In the $Multi-Billion Racing Industry, Backstretch Workers Live Deplorably

Recently, WBAL in Baltimore accompanied area politicians on a tour of the Laurel Park backside – more specifically, the living quarters for the backstretch workers. That they live this way in an industry littered with billionaire owners and millionaire trainers (see below) is, in a word, unconscionable. By the way, the workers “housed” at Laurel and tracks across the country are the same workers those well-heeled industry folks – starting with the despicable Doug O’Neill – are now so shamelessly and blatantly exploiting with their “save their jobs” campaign. Yes, save the jobs that make this kind of living possible…

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  1. And I will keep reminding – Doug O’Neill and “his” group We Support Horse Racing are supporters of and encourage support of Protect the Harvest – a pro-equine slaughter organization.

    • We Support Horse Racing is not Doug O’Neill’s group. They were and are two seperate entities that decided to come together for rallies. It’s similiar to HRW, which collaborates with local animal rights groups. Although certain individuals have chosen to post articles from Protect the Harvest, We Support Horse Racing is not affliated with that organization.

      • Slow down and read. I stand by my comment – We Support Horse Racing supports Protect the Harvest – and Doug O’Neill supports and is affiliated with – “his” group (you do understand the use of quotation marks here?…or maybe not) – We Support Horse Racing.

        O’Neill – what a choice for a leader. Burna Dette…

      • Supporting horse racing is supporting the massive suffering and carnage of racehorses – full stop.
        Maria, you should be ashamed of yourself.
        You can always do the right thing, change your stance, and be a voiceless for these thousands of voiceless victims.

      • Not sure why you’re spinning your tires on this topic, Maria Case – for someone who supports an industry that killed the NAMED thousands of horses in training and racing – then sends additional multiple thousands to be slaughtered – “thou doth protest too much”.

      • Maria- wow you are so confused arent you? Wasnt it you Maria who said to me – why are you even on the Santa anita page? This is for people who support horseracing! And now we find you here…what a hypocrite you are. “I am just a lover of the sport”. Another lie. I’ve seen comments from you about how you bet. You and the other goons are nothing but a bunch of middle aged bullies who have even gone as far to laugh at my NAME! Truly in the gutter. JOBS ARE NO EXCUSE TO CONTINUE KILLING AND ABUSE.

    • I read your post several times, Joy. It is possible you are not using punctuation properly. I will answer you directly. We Support Horse Racing DOES NOT support Protect the Harvest nor are they affiliated with them in any way. Individuals have chosen to post articles on their personal pages. Doug O’Neill is NOT the leader of We Support Horseracing. Doug O’Neill and his workers are a seperate entity. Several workers and riders from other barns, photographers, equine therapists, you name it, have come out on their own to join the cause.

      • The alignment by We Support Horse Racing members with Protect the Harvest has been provided. Just as the Jockey Club does not support the SAFE Act – thereby turning away from tens of thousands of racehorses going to slaughter – alignment with a pro-slaughter organization by WSHR group members does the same.

      • Ms. Case, do you support a group of rabid racing supporters in California who seemed to be focused on calling “us,” who are anti-racing, terrorists? So, let me be clear with my question. Are animal activists terrorists? I just need some clarification and you seem like the perfect person to provide that to me!

        Just to bring you, and your colleagues, up to speed, here is the definition of TERRORIST…

        “A person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in pursuit of political aims.”

        “We” are certainly not terrorists, according to the definition. Those that call us terrorists are either incredibly stupid or delusional….perhaps a bit of both. Their desperation is palpable.

        Finally, I received a screenshot where a racing supporter said that Patrick “needs to disappear.” That, at least to me, sounds like a threat. No, wait….it is a threat! Do you align yourself with this California group? A simple “yes” or “no” to that question will suffice.

    • We Support Horse Racing is not aligned with Protect the Harvest any more than there is an alignment with the New York Times, The LA Times, CNN, Horse Racing Wrongs, PETA or any other organization or news outlet that prints public articles available for sharing. Individuals are free to share articles on their personal pages without any implications of being associated with the entity that publishes the material. I don’t know how many other ways I can say that. The Jockey Club has nothing to do with this conversation. You stated fallacies and I corrected them. Stop dancing around the subject.

      • Mary Johnson – I’m not sure why my original comment is not appearing, but my response was: I don’t know what page or person you are referring to. I am not responsible for what individuals say or post on their own personal pages or on fan pages. There are animal activitist groups that have been characterized as terrorist groups by the FBI. This organization is not one of them, as far as I know. If anyone refers to this organization as a terrorist group, you can and should correct them. If you feel a credible threat has been made against you or someone else, you should report it to the appropriate party. In regards to you last question, I am merely a fan in California, and I do support horse racing.

