The Disposal of Bridget Moloney

The “disposal” of Bridget Moloney, who was killed in a race at Mountaineer September 25 (photo from PETA):

The response from the West Virginia Racing Commission:

“The West Virginia Racing Commission is reviewing and investigating the circumstances surrounding the recent incident involving a race horse at Mountaineer Park. All horses, including the horse in question, undergo a pre-race examination by a State Veterinarian to ensure that they are in sound racing condition. The horse in question experienced a catastrophic injury during the race and was pulled up. The horse was attended at the time of injury by a State Veterinarian, given sedation and pain management. The horse was then vanned off and euthanized by a second State Veterinarian off track.

“From conversations with Mountaineer Park management, it is the understanding of the Racing Commission that Mountaineer Park has an arrangement for the disposal of horse remains and the specific manner in which the disposal is to occur does not appear to have been followed in this case. With that said, the Racing Commission does not have any specific regulation that directs our racetracks to dispose of horse remains in any specific manner. However, the Racing Commission desires that all equine athletes that compete on our racetracks whose racing lives have come to an end are treated in a dignified and humane manner.”

“treated in a dignified and humane manner”

This is horseracing.

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  1. So all the drugs and meds (“sedation and pain” before being vanned off), including a possible euthanasia concoction, that were injected (unless the horse was killed with a firearm or a knife), were in that carcass. We don’t even know but what the horse may have been killed AT the dump. Was this a muni dump, and if so, are animal remains allowed? Or was this a backwoods trash-laden dump area where any wildlife and possibly domestic animals had access and could consume the lethal concoction of active chemicals remaining? Is there a possibility of groundwater contamination? West Virginia’s health department should investigate, as unlikely as that may be.

    • Horses are always killed by a shot to the head. There is no euthanasia drug strong enough to kill a horse that is allowed to be administered by a vet or other qualified official. Even horse sedatives and anaesthetics are so strong that a vet has seconds in which to administer adrenalin to themselves should they accidentally even nick themselves with the needle syringe.

      • Here in the US it is exactly done how patrick mentioned, not sure where you are from. I did see in the uk a horse named wigamore hall was put down with a silenced pistol, that doesnt happen in the states.

      • Untrue, Candice. We’re not in the old wild west, where, when a horse broke a leg, it was shot. Horses, and other large animals, are humanely euthanized every day.

      • Horses are not often killed by shot to head, BUT it is still an acceptable approved means (AAEP and AVMA approved). It is *instant*; horse is gone before he hits the ground. There isn’t really much bleeding since the heart tops immediately. It does NOT look like how television portrays fatal gunshot to the head. It must be done at the correct location and by someone skilled.

        With sedation plus anesthetic overdose (chemical euthanasia) a horse worked up in pain/adrenaline occasionally won’t go “to sleep” quietly. He may also stagger for a moment, as he falls over: a safety issue. It is absolutely strong enough to kill a horse. Sorry to be unpleasant, but the down side to this is the disposal issue. Horses chemically euthanized may not be buried near wells, high water tables, an/or any other sources of drinking water. Some areas do not allow any horses to be buried period. Options for these horses are usually rendering or in a few areas, an approved municipal landfill.

        I have seen both situations in real life.

        The reason most American horses are euthanized by drugs is that because it means a vet is in attendance, checking the horse needs it. It also avoids liability and legal issues of carrying and discharging firearms. I think most Americans don’t understand what euthanasia by bullet to the forehead actually looks like. It’s NOT the stuff you see in movies. It’s NOT something any yee-haw with a gun can do. People hear “gun” and assume it’s violent, bloody, and done without regard to the animal; simply not true. Also, horses aren’t instinctively fearful of the object shaped like a gun, the horse is not in terror when it happens.

        Understand is that occasionally there are cases where a horse goes down in a field and cannot be gotten back up. These aren’t dogs that you can just scoop up and put in the back seat of your car to take to a vet. Slings exist but you need one, you need a lifting point or huge tractor, and you assumes the horse CAN be saved. If the horse is undoubtedly not able to be saved, at midnight in a winter snowstorm do you leave him suffering on the icy ground until roads are cleared enough for him to make it out — which may be the next morning? Or do you ask an *experienced* farmer neighbor to come over and end the poor thing;s suffering instantly?

        “Humane” death means the horse didn’t suffer any more than he had to and that he wasn’t in unnecessary terror at the moment of his death. It can’t always mean done with planning at the back of a pretty vet office with soft music playing and candles lit.

