Killed at Turf Paradise: Absolute Royalty, Best It, Full Access

From the Stewards’ Reports at Turf Paradise:

Absolute Royalty in the 6th October 14 – “pulled up…fractured left sesamoid, euthanized.” He was three years old; ’twas his very first time under the whip.

Best It, same day, next race – “pulled up…fractured left sesamoid, euthanized.” He was four years old, and this was his eighth time under the whip.

Full Access in the 8th October 22 – “pulled up…carpus fracture, euthanized.” He was five years old, under the whip for the 23rd time.

Three more dead horses. This is horseracing.

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  1. Oh my god. This is worse than Keeneland or Belmont Park. But these 3rd tier racetracks have no oversight and probably no vets and peple entering horses when they shoukd be supervised to clean a stall. No standards at these tracks.

  2. And to think, these deaths, and I’m sure many more that aren’t reported, are after they reported in June that they had a 40% decrease in racing fatalities due to their enhanced safety protocols, including pre race vet exams. Another track that’s supposedly safer, and yet these poor horses keep dying horrifically. This is the reality of racing.

  3. These trainers have no horse sense should be a mandatory question on trainers test.

    • No mandatory questions nor anything will stop the massive ongoing deliberate abuse and dying of racehorses.
      There are no reforms or anything that have stopped this or will stop it unless it shuts down.
      This is the only solution if you want racehorses to stop dying.
      Even members of the horse racing industry admits to dying as part of their business practices.
      Imagine that?
      A business that accepts dying as part of their daily business practices – absolutely vile.

  4. Verlin Jones – from the article “Arizona racehorses are dying at a record rate. The question is: why?” – had this to say regarding the banning of steroidal meds that reduce the horses’ pain; “[not using those medication for pain relief] led to more animals running with pain, altering their gait, and breaking down as a result.”

    Yes, that was Jones, a VETERINARIAN who said that – so in other words, mask the horses’ pain and run them…we don’t want them altering their gaits because of their pain – never mind that their pain is an indicator of an injury. What a calloused moron.

    And further, this about Jones – from the Paulick Report, March 11, 2019, this; “Verlin Jones’ name may be familiar to readers from a late 2017 case at Prairie Meadows in which his racetrack license was revoked in Iowa in which he allegedly provided syringes filled with Aminorex Plus and Monster Energy booster to an assistant trainer.”

    Jones was one of the veterinarians doing the “inspections” of horses [pre-race] at Turf Paradise.

    • I don’t trust any of these vets. Shouldn’t the question be…..if being whipped and forced to run,is causing animals this much pain….then why?

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