      • Ms. Case, you state in your post that you “don’t know what page or person” I am referring to. Frankly, I don’t believe you because you are “liking” comments on the EXACT same FB page where the racing supporter threatens to make Patrick Battuello “disappear.” Pretending to be ignorant doesn’t give you a free pass, does it? We, who are against horseracing, are described by YOUR group as being “terrorists” yet some of those in YOUR group suggest VANDALIZING other peoples’ property which is against the law! How sick is that? Then another WSHR supporter states that she, the supporter, has “an art degree and could change that around (by vandalizing) to benefit us (WSHR). Sick of these pieces of shit.” Wow! And WHO likes her comment? You do, Ms. Maria Case! When you “like” a comment, one could reasonably assume that you “support” or “agree” with that comment so “we” will assume that you support vandalism and a handful of your colleagues support making Mr. Battuello “disappear.” Another lie from you…You aren’t “merely” a fan. You are an integral part of a group that promotes destruction of property and making people “disappear” who don’t agree with your agenda. You must be proud…mighty proud…to be part of such a contemptible group!

        I would now like to take the opportunity to clear up some confusion on your part. Funding for Horseracing Wrongs comes from DONATIONS….again, DONATIONS. There is nothing clandestine going on here. As a 501c3 PUBLIC charity, we answer to the public, public being the operative word. Pretty simple, is it not?

        Taking a stand against the exploitation of our beloved animals is an evolutionary process, imo. We “evolve” over time. I never loved horseracing but there was a time when I liked it. Of course, I liked anything to do with horses and actually got my first horse, an OTTB by the name of Sunlin, back in 1963. One of the things about racing that I questioned as a teenager was why everyone said a prayer when the gates flew open and then these same people breathed a sigh of relief when the horses finished in one piece. Was there something inherently dangerous about racing? When I finished riding my horse, no one breathed a sigh of relief that the horse was still in one piece. The seed of doubt that there was something insidious going on in the industry was planted and, in time, I completely turned against it.

        You say you support horseracing so I would like to ask you what do you like most about it? Take your pick….the drugs, (both legal and illegal), the confinement, the joint injections, the tongue ties, the breaking/training at eighteen months of age (when the horse isn’t skeletally mature), the whipping, or slaughter which, as we all should know by now, is racing’s disposal system. I find all of those choices revolting but you may feel differently. Perhaps you are just mesmerized by the fancy hats, fruity drinks, celebrities (including Mr. Drug O’Neill) and the bright, brilliant smiles but I can assure you, after spending years on the backside of a track picking up the broken bodies, that these things are just a facade to deflect from racing’s dirty secrets.

        • Mary Johnson –
          1.) I did not know what page you were referring to. I had to ask around to find out whose INDIVIDUAL page it was.
          2) I did not see that comment that someone made who wishes Patrick would disappear. You are really stretching that as a threat. I think the person really meant that he wants him stop demonizing people who work in the industry and belitting fans when they ask him questions.
          3) I have never personally said that Horseracing Wrongs is a terriorist group. I’ve actually told you and others that I do not believe it is. A radical activist and extemist group yes, but not a terrorist group
          4) I have never supported vandalism. The comment made by someone else that said that they had an art degree and could change the bus bench ad around did it through PHOTOSHOP and posted it later. No vandalism occurred. And frankly, I am sick of you and the most of the people who support your cause, so I will also support the second half of that comment.
          5) I am merely fan. That is not a lie. I do not promote destruction of property or make threats towards others. If other individuals do, report it, as I have stated before.
          6) Yes, people have wondered your money is coming from. Thank you for clearing it up. Donations. Okay.
          7) . I shouldn’t have to really defend a favorite pastime of mine. I slupport horse racing because I know my friends who work in the industry do not abuse animals. It hurts me that people try to demonize people who do an honest days work. I am sorry that you don’t agree, but trying to intimidate me, or incriminate for what others have said about you, or calling me a liar isn’t going to change my mind.

      • Hey lady, go back to your disqus profile, spew your bs on paulick, hang out at the track bar, and defend your friends and family, were gonna be here supporting the horses and standing up for them. Oh and dont forget sa has averaged 50 deaths a yr, being a 1/2 mile from the track id figure youd be more aware, so with that said blame the rain all you want,but it is, has been, and will continue to be a killing field rain or not. Truth and facts do not lie, you can claim extrimists and blah whatever youd like, we simply stand for the horses and hold the industry accountable, why is that so difficult for you to understand? Not sure how your supporting what these owners and trainers have done, plenty of examples out there, maybe thats more of the issue. You love racing we love horses.

      • Verbal attacks directed at Patrick and at those of us who are pro-horse/anti-racing have ramped up in light of the deserved “bad press” horseracing continues to receive. I’ve seen several irate individuals go to such an extreme in their hatred that they declare we are happy when a racehorse dies. Others exclaim; “they hate horses”. Yet another stated to me and this is verbatim; “I’m confident Patrick would like to kill your horses too. He just won’t say it directly to you. BUT he did say it.” Now mind you, many of us here have spent years rescuing racing’s discarded and crippled horses – literal hundreds during our time working with racehorse rescue organizations and others we have rescued on our own dimes. And racing “fans” have their feelings hurt when they are “belittled”? They will get no sympathy here. Choose a pastime that doesn’t cripple and kill horses in an unnecessary gambling industry. Support an industry that does not send multi-thousands of their “athletes” to be butchered in slaughterhouses across our borders. Go whine somewhere else.

