they stop you. You are an owner and you come to Navarro’s barn.’

“On or about March 22, while in the UAE with XY Jet, NAVARRO personally administered various adulterated and misbranded PEDs to XY Jet, including a substance NAVARRO referred to as ‘monkey.’ During an April 3 call between NAVARRO and MARCOS ZULUETA, the two discussed, among other things, NAVARRO’s administration of PEDs to XY Jet in the weeks leading up to, and on the day of, the race in Dubai, and NAVARRO explained: ‘I gave it to him through 50 injections. I gave it to him through the mouth.’

“Following XY Jet’s victory in Dubai, SETH FISHMAN [a veterinarian who was also indicted] congratulated NAVARRO on the win via text message, and NAVARRO replied, in part and among other things, ‘Thank u boss u are a big part of it.'”

To recap:

Navarro: “He always fought against adversity and despite the injuries that affected him during his career, he always brought out that kind of champion he was.”

FBI: “NAVARRO and OAKES discussed a plan to secretly introduce a bottle of the ‘blocker’ into the stable where XY Jet was being held prior to the February 13 race.”

Navarro: “Beyond the racetracks, XY Jet becomes [sic] part of my family, was like the older brother of my children.”

FBI: “NAVARRO instructed OAKES to visit XY Jet to administer the PED, and to lie to racing officials if necessary to access the racehorse.”

Navarro: “[I] immediately felt that connection with him, which remained until today and will surely remain with me until the day of my departure.”

FBI: “NAVARRO personally administered various adulterated and misbranded PEDs to XY Jet, including a substance NAVARRO referred to as ‘monkey.'”

Navarro: “I do not say goodbye to a horse, I say goodbye to a friend that I will carry forever in my heart. Keep running fast to your next destination X Y Jet.”

FBI: “‘I gave it to him through 50 injections. I gave it to him through the mouth.'”

It runs deeper than just the words he spewed and the acts he committed; Jorge Navarro himself – at his very core – is an obscenity.

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  1. Sociopath or evil? Either way, don’t let him near another animal ever again. Unfortunately, this kind of mental defect seems pervasive in horse racing. Shut it down! Please.

    • Mel – If We Can Catch Bob Baffert – Horse Racing Would Be History!
      Everyone Sees Bob Baffert As The King Of Horse Racing 2020!
      Bob Baffert Have The Top 3 Horses In The United States & They Are All Running In The
      2020 Kentucky Derby!

      1. Charlatan
      2. Nadal
      3. Authentic

  2. This “man” is a blight on society and a disgusting insult to those of us who truly love our horses and would never remotely consider anything that could harm them no matter the inducement. I believe there is a special place in Hell for people who abuse children and animals, and this guy deserves the lowest level. Fines and prison are too lenient for him and those like him.

    • Rebecca – Jorge Navarro Was Banned – Suspended From Racing At Laurel Park, But He Was Allowed
      To Race His Horses At Gulfstream Park? Both Racetracks Are Owned By Frank & Belinda Stronach –
      They Both Should Be Under Investigation Because The Did Nothing To Help XY Jet Before His Death
      At Their Racetrack!

  3. In the immortal words of a famous? actor, “I’ll be back!”

    And unfortunately friends he no doubt will be. He has connections in powerful places and his evil wicked acts will be forgotten by the equally evil people in the racing industry.

    It’s strange isn’t it, that ballet dancers and opera singers and kennel and stable girls, nursery staff and similar tend to be pretty and very amenable people. They are happy in their work, either performing in the arts or working with animals at the bottom of the pile, just happy to be with and close up to the animals they adore.
    But in reverse those who are in a part of an industry where they are solely in it to cream off everything they can get, look mean, unpleasant and plainly untrustworthy.

    There is an established theory on this I am sure but just can’t place it.

    • Ray – This Might Be A Good Time To Shut Down All Racetracks All Year Long – This Will Teach Everyone
      A Lesson That The Horses Are Not To Abused By No One In The United States! The 2020 Covid-19 Virus
      Should Help Us Shut Down Horse Racing 2020!

  4. It could be that he was raised in a different culture and the individuals that he worked around all had the same mind set. Also, he is not very smart and this article certainly highlights that. He may not even realize what he has done wrong. Its a shame but there are so many more people just like him training horses at all the racetracks. You can’t make money training horses so you don’t get the cream of the crop doing it. And this is why cheating is so pervasive.

    • Mary – We Knew Something Was Going On With Jorge Navarro – All Of His Horses Were Winning By 10-20
      Lengths At Gulfstream Park For Years, But Gulfstream Park Did Nothing To Jorge Navarro. They Used
      Jorge Navarro As A Role Model.