        As far as disposal: almost all chemically euthanized horses are picked up by a “removal” service and sent to a rendering plant. Chemically euthanized cows or shelter pets might also go to rendering. So does roadkill. Gross out warning: the bodies are ground up, chemically’heat treated to separate the organic compounds, and the resulting products sold to industry. Is it “dignified”? That’s for you to decide. But what do you do when you can’t bury him on your property? One crematory advertises a fee of $1,300 plus transportation fees and cost of urn. Rendering in my area costs $225-275 based on distance. This is after the vet’s emergency call fees and euthanasia drug fee, which in my area can be $250 up to thousands of dollars. I spent close to $4,000 in vet fees over the course of one weekend trying to save one of my horses, and he died anyway. Pleasure/pet horse owners have personal preferences.

        Let’s face it: ALL of horse racing is a for-profit business. Making money is everyone’s goal. I don’t care what their track vets say, they aren’t stopping the running of horses with some types of pain/injury. One 4 yr old TB I helped re-home was run so often on bad ankles they both calcified and fused: the joint was completely immobile. He was only 4.

      • Candice, are you REALLY that delusional or are you just plain dumb? Horses have been euthanized for many, many years via LETHAL INJECTION. The vet normally injects a sedative followed by a large dose of barbiturates. I should know. I had two of my TB’s euthanized back in the 80’s due to the imfimities of old age. It was a peaceful ending to their lives.

        Please take this opportunity to educate yourself before you come back on this blog to utter idiotic statements.

  2. “the Racing Commission does not have any specific regulation”

    Are they just passing this on to some other authority? Lazy asses. Racing Commission be damned. They, IMO, should be looking at laws. State, county and municipal.

  3. Okay. Should have had my coffee first. PETA and Bloodhorse appear to be calling for proper investigation and county sheriff is on the task. County laws were a little vague and the state law says:
    “(3) Disposing of the carcass and all its parts and products in a solid waste landfill permitted and approved by the Department of Environmental Protection”.
    We’ll see. Apologies for my knee jerk reaction.

    • It is understandable. I think we’ve all had enough of people using the lack of law to excuse disgusting behavior. It is not beyond the stretch of imagination that a horse that is produced and been in the hands of humans as a worker athlete should be treated with dignity. But apparently we need a law for every good thing because without it bad things happen that will

  4. Oh, how can this be? I am sure others, like me, could hardly believe that image of a racehorse dumped into a garbage heap. Is it that bad, owner? You are unable to bury a horse you once “loved”? To care for her corpse with the respect she so deserves? An animal killed for greed? Here is another one to weep over. “If you didn’t see it yourself you wouldn’t believe it.”
    It’s OK, Bridget. No more suffering. Let us hope for a heaven for innocents like yourself. RIP, Bridget Moloney.

  5. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! These vile, sick and heartless scumbags who have done such a heinous act should have the same treatment. Blows my mind at the way these wonderful equines are treated. It’s bad enough that they are forced to race at ridiculously young ages, whipped to go faster, disposed of when “no good” but this is beyond cruel. The racing industry is a DISGRACE AND HAS TO BE MADE ACCOUNTABLE!

  6. That is absolutely in humane to do to an animal. That bet deserves to loose his job and license and the business need to be fined and shut down . How would they feel being put down that way for a broken leg . Absolutely sad.

  7. I don’t know which is worse, that picture or this part of the statement from the West Virginia Racing Commission, “All horses, including the horse in question, undergo a pre-race examination by a State Veterinarian to ensure that they are in sound racing condition.”

    Sound racing condition??? They shouldn’t be racing AT ALL. I’m only learning about all this because of a friend, but after reading only a handful of posts by Horseracing Wrongs, even I, a non-expert on horses, now know they shouldn’t be subjected to it at all.


    • Yes — you said it! — no matter which way you turn in this industry, you are faced with evil — within one minute one can compile a list of at least 10 things wrong with this Horse-Racing racket — when you then turn to look for the good points to list, you have ZERO — NOTHING — that’s quite scary — there is NOT one good thing about this business — let’s spread the word until Horse-Racing is SHUT DOWN.

      • Yes shut them ALL DOWN if they cant take care of the animals they shouldn’t have them and any of them that have all ready killed there horses should loss all of there’s and shut them down.

  8. ❤️❤️CATHY 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Right on,Cathy!! I’m to the point I hope they all go to hell.