        A good number of us have racing’s cast-offs in our backyards “as we speak”. We have committed to care for them for life – we do everything possible to minimize risk of injury by safeguarding their environment and we strive to provide a day-to-day life that mimics how an equine would choose to live. OUR horses truly ARE our family and unlike the industry’s horses, they don’t need to “earn their keep” nor accumulate winnings. Our home is their home. No matter what. The same cannot be said for racing owners and their racehorses. We make every effort to minimize risk of injury and death – racing amplifies those risks.

        Racing insiders, apologists and fans reveal their desperation to deflect from the inevitable killing by their personal attacks on Patrick/HW…proving they cannot argue the truths of the message so what is there to do except attack the messenger. It is what one does when one knows their situation is hopeless.

      • Ms. Case, I will respond to your post point by point…

        – I do NOT believe that you did not know whose page I was referring to in regards to Mr. Sodano’s comment that Mr. Battuello “needs to disappear.” Why do I think you are lying? Right below Sodano’s post, you, Ms. Case, “like” a post where Ms. Campo states that she has an art degree and then calls us “sick pieces of shit.” In fact, your comments and “likes” are all over that page. Perhaps you should try to convince the racing apologists that you were clueless because it won’t work with me. I was born at night but not last night!

        – You didn’t “see” the threat from Sodano. I have already addressed this in my comment above. Again, I do NOT believe you. You don’t believe that Sodano was making a threat. Well, I do. I privately messaged Sodano and he is one ugly human being…nasty, filthy and repulsive. He states, in a private message to me, that if he was Patrick, he would “run very far away and hide” if HW’s “mission” is accomplished. That, to me, is a threat. You then babble that you “think” Sodano wants Patrick to stop demonizing people who work in the industry and belittling fans. How dare you even suggest that. You, and the rest of the village idiots, have suggested or called us terrorists, monsters, and Ms. Campo has called us “mother suckers” and “pieces of shit” and YOU, Ms. Case, “liked” that comment. You have demonized and belittled us. When it comes to demonizing and belittling, you’ve heard the saying….if the shoe fits, wear it.

        – I can’t say for sure if YOU have ever directly called “us” terrorists but your colleagues have and you have “liked” their posts. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together would assume that you are in agreement when someone posts an inflammatory comment and you “like” that comment. To try to deflect is disingenuous on your part.

        – You have never supported vandalism? I’m not sure you are telling the truth because your colleagues HAVE supported vandalism. In fact, I think you are lying, once again, because why would you need/want to know where the benches are located if you just wanted to PHOTOSHOP them? YOU state, when asked where the benches are located, “I wish I knew. Think West Hollywood or Santa Monica.” Ms. Carrie Fales babbles, “Stacy Campo, I’ll drive” and YOU, Ms. Case, “like” the comment. Why would anyone need to DRIVE just to photoshop? Don’t bother to answer that because we already know the answer. You are sick of me (your words, not mine) and the people who support the end of Horseracing. Good, I’m glad you are sick of us so let me reassure you and the rest of your entourage that we are NOT going away. We have every right to protest outside the gates of SA or any other track. Have you ever heard of freedom of speech? We have a right to protest even though you, and the Drug O’Needle crowd, are unhappy about it. What I would suggest, if you are unhappy about the benches, is get up off your hind ends, gather up all the racing apologists, collect DONATIONS and buy advertising on benches that promote Horseracing. Even a dimwit should be able to figure that out.

        – Sodano has been reported.

        – Over the years, I have asked many racing apologists the same question I asked you and not one has answered the question. Your response that you shouldn’t have to defend your favorite pastime is typical. Still, I am always curious as to what the answer would be and I often think the answer would be “none of those” things which, in and of itself, it quite incriminating. I suspect you are fairly new to racing and naive about what really goes on behind closed doors but I could be wrong about that. You are simply out of touch when you say that your friends do not “abuse animals.” Whipping, tongue ties, drugs, injections, confinement (I could go on) is animal abuse, in my opinion and the opinion of many others, but you have chosen to look the other way. We are not demonizing people who do an honest day’s work but we are speaking out against an industry that cripples, maims, and kills DAILY. Oh, and trying to intimidate me and others who are opposed to animal exploitation will not work. Got it?