    • The complete saturation of corruption in the horseracing industry is essentially the reason why HORSERACING WRONGS exists. I thank God for all of you who diligently follow this industry and stand up for the victims of vile and depraved acts that cause so much suffering to so many horses! This low-life sleaze bag from hell being indicted for his heinous cruelty and torture of XY JET and, honestly who knows how many other horses he has tortured, KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING WAS WRONG. HE TOLD HIS ILLEGAL DOPING “PERSON” TO LIE ABOUT WHO HE WAS AND WHY HE WAS THERE (AT THE RACETRACK) so making excuses for him that “maybe he didn’t know what he was doing was wrong” DOES NOT FLY!!!!

    • Maybe he didn’t know what he was doing was wrong? Oh, sure, pumping a horse full of God-knows-what comes naturally to everyone who owns horses. These people are addicted to seeing what they can get away with and have ZERO regard for the pain and suffering the horses endure.

  5. How Many More Trainers At Gulfstream Park 2020 Will Follow Jorge Navarro & Jason Servis?

    Saffie Joseph, Jr., Pat Biancone, et al

  6. The fact that Navarro continued to flourished in this business says all one needs to know about racing. What he was getting away with is unimaginable. Everybody knew what was going on but NOTHING was done. He was winning, making lots of money and in racing the end justifies the means. The fallacy of this business policing itself has been exposed in all its “glory”!!!

    • Rose – When Jorge Navarro Won The Big Race – 2019 Dubai Golden Shaheen – He Was Not Surprised
      At All? He Knew XY Jet Would Win The Big Race – No Excitement At All! He Was Using The Horse To
      Make Money For Himself. He Did Not Care For XY Jet At All! He Kept Pushing XY Jet For More Money
      Every Year Until He Died At Gulfstream Park!

  7. To add insult to injury, Ms. Donna Brothers, a paid mouthpiece for racing, has stated on Twitter (when replying to someone about drugs in racing)…

    “You are SO clueless. Drugs are not allowed in racing, aside from the diuretic, Lasix. You are seriously making me nauseous with your lies and half-truths. I don’t block anyone so I won’t do that but I can only read a fraction of what you write.”

    Brothers then continues to babble…”I use myself for profit everyday. Every animal in the animal kingdom has a job, enerv (the person she is replying to on Twitter)….get used to it. It’s called nature and the circle of life.”

    Now, I’m an NOT comparing Brothers to Navarro, who is not only an obscenity but a thug, but she has ZERO credibility due to the fact she is a prolific liar. Remember her op-ed where she declared that PETA is a bully. PETA is a bully? Brothers needs to remove her head from up her ass and look at HER industry where she uses herself for profit every damn day as horses are crippled, maimed and killed. Make no mistake, Brothers is the CLUELESS one!

    • Mary – Hall of Fame trainer Jack Van Berg told Congress that modern thoroughbred racing had become “chemical warfare.”

      • I met Jack Van Berg back in 2013 during an event in Texas. He seemed like a decent guy. So many people have testified in front of Congress over the years to no avail. I have said many, many times that racing doesn’t want to change or it would have cleaned up its filth by now.

    • Donna Brothers is just one “cog in the wheel” of this industry called horseracing that is completely saturated with corruption involving hideous cruelty and torture and suffering to horses. Donna Brothers is what she is and I hope she goes down with all the rest of the sleaze bags from hell that make money doing horribly wrong things to horses on a daily basis and lie their asses off to protect themselves and “throw the horses under the bus” on a daily basis.

  8. Navarro et al. may talk about the beauty and the friendship with racehorses, but in the end the horses are regarded the same as dogs to puppy mill breeders, cattle to ranchers, cows and calves to the dairy industry, pigs to Hormel–sentient animals used with any means possible to make profit.

    • Susan – The Owners – Gary & Mary West Knew About Jason Servis & Maximum Security & Did Nothing
      About it?

      First You Win The 2019 Florida Derby, Then You Win The 2019 Kentucky Derby, Then You Win The Big One –
      The $20 Million 2020 Saudi World Cup!

      Maximum Security First Race Was A $16,000 Claiming Race, So They Said Lets Get Rid Of Him?

      Maximum Security Ran Really Fast: 23.23, 46.25, 110.24, 116.84 – He Won By 9 Lengths – His First Race!

      Track Record For That Race Was: 114.44 – They Said Wow! We Have A Horse Now?

      Gary & Mary West Put Maximum Security In For $16,000 Claiming Race On 12/20/18 – Race 10?