    • I am so with you Bonnie – I grew up with horses all my life and my Dad was a true horse whisperer I have no patience for any kind of animal abuse – these racing commissions and the people involved are all criminals and abusers of the worst kind – it is so tragic to see the lives of these horses killed off so incredibly young and with so much pain and abuse inflicted upon them – I have tears every single day I read this bullshit.

  9. So this horse has been been positively identified? I’m still wondering how she ended up in what looks like a public landfill – even if the racing industry does use landfills to dispose of their “family members” I would assume it would be a contamination issue to do so where people would come into contact with the decaying bodies. And there had to be more than one person involved in this because you can’t exactly sneek a deceased horse out in a suitcase, and I find the timing somewhat coincidental, with the racing industry fighting to maintain their tattered image of loving and caring about their horses amid a mounting death toll on every track.
    “The disposal method does not appear to have been followed”. First of all, their use of the word disposal makes it sound very much like a garbage dump is where their horses end up anyway, and second, ” does not appear to have been followed”, like it’s a piece of paper that was misfiled, not a dead horse laying out there for everyone to see. This is just like the green screens used to hide the final moments of a horse shattered for people’s entertainment – if the public wants horse racing to continue, then let them see it in all its sordid disgusting reality. A horse in a landfill is what the racing industry truly thinks of its horses – to them, this is “humanely and dignified”.

      §19-9-34. Disposal of carcass of diseased animal.

      “(3) Disposing of the carcass and all its parts and products in a solid waste landfill permitted and approved by the Department of Environmental Protection”.

      • As long as it seems “legal” does not make it right.
        But of course, as long as something, no matter how abhorrant, does not break some law it is fine with some people.
        Just like the law has no conscience neither do some people.
        It is impossible to legislate morality.

  10. Racehorses like Bridget Maloney generate billions in wagering profits collectively, $400,000 for her owners, and are rarely cared for in the end as clearly shown here.
    If death escapes them it’s usually a trip to the kill auction, and subsequently the slaughterhouse floor.
    What a betrayal, this is unimaginable how owners who made all of this money off of her dumped her like a piece of trash and didn’t even take the time to remove her bandages.
    All of you apologists you are the lowest form of scum on the planet.
    You must have a piece of your brain and heart missing and for you to come on here and attack those of us who want to see an end to this public butcher and horror show leaves you racehorse abusers, maimers, and killers.
    You all need to advocate for the shut down of horse racing because if you don’t we are going to make sure that your entire vile business will end up in the trash dump just like Bridget because that’s exactly where it belongs.
    The widespread corruption, exploitation of horses and people, and the killings all must go – it will.

  11. Bridget Maloney, Thoroughbred Racehorse, foaled in NY 2011 and started at Belmont 10/14/2013 where she won her first 3 races.

    73 starts later, as a low level claimer on 9/25/2019 at Mountaineer track and earnings of around $400,000, she took a “bad step in upper stretch being steadied to the wire” and then vanned off, according to the notes. A “bad step” is racing speak for some kind of fracture or other serious injury, and usually a death sentence. Yet, instead of being pulled up she was “steadied to the wire”. Why?

    The next we see of Bridget Maloney is lifeless laying on a heap of trash in some kind of dump, still with racing wraps and with a bloodied face.
    We know nothing of what happened to her after she was “vanned off”.

    Of note is the comment following her 72nd start on 6/20/19 at Mountaineer – “used up”. But she was cleared to race on 9/25/19, her final and fatal start…

    This, people, is the all too REAL world of racing.

    PS It looks like she sustained an injury to her face. Frankly, I do not believe the WVRC will do an unbiased investigation – big time conflict of interest!

    • Didn’t I read somewhere that she began bashing her head into the wall after the race? I’m almost positive it was her that was described as “going crazy” and flinging her head around. Damned if I can remember where I read it……

      • I saw that same lamebrain excuse too with her banging her head against the wall. Probably yesterday when we read the details. Maybe paulik report

    • The more logical explanation for her facial injuries is the way her body was dragged around before dumping. Any suspicions who did it?
      I seriously can’t get over that picture of that beautiful mare laying in the garbage. It just makes me shudder every time I think about it.

  12. Listen to me you LAZY asshole scumbags,who draw a paycheck from this EVIL industry,you are going straight to hell…..period end of story. You are filth,you are sub-human. Go get a real job,you know like something that would help animals and people,benefit society in general,and live a God’s graced honorable life.