        Finally, why don’t the racing supporters in your group pay tribute to the horses that end up dead when they put their “lives on the line” so that humans can bet and be entertained, especially the ones that snap their legs off? Two horses, that we know of, have died in the last 24 hours….one at SA and one training for the BC in England, the latter was only three and broke both front legs. I find that gruesome…reminiscent of Eight Belles and I will NEVER get that image out of my head no matter how hard I try. Perhaps an acknowledgement would take time away from enjoying tacos, music and peddling bright blue wristbands. However, we, at HW, will continue to report the deaths and give a voice to the voiceless. You can count on that!

      • Ms. Case, I have a correction to my most recent reply to you. G Q Covergirl was six and broke BOTH front legs while training yesterday at SA. She was trained by Drug O’Needle. Line of Duty was killed while training for the BC.

        Also, I received a screenshot from a discussion you were involved in about a month ago. You, Ms. Case, are replying to a Fred Tunks and you suggest that Patrick “gets off” when reporting horse deaths. Then you babble that “He’s like the firefighter who becomes an arsonist” yet YOU accuse US of demonizing people. It looks as if you, dear girl, are the one doing the demonizing! Your lack of integrity and professionalism fits in well with racing. You are right where you belong.

        Finally, I just have to mention the “classy lassie”…Jackie Munnerlyn….who manages the WSHR page. A photo of her giving the finger to an anti-racing protester is posted on the HW FB page under the story about G Q Covergirl. One word for Munnerlyn….VILE.

      • Apart from what organizations the group, We Support Horse Racing, is aligned with and those it is not aligned with, I would like to know what it does for the horses discarded by racing.
        I wonder what WSH does for the overwhelming and ongoing numbers of horses dumped by the business. Do these supporters dig into their pockets to help the rescues or take in a horse or two or pay to board a horse with nowhere to go but the slaughter house and then find him a home ? Does WSH pay for euthanizing the many horses no longer useful to racing because they have no cartilage left and are put up for sale, some as brood mare prospects, when they can hardly walk and are in constant pain….or do they step up for the horse standing in the stall with colic and bleeding ulcers when the trainer has no funds for treatment???
        I wonder how these people view the horse, a disposable commodity or a sentient being that feels pain, fear and suffers in “silence”?
        Wearing blue wristbands does not help the discarded racehorses standing in the kill pens, the overwhelmed rescues, or regular people who constantly dig into their pockets to help horses in dire need because they have been abandoned by this gambling business.

      • Did you really say that you shouldnt need to defend a “favourite pastime”. OMG. Like why should I need to defend horse deaths and abuse? It’s my favourite pastime! Get a new hobby maria that doesnt involve abusing animals! Go to a concert or casino! You are so inconsistant- you claim it’s for workers and jobs, in reality it’s to fill up your spare time.

      • Rose, yes, thank you for your comment – you have, as others here have as well, helped SO many discarded racehorses and I will always be so grateful to you for that! – you have been the very reason racehorses unwanted by the industry are alive today!

        Regarding We Support Horse Racing and their encouragement to support and align with pro-slaughter Protect the Harvest, one of the WSHR page’s managers shared and encouraged the viewing of a PTH video – “Great video!!” – so it’s very clear where they stand on the issue of horse slaughter.

        One thing we see with racehorse owners? – many don’t know the difference between a fetlock and a forelock. They don’t care for horses on a daily basis – they don’t have horses in their backyard like many of us here do – they have no idea what makes a horse happy and healthy or what sets a horse up for a fulfilling life, thriving amongst their own herd. They are told living in a stall with a hay bag at the level of their nose – having a stall ball and receiving the occasional peppermint – getting baths and being tied to the back of the stall for grooming – is a great life, a pampered life…and they buy it.

    • Joy I’ve spoken to backstretch workers on that page who have told me that they are so poorly paid they have to sleep in the barns. They hate horses and they couldn’t care less about the workers.

      • Faye, I am very familiar with the way workers are treated on the backside of low level tracks. The ones that worked for the trainers were, oftentimes, illegals who didn’t even make minimum wage. Some slept in their cars or trucks (if they had a car or truck) and, as you stated above, some actually slept in the stalls. The racing supporters, including Ms. Case, are desperate to paint a pretty picture of life on the backside and they will do their best to twist and spin the truth. Horses are dying in the dirt at their beloved Santa Anita and all they care about is promoting bright blue wristbands and threatening to vandalize bus benches. None of them seem concerned about broken legs or breaking the law. What a sick bunch…

  2. This is not exactly correct. Whenever Stronach buys a racetrack, immediately in the first plans are new dorms-you can see the new dorms at Gulfstream Park, Palm Meadows and even here at Laurel. What you see in the video are the old dorms that have been at Laurel since long before I can even remember. I did not see the camera tour the new dorms that are there that sit right on the corner of Whiskey Bottom Road and Racetrack Road. Hmm. I think Patrick is trying too hard.

