Yet Another “Bad Step” Kill – This One at Mountaineer

In the 2nd at Mountaineer Wednesday, Bridget Moloney, says Equibase, “took a bad step in upper stretch…vanning off after the race.” I have confirmed that that “bad step” was fatal – she is dead. Bridget Moloney was eight years old and was first put to the whip way back in October 2013 – 73 times in all. And now, her short, mean life is over, just another “equine athlete” expended in the dirt.

This is horseracing.

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  1. The egregious cruelty, abuse, and inhumane treatment of BRIDGET MALONEY.
    Bridget, this one’s for you.
    The precipitous decline, and subsequent death of hard knocking mare BRIDGET MALONEY follows:
    Before we begin let’s just preface this by saying every single one of the blood sucking human parasitic leeches listed below had only 1 goal in mind EXPLOIT, SQUEEZE ANY BUCK OUT OF HER AND THEN DUMP HER.
    DOPE HER UP, WHIP HER do anything to flip a buck.
    These parasites had NO intentions of taking care of this mare, NONE, and this vile business and the vile people who support it stood by and watched her go down as they do for most racehorses.
    10/24/13 Started as a 2 y.o long before her muscoskeletal system was fully matured.
    04/03/2014 Claimed by Trainer Naipaul Chatterpaul
    07/24/2014 Claimed by Trainer Joseph Imperio
    10/29/2014 Claimed by Trainer Peter A. Chin
    11/12/2014 Claimed by Trainer Gregory DiPrima
    06/19/2015 Claimed by Trainer Michelle Nevin
    09/14/2015 Trained by Ronald J Dandy
    12/01/2015 Claimed by Python Pat (Patricia Farro) Need I say more? Her owners VACCARO Racing Stable is in the business of claiming, exploiting, dumping, and dying. Connected racing stable – in with the gang.
    05/10/2016 Claimed by Michael V. Pino
    08/15/2016 Claimed by L. Craig Cox where she remained until she died.
    09/16/2019 2nd last some 40+ lengths back with the last horse being “eased.”

    It’s important note that while I was analyzing these races, every single one of them, the usual claiming trainers were busy claiming racehorses, maiming or killing them such as Linda Rice, Rudy Rodriquez, Gary Contessa.
    These low life blood sucking human parasites are not “trainers.”
    Rather, they are legitimized maimers and killers that would be in jail on Felony Animal cruelty charges in any other setting in this country.
    BRIDGET MALONEY made money for every single one of them and what did she get in return?
    Nothing, but dirt in her face as she dropped dead after getting their pink needle.
    Folks, how much longer?
    Please, write your politicians, educate people, do something to help shut this horror show down.

    • There are many facets to the abuse of horses in this illicit business, and claiming is just one. No less than 11 claims on this poor mare before they finally killed her.

      And apologists claim these horses are loved and treated so well !!!!

      I say it is an illicit business because animal cruelty laws are totally ignored, cheating is rampant, drugs and devices (supposedly banned) are common place and there is NO oversight. These people make the “rules” and break them with impunity.

      A high profile example of manipulating their own rules is the what happened with Bob Baffert’s Triple Crown winner, Justify. If the rules were followed Justify would not have been eligible to run in the Derby!

      • Thank-you Rose.
        Furthermore, while BRIDGET MALONEY was being shipped from track to track, claimed by “trainer” after “trainer,” NOT ONE DOPING/MEDICAL/VET RECORD followed or was transferred.
        Neither the wagering public, nor the state vet who conducts pre-race exams, nor anybody knew exactly what they were plunging into her in the corner cobwebs of her daily prison.
        This is all kept secret so that the abuse can continue unabated with no NEUTRAL oversight.
        This game of Russian Roulette plays out every single day, every step of the way and when they drop dead everything is covered-up just like the dirty tarps they throw over their broken bodies.
        Their “investigations” often lead to nowhere.
        Make no doubt about it the horse racing business is running their own private killing fields, widespread carnage, and have been for many years until now.
        JUSTIFY med positive was a cover-up from start to finish by the pro-horse racing individuals who are on the CHRB board and this is what we know about.
        How about what we don’t know about?
        I guarantee there are plenty of more cover-ups that have been going on at the CHRB for years!!
        Certain “trainers” train for board members and they win the races, break the rules, and become untouchable just like Teflon Bob Baffert.
        In the midst of all this doping and corruption are their innocent voiceless victims and that’s who I’m a voice for and that’s why I will continue to fight for this public butcher show to be shut down.

      • And to use the hollow excuse of a “bad step” is a disgusting lie. Bridget Moloney was a “dead mare walking”.
        Add one more to the list of wrong doing in this illicit game – lies and more lies – THEY TELL THE TRUTH BY ACCIDENT.

  2. Their “go to” excuse has always been the track surface because it takes the blame away from the racehorse abusers and this business is consistent on one thing: protecting the necessary abusive business practices that result in widespread carnage.
    They even protect their 2 disposal systems that rid them of the legal/financial responsibility to the racehorse whom they just maimed: claiming and kill auctions.
    The trainers/owners knowingly and willingly dope up their horses to keep them running to flip a buck all the while keeping the doping/vet records secret.
    In the rare circumstances that they are released, as in the case of CORONADO HEIGHTS, NEHRO, and I’LL HAVE ANOTHER, the truth emerges and it’s an ugly one that clearly shows people who don’t care one damn about risking their horse for a $2 bet or to squeeze another buck out of them.
    Their “bad step” excuse is a disgusting lie and puts the blame on the racehorse instead of the person on their back beating/whipping them for the last drop of sweat before they drop in the dirt.
    This is a revolting business that needs to shut down and it can’t come soon enough for the racehorses.

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