      Then All Of The Sudden Maximum Security Wins 3 Top Races In A Row?

      Gary & Mary West Should Have Said To Jason Servis – What Are You Doing To Make My Horse Win?

      They Loved The Money More Than They Loved The Horse!

      • Oh yes,DEAD on. Your damn right they knew. I knew one they sent out to California…to be “free” of (knew injury).

        • Bonnie, If We Can Catch Bob Baffert – Horse Racing Would Be History!
          Everyone Sees Bob Baffert As The King Of Horse Racing 2021!
          Bob Baffert Have The Top 3 Horses In The United States & They Are All Running In The
          2021 Kentucky Derby!

          1. Life Is Good
          2. Concert Tour
          3. Medina Spirit

  9. This man, by his own words, is uneducated and a liar.

    Here is what has infected the horse racing world. The brutality of his own existence has brought and breathed life into cruelty born of greed.

    He is an obscenity! Everyone who speaks up for him is of the same cloth.

  10. Navarro you are an outright murderer ! You need much more than prison time. You need to be Euthanized !

    • Kathy – Jess Jackson, the founder of Kendall Jackson Wines Said “I think the vet’s the problem and the industry attitude and enforcements are the problem,”

    • Laurie – We Have Kirk Ziadie, Ralph Ziadie & Georgina Baxter – Next On The List At Gulfstream Park!

  11. This is an emergency! Every horse in all races should be removed from their owners. If a human baby, child, son or daughter was being neglected, starved, hit, abused mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually, or any one or combination of the above, the state would remove that child and put him or her in a foster home and investigate the mother, father, siblings, grandparents, aunts & uncles, and anyone and everyone that had contact with the child even for five minutes!! A lot of injury and damage can and does occur in less than five minutes. People notice a toddler walking alone or standing on the side of a road, and leap into action to rescue him or her. This begs the question, who is watching out for animals in the line of danger, and are we jumping into action to save them? They are innocent! Sometimes, when a person has a bad day, you hear them say, “I didn’t ask to be born.” Well, neither did animals ask to be born, yet we’re so easily offended. Can an animal go to the refrigerator and make a sandwich when hungry? No. Humans can. Can an animal escape the heat, cold, flies, ants, mosquitoes, and be adequately rested and rejuvenated? No. Humans can. We know the outcome. So, the horse is property….get over it…do something! Why do you let a few words scare you. Bad people laugh at us everyday, and keep doing exactly as they wish. We got into this thing legally…was it a bond referendum? We can get out of it legally! Is there a horse alive today that won’t be tomorrow? Yes. We know the outcome.

  12. This man should be punished for doping horses, I mean really punished. Punished so much that he wouldn’t be able to ever dope another racehorse, EVER! Dispicable people!

    • Sharon – How About Michael Dubb – Owner With Lots Of Mucho – Using Drug Trainers Like Rudy Rodriguez!

  13. This is beyond PSYCHO — going on for years — when my mind wraps around each fact of horrific abuse to Horses, it kills me — how can WE ALLOW this brutality to continue! — HORSE-RACING MUST be OBLITERATED off the FACE of the EARTH.

  14. Just some more smut and corruption coming from horse racing – it never ends.
    So now we are finding out that Navarro is allegedly very active in horse racing and Gulfstream Park has been enabling him.
    As soon as he was suspended and agreed to not be around racehorses in any capacity as a condition of his bail a newly formed racing stable called “Tomahawk Racing,” is allegedly a front for Navarro.
    According to a report Jorge Navarro has a bunch of racehorses at the Gulfstream Park West training center, leased by the Stronach Group, being trained in the name of his father-in-law that hasn’t raced a horse since 2009.
    The Stronach Group and Ms. Stronach who was directly contacted for comment as to why they are probably/knowlingly facilitating this mass killer of racehorses – The Stronach Group refused to comment.
    So Ms. Stronach can take all of her “caring” “innocent” little Daddy’s girl bullshit and shove it in the manure where all of her racehorse exploitation companies, that she inherited, belong.
    You can always count on the Florida Pari-mutual and Licensing to facilitate the mass corruption and killing in that state.
    When they were contacted about it they stated this: “…the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation indicated that the Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering does not certify training facilities, only pari-mutuel facilities – meaning the state has no enforcement against what licensees or non-licensees do at private training centers.
    So a racehorse could literally be strung up by his ankles and butchered, bled-out in plain view and there are no laws or regulations governing this on training centers in Florida.
    Vile is doesn’t even begin to address this evil, rotten to the core killing show.
    The main Florida racetrack and the Licensing Board working in tandem to ensure the mass suffering and killing of racehorses – downright vile.
    Could it be that Navarro has been told that he will get a plea bargain and be right back in the killing game as soon as things are smoothed over for him?
    I suppose the most important question is: who is behind him?
    They can’t shut these tracks down soon enough for me or for the racehorses dying for these parasites.