    • Truth bomb – exactly how most end up:

      Another truth bomb:

      No emergency evacuation plans in place.
      Waited until the very last minute to let them out of the stalls.
      All the apologists whom you claim care?
      Well, they didn’t provide their farms or stalls for any racehorses, which is why they had nowhere to go!
      Then this, a lady risks her life to go into the fire and save some?
      Oh yes, I know what you’ll say:…but that’s because we care.
      So you care about getting some publicity, about the horses in these stalls, but you continue to maim and kill thousands of racehorses every day across this country.
      Oh, and I forgot – the multi-billion dollar horse racing business was begging for donations on all social media platforms for the workers that live in deplorable conditions.

      Oh my, whoever you are since you’re not brave enough to display your name and your capacity in the vile business of horse racing.
      I can understand why since these legal gangsters go after people like me who shed the truth.
      Oh, back to the truth bomb:

      Now this was posted by the OTTB group in Ontario which pretty much indict them.
      All racehorse after care facilities in Ontario are FULL TO THE BRIM.
      They don’t even know where to put them anymore.
      They are begging people to adopt them.
      There are not enough homes to go around, never has been, never will be.
      Sooner or later most all become disposable gambling chips to the tune of about 12,000 per year.
      So the couple you rescue here and there, and touting your aftercare doesn’t even put a dent into this unwanted racehorse issue solely due to the vile business that you obviously support and probably get paid from

      I’ve left the best truth bomb for last:

      • Gina Powell – Don’t you dare tell me that I should be ashamed of myself, and that I need to chance my stance. I’ve never once said that to any one of you or asked you to change your beliefs. I am doing the right thing by correcting fallacies spread by your anti horseracing pal, Joy Aten. The only reason that I comment here is to ask questions and share the truth.

      • Maria, it’s not so much anti-racing.
        We are against the massive suffering and carnage of racehorses for $2 bets.
        I would think that you would be against this also, but you continue to support it.
        That’s shameful Maria.

      • I’ve told Maria many times that she should be ashamed of herself. Makes no dent as shes missing a sensitivity chip. Instead she uses her winnings that she makes through killing and abusing horses to go get herself a manicure. Trying to make herself feel beautiful off of her blood money. She couldn’t tell the truth and be consistent if her life depended on it. Her and the other disgusting WSHR goons were at the track watching as the last few horses went down. The week after emtech broke both front legs and was killed they were having a good knees up on the street. Another horse died that day. And you know what she did- she taunted people online that they had a bigger turn out for the partying horsekillers. And yes- every disparaging remark made about people that do not support this bloodsport she encourages. Yet she thinks shes classy. The new one her and her goons and been told to say recently is “so what’s your solution?”. Yes what’s our solution to the sick industry she and others have created and supported for years! Droning on about jobs and money. Like jobs justify killing and abuse.

    • Yes, my colleague and friend Jo Anne Normile founded CANTER – a former racing TB breeder and owner, she left the racing industry to do so. CANTER – started by a non-race individual and as we did back when Jo Anne founded the organization, the affiliates are always begging for funding…racehorses needing surgery for racing-induced injuries stand in the background while a CANTER volunteer pleads for the money to provide treatment – treatment the racing connections will not provide.

      The fact that CANTER has been saddled with the responsibility of finding homes for that many horses is, once again, speaking volumes about just what the industry DOES NOT DO for their “beloved athletes”.

  3. There is no one involved in horseracing that wants to see horses die. You are being obtuse. Horse slaughter is the shipping of horses to a meat factory which is a horrifying and solitary experience for a horse. Racehorses, and racepeople may die but when they die it is not alone, after having been extremely loved and being well-cared for until the moment of death and doing something that they loved to do.

    • You make me sick whoever who are.
      How much are you getting paid to spew this bullshit?
      Go to the kill auctions rescue 22 racehorses like I did, pay for them including their thousands of dollars in vet bills because most are so crippled from this industry that’s what it takes.
      Better still, contact Joy Aten or Mary or Mary Johnson who have a long list of unwanted racehorses looking for homes and do your part – whoever you are.
      If your so concerned about the racehorses then actions speak louder than words.
      Don’t you dare come on here claiming to have a bunch of racehorses in your backyard or beautiful grassy paddock like others come on here to claim because you know what?
      When we request that they verify their claim, by provided a pic with a tattoo, they suddenly disappear.
      So go ask the pro-horse racing entities to take care of their disposable gambling chips instead of coming on here and attacking people who have opened their hearts and wallets to the racehorses whom they dump daily.
      We know damn well that they are not taken care of because whipping/beating, doping, running them sore, forced confinement, dumping them when maimed and every killing them is NOT caring for them you whack job.

      • I think these industry people come on here and comment without ever reading and realizing that there are a lot of us here who participated in racing and are here because of our experience. He/she won’t be back.

    • No one in the industry wants racehorses dead? – not only are there those who want them dead and gone, they choose to have them killed in the most unspeakable way possible – slaughter.