  13. Further, the chart states in the footnotes the bad step was in the upper stretch and she was “steadied to the wire”.
    But the WVRC response stated she “sustained a catastrophic injury during the race and pulled up”
    So, which is it – pulled up or steadied to the wire?

    • Not to worry Rose — they’ll FABRICATE something boilerplate — after all, they think nobody cares.

  14. Patrick,
    Again, I thank you for all your work to let us know what’s going on with these beautiful animals….So much of the treatment is horrendous, horrific, and a total disgraceful human beings who should be treated the same way they treat these animals. Every article moves me, but this is one of the hardest yet. We know that don’t care about any of the horses (except the ones that make the money, and that’s just for the love of the money). This picture shook me to my core, I mean, how do these people live with themselves, and how do go through life pretending to be decent human beings.

  15. There’s a story about an Australian jockey named Laura Cheshire who saw a horse she had ridden in several races actually be shocked and slaughtered during a hidden investigation into racehorses ending up in a kill pen. She, of course, is upset and horrified, and wants more accountability in Australian racing as far as what happens to their racehorses after the track. She’s not leaving the industry, not speaking out against it, just wanting a bandaid solution. Lady, if seeing any horse slaughtered, let alone one you claimed to have had a “connection” with, doesn’t make you run screaming from horse racing, there is seriously something wrong with you. You endorse and support an industry that butchers THOUSANDS of horses just like him, and all the tears in the world aren’t going to wash the blood off your hands.

  16. What a disgusting way to leave a beautiful mare who gave her all, only to end up at a dump. Throwed away like a piece of trash!! To all involved with this filly’s demise, I hope KARMA knocks on your door sooner than later!! Rest In Peace ‘BRIDGET MALONEY’, you are loved now for eternity. Enjoy your wings baby girl, you are so beautiful to us!!!

    • God Bless you Marjorie, this sensitive soul always finds comfort in your profound words. I pray EVERY day for these innocent horses.

      • God Bless you Bonnie and all here who read these tragic endings to these majestic racehorses. Praying is a powerful force between God and humans. Sometimes, it is all these majestic animals have in their short lives. But to know that they will be eternally loved when they leave this earth should bring all of us here much comfort and strength thru our tears, Amen.

  17. Can someone please make public the names of all of her owners from the beginning of her very short life to the tragic end?

    • The egregious ongoing abuse, cruelty, and inhumane treatment of BRIDGET MOLONEY.
      Bridget, this one’s for you.
      I know it won’t bring you back, but this horse lover will not let you die in vain.
      I want people to understand that Bridget was what we call in horse racing a “freak.”
      What that means is due to 3 things: 1. Blue collar breeding meaning she was not “royally” bred according to horse racing interpretations. 2. Purchased at a sales auction for cheap $9000. This money is a drop in a bucket in the horse racing business.
      These 2 factors usually results in a claiming horse that won’t withstand the rigors of racing or make money.
      Most stake horses today are “royally” bred, bought for 6-figures and send to top trainers by rich owners.
      Not Bridget.
      She would have been considered a “blue collar” racehorse a “freak” just like my horse Get Down Wolfie.
      These types of racehorses are very special because they defy all odds.
      All racehorses are special horses, but I think you know what I mean – they are gifts, born talented.
      A gifted horse whose gift turns out to be her nemesis because once she started making money, the parasites take notice, and they come out to suck on her life, suck the last red cent out of her.
      Before I post this very disturbing list I want to make crystal clear that every single trainer and owner who claimed her did so for the sole purpose of squeezing a buck out of her with NO INTENTION of getting her a good home, giving her a good home and taking care of her.
      She was there to be used, abused, doped, whipped and dumped because that’s what parasites do.
      Here’s the list:

      10/24/2013 Original Trainer Gary Gullo Owners Gary Gullo, W.A.I.S. Tony Borusso, Russ Regan
      4/3/2014 Claimed by Trainer Naipul Chatterpaul for Owner Missile Approved Racing
      7/24/2014 Claimed by owner and trainer Joseph Imperio
      10/29/2014 Claimed by trainer Peter A. Chin for Owner Missile Approved Racing
      11/12/2014 Claimed by Trainer Gregory Diprima for Owner Jesse Iglesias
      6/19/2015 Claimed by Trainer Michelle Nevin for Owner Poppa Dukes Stable
      9/14/2015 Claimed by Ronald J. Dandy for Owner Michael P. Moriarty
      12/1/2015 Claimed by Patricia Farro AKA Python Pat for Owner Vacarro Racing Stable.
      5/10/2016 Claimed by Michael V. Pino for Owner SAB NC Stable
      8/15/2016 Claimed by L. Craig Cox for Owner Vickie L. Stewart.