    • Thank you for posting this, Gina – I was just reading about it (and the Potts/Vitali paper training). The corruption in this unnecessary and antiquated gambling industry is so deeply-rooted.

    • Gina, do you have any information about who owns the horses that Jorge Navarro is allegedly training under someone else’s name?

  15. Jorge Navarro is a product of his environment. And he is not a well educated person. In his world he probably did not think he was doing anything that others were not doing. This is a very harsh indictment of him. I think too harsh considering that many others are still out there doing what he did athough not quite as blatantly. The worst part of what he did was making the horses that trusted him “disappear” and colluding with that crooked standardbred driver to get rid of injured horses. Jorge needs to come clean about that and everything else he did and tell the truth. It will go better for him if he tries to make amends instead of continuing to stonewall questions about the horses that disappeared. They are probably dead now but that pipeline has to be exposed and destroyed because it might still be in use by people that Jorge knew. Very sad to read this but its still going on and we don’t see it. I don’t think Jorge is a mean or evil person. But rich men like Besecker were certainly complicit with his methods and kept him reinforced with money and praise. Go after Besecker next time. That is the real evil.

    • “…. well educated” in the matters of morality? — “…. well educated” in the matters of possessing a conscience? — “…. well educated” in the matters of rationality and compassion? — “…. well educated” in the matters of sentient beings?

    • Marymbaggaley, I disagree with your assessment of Jorge Navarro in that you don’t think “Jorge is a mean or evil person” or that he is not the “real evil” as Besecker. The FBI referred to the illegal use of illegal drugs (adulterated and mislabeled performance enhancing drugs) on racehorses to enhance their performance as the NAVARRO DOPING PROGRAM. I believe in good faith that there is substantial evidence to show that calling it the “NAVARRO DOPING PROGRAM” is fair, honest and just (as in justice). I trust that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had a very good case against Jorge Navarro as well as the other individuals named in the official document. I disagree with your excusing him as being “a product of his environment” or, using that assessment as an excuse to excuse him for doing evil things to horses and telling/instructing others to do the same. WE ARE ALL PRODUCTS OF OUR ENVIRONMENT. It is not okay to say stuff like “he probably…” because that is not factual and creates an environment not conducive to facts. Jorge Navarro did do many evil things and he is not the only one that does evil things to horses, obviously. I want to believe that if the FBI could gather enough evidence on the other individuals who engage in the illegal use of illegal performance enhancing and adulterated and mislabeled drugs on racehorses (to defraud… and to cause undue harm to horses in order to win purse money as well as to manipulate the wagering income), that they, the FBI, will, in the future, indict many more people engaging in the same evil activities relating to race horses and horse racing as Jorge Navarro.

      • Yes, I agree. Sometimes I wonder if she is having difficulty expressing herself in a way that makes more sense to some of the rest of us.
        As in the “real evil” being Besecker: to me, that could very well be true but that does not detract from the “real evil” of Jorge Navarro committing evil acts and instructing others on what adulterated and mislabeled drugs to administer to the race horses. I don’t believe he wants make things right or make amends.

    • marymbaggaley, I’m still interested in what planet you live on or maybe you are just “out to lunch” when it comes to Navarro. Giving him a free pass because he is a “product of his environment” is pure insanity.

  16. I disagree with you, Mary. Navarro is a cruel criminal and he needs to be held accountable.
    We know the industry is full of bad actors but that is absolutely no reason for Navarro not to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
    That is like saying apprehended criminals should be given a pass because there others out there as bad or worse.
    Also, lack of education has nothing to do with what he did. Cruelty and criminal activity transcends educational levels.

  17. I should have said does not care about what is right or wrong rather than not knowing the difference.
    It is a personality disorder and not a psychosis. Plus, I don’t know that he has a personality disorder to begin with. However, his behavior seemed reckless to me..

    • Rose, his behavior was DEFINITELY reckless, DANGEROUS, CRUEL, CRIMINAL. There is no excuse for Jorge Navarro and I don’t understand why .a. n. y. o. n. e. would want to make an excuse for him. He made his bed. Too bad if he didn’t go to “maid school” because he knew what he was doing. Now he can “crash” in the bed he made.

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