      A kill buyer who has been one of the largest suppliers to a Canadian slaughterhouse is also a licensed racing TB owner – Jaron/Jaroslav Gold. We’ve known about him for years – as have many, many racing breeders, owners and trainers. We, in fact, had to match meat price for many unwanted and crippled racehorses still in their shedrow stalls in order to get them safe before Gold got them. We never got them all. Tracks, commissions and some of racing’s “elite” have been informed of Gold’s practices – he remains licensed by racing.

      Burton Sipp – I need not say more.

      10K-12K (minimally) TB’s are slaughtered every year – that’s a lot of racing owners/trainers not following and not ensuring their precious “family members” are safe and secure in their “new homes”. Yes, bred for racing – used in racing – but not provided with a forever home nor supported for life by racing.

      Direct-to-kill racehorses – having supported the work of a non-profit that redeems racehorses (and all breeds) from auctions and killpens, I’ve also been made aware of that horrific practice – and I’m not the only one who knows this to be true.

      Then you’ve got Keith Asmussen – “Asmussen mares [ten broodmares] found at slaughter auction” – and racing industry members like Donna Keen come to his defense when Asmussen actually dared to claim he “didn’t even know there were any slaughterhouses left”.

      Daily Racing Form › news › asmuss…Web resultsAsmussen family mares found at slaughter auction – Daily Racing Form

      I would bet you benefit or have benefitted from the racing industry’s existence – your comments are the typical “stepping over the dead bodies of racehorses to defend the industry that killed them”, uttered by industry employees and apologists. I, for one, like when the defenders of horseracing comment here – you always prove our points in one way or another.

      Did you get what you came here for, commonsenseandsensible?

        • You know joy that this story shows more that racing people care about the horses than you say. First of all the Asmussens said that they never dreamed that the mares would end up there and would not have sold them knowing so, Second, throughbred owners stepped up to the plate and bought the horses and saved them. So the issue is that peope stepped up and rescued horses that were inadvertently sent to a bad place. This is how much they care.

      • Oh of course Asmussen – in the horse business for over half a century – didn’t know there were any slaughterhouses still remaining!…oh my…

        Hey, we’ve got LISTS of racehorses in really bad situations currently – some still being raced, some in killpens, some owned by Burton Sipp who brings his crippled and unwanted to KB-attended auctions, those owned and raced by Gold…maybe even take a look at Not Cloudy All Day on Twitter – they’ve got an ongoing list of racehorses needing salvation – and being a pro-racing group, how ODD that they cannot get the funds and the homes to get those horses safe!

        • Ah yes, the fact that horse slaughter has been banned in the US did not confuse him eh? Maybe he meant “in The US” or maybe he even said it but you omit it to serve your purposes.

        • Are you the Joy Aten who was involved with Canter USA? The site states over 25,000 homes found for thoroughbreds. I bet if you add that up with many of the many other organizations it comes to a far cry more than “breadcrumbs”

    • Your truth bomb is showing the multi-billion dollar horseracing industry throws SOME of their beloved “family members” a few crumbs?

      Again, you just keep proving our point…

      • Actually you must not have read the webpage which shows substantial and systemic efforts to rehome and take good care of the horses all over the United States. Just because you call it “breadcrumbs” doesn’t make it so.

      • Every racehorse rescue organization that the TAA throws a few crumbs to BEGS for funding from the public.

        Bred for racing – used in racing – but not provided a forever home nor supported for life by racing. The public is constantly being asked for donations to support the horses used by then no longer wanted by this multi-billion dollar industry. That says it all.

        What the TAA provided last year to the organizations taking in the horses racing wanted rid of (hmmm…another telling truth);

        The TAA gave 3 million dollars to its accredited rescue organizations in 2018. 3 million is a mere 0.3% of 1 billion.

        The industry is a MULTI-BILLION dollar industry – yet it gave its horses ONLY 0.3% of just ONE billion….not even 1% of 1 billion. I cannot even compute how minuscule that percentage is of multi-billions. CRUMBS – for their “beloved athletes”.

        And racehorses by the multiple-thousands still take the tortuous trip to and suffer the unspeakable death in slaughterhouses across our borders. Isn’t it so appalling that the thousands killed training and racing might be the fortunate ones?

        Horse racing kills its horses – always has, always will – one way or another.

        • Again, you open your mouth and insert foot. Yes, much of the funding comes from donations but the donations come from the people who love horses and horseracing. And from the racing industry leaders themselves. And the TAA is not “the industry” it is a very small part of the industry. So If you are thinking that it has to come “from the industry itself” you are missing it. It is coming from the industry.

      • Where did I say the TAA is the industry? – slow down…

        I was being very generous to the racing industry – giving them the full credit for the measly 0.3% of 1 billion doled out some rescue organizations…when that minuscule amount was reached because of the general public’s donations, as well. Glad you pointed that out.

      • Joy- that this person is so delusional is sad, but I have to say, her “truth bombs” almost gave me the laugh I needed for the day.

