Racing Executive Admits Multiple Thousands of Thoroughbreds Slaughtered Annually

In a recent USA Today article on horse slaughter, this: “…an estimated 7,500 thoroughbreds a year are slaughtered for human consumption, according to Alex Waldrop, president of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association.”

Yes, that’s right, one of the most prominent, powerful people in racing concedes that multiple thousands of “equine athletes” are brutally and violently bled-out and butchered each year. (Waldrop’s number, 7,500, shocking as it is, is almost surely understated: One industry-linked vet puts it at 10,000-12,000; an apologist writer says it’s even more.) This, alone, should be enough for all Americans of good conscience to support the abolition of this vile industry.

A reminder – photos from the slaughter pipeline (courtesy of Animals’ Angels):

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  1. This is horrendous and beyond despicable. Anyone involved in any of this should be imprisoned. Heartless and ONLY ABOUT GREED. Racing is not a sport. It is torture. We are animals voices. They deserves respect, love and a safe place. Shame on people that support this. Pure evil.

    • Totally agree anything involving animals is where they are treated as a commodity disgusting cruel and vile.Greed greed greed makes me sick to my stomach.Those noble sentient beings treated like trash.

  2. People are idiots and so sick. How anyone can do this to any animal. So wrong

    • What IS a “real trainer”, Eleanor Hephner? – one that doesn’t risk a horse’s life by making him race for entertainment purposes? – one that doesn’t take his horse’s “earnings” to make his own living? – one that doesn’t subject his horse to 23 hours of isolation and confinement? – one that doesn’t have his horse injected with Lasix or his joints injected with corticosteroids? – one that doesn’t get rid of his horse once he can no longer get a check?

      Everything about this unnecessary gambling industry sets horses up for bad endings. A “real trainer” is nothing but just another exploiter of a sentient being with no voice.

  3. While apologists continue to claim that racehorses don’t go to slaughter there was a bunch this week at the THOMPSON’S KILL PEN.
    A rescue network has copied their tattoos, and documented some of their names as time would allow before they boarded the slaughter bound truck.
    There are hundreds of dumped racehorses being found at kill auctions all over the country and the multi-billion dollar horse racing business and it’s supporters refused to give even $200 to save them from a horrific fate.
    Many of these breeders own million dollar farms in KY whose paddocks sit empty.
    So much for loving them like “family members” right?
    The OTTB’s, now broodmares, that are on their way to the slaughterhouse are:
    My Doctor Knows (LA)
    •Miss Kitty Kitty (KY)
    •Missbudlitetime (LA)
    •Sweet Syd (KY)
    •Like A Butterfly

    All of the above broodmares were in a horrific, neglectful state with ribs protruding and some with rain rot.
    Yet, the industry claims that they treat them “royally.”
    Rescue people desperately contacted the breeders, former owners and former trainers (including Dallas Stewart) to send a donation as little as $200 to save them from a horrific fate.
    Donna Brothers, who to this day denies that racehorses go to kill auctions, was contacted to make a donation and even sent pictures of a former racehorse whom she supposedly rode – nothing, not one dime, she blocked the person asking her for a donation.

    On Thursday there were a bunch of dumped racehorses at the
    They couldn’t get their tattoos, but many still had racing plates on.
    One was a 4 year old filly – imagine that?
    Dumped just after 4 years of servitude to this vile business.
    True to industry form, their claims are public wallpaper, lip service and a show of fancy hats.
    Yet, when it gets right down to it they are all disposable gambling chips and these parasites know it.

    Week after week the saving dance begins while people who have nothing to do with this business or any racehorse exploitation are the ones seeking to save them – not the horse racing industry.
    They are too busy finding and abusing their next victim, their next host because that’s what parasites do.

    Folks, the only way to stop this horrific, sad truth is to shut down horse racing.

    • Wow, they still tattoo? Standardbreds have been freeze branded for years. Easy to read.

      • Alan- the jockey club started requiring microchipping in 2017. Prior to that, yep, tattoos.
        I’ve heard of horses being mutilated to get rid of their tattoos. Can they mutilate or manipulate the freeze brands on the STB’s?

      • I’ve never seen it happen but the new rule is microchips. It starts in a year and any horse that has previously raced will also have to be microchipped.

    • Very well said!! The horse racing industry is a business. If the horses don’t make any money they get rid of them and breed some more babies to go into the horrific racing cycle. This is what the racing industry does. 7 days a week there are always thoroughbreds in the kill pens heading to the slaughter house via an evil torturous death. Don’t support horse or dog racing of any kind!!!

  4. How cold all this big shot woman parade around in their fancy hats and pricy dresses when they know damn well what happens to these innocent animals. May they ALL fall in horse shit!!

  5. This is heartbreaking to set these images, that poor sweet horse in the last photo knows exactly what’s about to happen…… so wrong

  6. What these race people don’t realize is that even tho it is not done by THEIR OWN HANDS……THEY ARE STILL FAULTY. Who do they think they are.

    • You’re right, Millie. When I was still involved in racing, I knew who the druggers were (not often proven legally, but there were definitely numerous signs that alluded to this), I knew who sent their horses to slaughter, I knew who the jockeys were who were ok with riding with “batteries”, (small electric shocking devices) and the trainers who sent their horses out in the mornings with the buzzers, I knew who the trainers were that didn’t give even the smallest crap about their horses, they “aren’t pets, they are here to make money, and if they don’t, they gotta go.” But, if you spoke up and made waves, it would have gotten ugly. People on the track are vicious. And they have no issue with hurting the horses to make the point that you’ve crossed them. It’s a nasty, raunchy industry.

  7. Monsters. Our none profit is exhausted from trying to save so many beautiful animals, being abused, beaten, stepped, kicked, simply for money and greed! Wake up America!!!
    This is beyond vile!!

  8. SHAME on the owners of these wonderful horses. These horses belong to the LORD JESUS and the time will come when karma will bite you in the ass.

  9. These are our American horsemen and we will not sit back and allow this to continue.

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