      The pathetic and precipitous decline of Bridget Maloney reads no different than a laboratory rat.
      It’s so horrific and disturbing that there are actually people out there like this that exist.
      They just wanted to suck every last cent of her and every single one listed above are parasites.
      As a horse person, you realize just how abusive this is because horses are creatures of habit.
      They are just like your dog, they get used to people, to their surroundings, to their food, their routine, and they know when they are loved.
      They are family.
      Not Bridget Maloney – she was chump for the sharks who went into a feeding frenzy when they saw that she could flip a buck for them.
      The apologists you defend this you are parasites as well.
      You are no different than the people perpetrating the suffering on this beautiful filly who ran her ass-off for every single one of you who did nothing but dump her.
      Bridget you have more class on the tip of your shit than these people ever have or will ever possess.
      R.I.P darling you will not be forgotten by me.

      • Oh Gina — the tears can’t stop — I want them to stop, but they keep coming — let’s keep exposing, revealing to all the World the HORRORS of this disgusting, obscene industry — each evil I hear is worse than the previous — if that’s even possible — I don’t know how this Racket still continues — on TV, one sees many seemingly respectable people who report on the races, the history of this industry, etc., and NOT ONE of them, NOT A SOUL ever sheds light on the brutality to Horses — I tell you, they make me sick — so sick — to think I thought well of them — no more — no more — we’ve GOTTA SHUT them DOWN.

  18. So disgusting! Race horses should be respected and not be thrown away like trash. They are young animals and do whatever is asked of them. Shameful people in horse racing, no compassion, just greed for money!

  19. I really hope you that have the power to make sure this creature gets a proper burial will make it happen ASAP. I also that you that have the power to make sure that whoever did these unspeakable attrocities to horse are punished as far as the law will allow. Please do the right thing and set an example for other abusers of these precious animals.

  20. KNOWING what I know so far about Horse-Racing, which, by the way, is NOT much, I’d wouldn’t even watch a Race or have anything to do with this Racket in any way or form — it’s despicable & disgusting — How horrible — unbelievable — NO conscience — NO sense of right & wrong — No love — in my world, I’d throw the Human-Owners in prison — remove all Animals from them — and I mean ALL — send them to a good Sanctuary (by “good” I mean caring) — these MONSTERS would NEVER be allowed to even come near Animals — very tragic — we NEED to EXPOSE these people — we MUST SHUT them DOWN.

  21. How disgusting that any animal should be left like rubbish on a tip. Shame of these people. They have no hearts.

  22. This is so wrong. Horse racing should be stopped. These animals die for greed and money. What cost do you keep this going and say alright?? This is only idiots that think this is okay!! Then to leave them like trash. So wrong and I am horrified. Humans are horrible

  23. Fucking disgusting and heartbreaking beyond believe – should all be heavily prosecuted

  24. I was sent a FB post written by Jami Poole who identified himself as the President of the Mountaineer Park HBPA. I’ll spare you all the utter BS he penned but regarding this from Poole; “[we] have tremendous respect and deep affection for these magnificent animals”? – in his first sentence, it was Brigit Maloney…3 sentences later, Brigit Moloney. Neither spelling correct.

    Enough said.

  25. UnBeLuckingFieveAble. Another “perk” to compulsive gambling: Beautiful horses slaughtered. No greater evil than human greed. There’s no such thing as “racing.” It is the slaughter of slaves: Enslaved, tortured Animals: Horses & dogs. Enough is enough.

  26. Humans what a bunch of bastards .We pollute the Earth put our trash where it doesn’t belong.We use ,abuse and kill the animals,we cut down millions of trees that are hundreds of years old to build shit houses that fall apart in a matter of years.We kill the bees that we so desperately need We’re the ONLY (SELFISH) living things on the planet.. we take take take! and it will catch up to us.. We have got to stop . Stand up for abused animals and children . Save animals when we can . Love is the only way to fight evil.

  27. I call it a copout! You racers and track owners want money and everything else is desposable! How would you fell if it was a family member of yours! Who owned this horse should never be able to own another! You always make sure your animals are taken care of, “alive or dead”!

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