    • Loved and cared for? You mean like isolation and confinement, drugs, doping, freeze therapy, broken shoulders, severed spines, skull fractures, shattered legs, colic, ulcers, laminitis, pulmonary hemorrhaging, and slaughter? Doing what they loved to do? Is that why they have to force so many racehorses into the gate and use shock devices? Is that why they literally beat horses with whips to force them to run faster? When a horse goes down, you’re right, he’s not alone – there’s a flurry of activity as people rush around erecting screens to save the public’s delicate sensitivities, as a group of them literally sit on him to hold him down while the vet jams in the final needle he will feel in his short life. Then his body is dumped in an isolated area for the rendering truck. If they care enough they might cover him with a tarp. Is this obtuse enough for you? When owners and trainers say they are mourning the loss of a racehorse, they are mourning the loss of the money he brought in, nothing more. There is a harsh and ugly reality to horse racing that apologists like yourself refuse to see, because if you actually could admit to yourselves what the truth really is, it would mean you are enabling the abuse and torture of thousands of horses for money and entertainment.

    • If you don’t want to see racehorses die then stop exploiting and killing them.
      In other words, the only solution to the problem is to shut it down.

    • Truth bomb:

      EVIL ONE in the kill pen along with others while members of your multi-billion dollar industry are begging for donations to get him out.
      Why don’t you go to the kill pens and spend your time there?

      Another truth bomb:

      This is how most of them end up.

    • Truth bomb:

      They forced a multi-stakes winner whose made over $200,000 to run in a race after he severely injured his neck and leg in the starting gate.
      So much for “loving” and “caring” right?
      Here’s the reason why they ran this injured racehorses – he was a favorite 1-2.
      So you know what that means don’t you Ms Mysterious apologist?
      That means that there was hundreds of thousands of dollar bet on him and they wanted that money and they get the money the second the racehorse leaves the gate.
      If they would have did the right thing that loving, caring people do then they would have walked him back to the barn and treated his injuries, but that would have meant that they would have to reimburse the money.

    • Silent ruler, why dont you look that horses story up, or how about the jockey that laid on the track with a crushed pelvis at turf paradise for a half hour waiting for an ambulance. Would you like more examples? Your comments are delusional at best

    • All those “aftercare” funds for racehorses? – it takes all of 60 seconds to find more dumped racehorses on social media…along with the pleading to help them.

      Here, another one – verbatim; “As many of you know, my mother and I run a 501(c)(3) Racing for Home, for OTTB’s. We’re currently working to help 2 mares who need it badly (dumped by their former connections). As much as we hate asking for $, any bit helps to truly save lives!” She continues; “More details to come, but these 2 were slaughter-bound if we did not step in…”.

      Begging for racehorses’ lives who were, as this individual who happens to be a racing supporter stated, “dumped by their former connections”. “Any bit helps”. How pathetic. Racehorses dumped. Begging for “any little bit”. As long as this industry remains in existence, not ONE of its horses should be standing in a killpen – waiting for help that for tens of thousands never comes.

      Racing! – you care? – then prove it. When the next horse you bred and used is found at auction or in a killpen, have a phone number at the ready where you can be reached – so YOU can go purchase the horse and take it to YOUR facility – on YOUR dime and shedding YOUR blood, sweat and tears. Then provide her with a home. For life. Just as we do for our horses. No more expecting others to pick up what you have deemed not worthy and thrown out like yesterday’s trash. Until this cruel and unnecessary gambling industry comes to an end, this should be what’s expected of YOU for YOUR horses.

      It will never happen.

      (Dark Helmet was just rescued, one of several more discarded racehorses – a California-bred 2015 gelding – raced at Santa Anita for Rockingham Ranch and Peter Miller in early 2018 – wasn’t long before they got him off their books and the bay gelding was being raced at cheap Charles Town and Mountaineer. Last raced at Mountaineer for Burton Sipp about a month ago. THIS…is American horseracing.)

      • First 3 races claiming price 50k 25k 5k, as we all know its how you get those “bad” horses off your books, dump them to someone else via claiming or dump them at auction…yes joy perfectly stated this is american horseracing, so much for that anti slaughter policy AGAIN.

    • You may not want to see them die, but you certainly cannot deny that the situations you put them into causes them to die. And this includes the slipping of them into the hands of killed buyers.

      But again, no one wants to watch, but denying their dignity in death changes not one thing in your favor.

    • commonsenseandsensible, there is a pro-racing apologist (a Mr. Gallo) who says this…”Until horsemen can get the public to come to realize that catastrophic breakdowns are part of the business and that it is heartbreaking for all the connections to the horse, the sport is doomed. The media will continue to report the inevitable breakdowns week after week. It’s a sad reality of racing that the public will have to accept or else.” Sick stuff, imo…

      Just to be clear….I will NEVER accept catastrophic breakdowns as part of the business, and, because they will never cease, racing needs to die in the dirt the same way that many of the horses do. Even according to Gallo, the sport is “doomed” unless the public wants to accept the deaths. Obviously, the tide is turning against an industry that exploits animals for entertainment and gambling. The demise of racing can’t come soon enough for me.

      • So the future of racing hinges on the public deciding that a horse’s leg shattering mid stride and him slamming into the dirt is acceptable and even expected? You honestly couldn’t make up the shit that comes out of these racing apologists’ mouths……

    • Oh well that makes it ok then. Yes I’m 100% sure the horses just loved being confined, drugged and whipped for their short lives up until their deaths! Sounds great to me! What planet do you live on?

  4. These living condiitons are very common at many of the tracks, especially at lower level tracks. When I took my friend to the backside of one of our local tracks- she said she felt she entered “one of the worst ghettos”. I remember my first time there- I was incredibly disappointed. I expected beautiful clean barns, pretty flowers, fresh paint on white fences, and instead there was raggedy falling down barns that looked like these old tired barns at Laurel, broken up concrete in the parking lots, trash blowing everywhere, garbage cans overflowing, old rusted cars with flat tires, and many of the humans looked about as tired and worn out in raggedy clothes, and holes in their shoes.
    Paulick report even had an article not too long ago about a black groom at a track, and his paltry living condiitons, where he and his roommate had to squeeze around each other in their dorm room, and his crappy salary.
    The Drug O’Neill parties may have backside workers showing up because they just really need some free food and drinks.

    • No “trickle down” economics here. Greedy people at the top feeding off exploited people and horses.
      Nothing good about it for the horses or the people.

  5. To: coomonsenseandsensible. – you are delusional and I will give you a complete history of Frank Stronach’s lies and alleged outright fraud to our local and state politicians that has been going on for years.
    Let’s start with profits.
    The Stronach Group (formerly Magna Entertainment) cut deals with the government at many tracks in many states (Maryland, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, California) and got in return billions of dollars in casino profits, property tax deference’s, and/or taxpayers money including corporate welfare.
    I actually saw some of the paperwork in California on the details and I was astounded at what they got from the California government in return to own and run racetracks there.
    Frank Stronach’s never ending visions of utopia never materialized such as upgraded housing, upgraded stable areas and many other promises including development of the poor areas around the tracks.
    Magna Entertainment was unable to fulfill these promises, for the most part, and in fact ripped-off thousands of contractors, and hard working stable personnel that invested in Magna stock.
    Here’s how – Magna Entertainment claimed bankruptcy so they got out of these deals, but still received and spent the billions in casino, taxpayers, and/or corporate welfare money.
    The communities, the stable workers, investors, got little to nothing and of course the racehorses are the biggest losers as they continue to pay with their lives to fill races for this buffoon.

    So they got all the financial benefits while the rest suffered, and continue to suffer to this day as clearly evidenced on this video so you can take your stupid new dorms excuse and put that into the manure.
    If your so concerned about the new dorms then go take pictures yourself and show them without just giving another bunch of lip service which this business is so good at.
    All the dorms should have been completed renovated by now especially given the billions they got in return.
    Now they are back at the taxpayers trough yet again.
    First of all, whoever you are because you don’t wan’t to release your name – totally understandable when you are making such ridiculous claims.
    Anyways, I was inside the tack rooms both at Laurel Park and Pimlico when I raced there.
    This was back around 2005/2006 so that’s 12 years of collecting billions in taxpayers and/or corporate welfare with little to nothing done as shown on the video.
    That was plenty of time and money to live up to their legal obligations and promises.
    A groom invited me back to his room to look at it.
    He was an outspoken advocate on behalf of stable area workers living in the dorm.
    I was shocked at the deplorable living conditions then.
    There were literally rats running across my feet as I stood in the room at night.
    The groom there begged me to bring this to the attention of the local government there or the media because they were scared to speak out and I can understand why since I’ve been a recipient of these legal gangsters right up until today.
    It was no surprise when I got an emergency call from him that they kicked him out of his dorm room for speaking out which is what this business does.
    If you speak the truth you are banished, threatened, or they make your life a living hell – all hallmarks or organized crime.
    Shortly after this I drove out to California to start my position as an Associate Steward.
    I stopped along the way at the tracks in Oklahoma and Texas.
    I also stabled and raced in Texas all owned by then Magna Entertainment.
    There were people and children living in tack rooms all over the place and they were deplorable.
    Nothing shocked me more than the deplorable living conditions at Del Mar in California nor the pictures of the tack rooms in the stable area at Santa Anita and they were equal or worse to the slums in Calcutta India.
    Were talking rats, bugs, toilets that don’t work with shit coming out of them all over the floor, tiles falling from the ceiling etc proper drainage, stinks, holes in the floor etc etc – it was disgusting.
    If anybody complained – goodbye because they had to keep the government money coming in and they didn’t want any leaks (pardon the pun) getting out.
    This was all and still is going on while Magna and then TSG pulls in BILLIONS in wagering profits, tax deferments and/or corporate welfare.
    There’s no excuse for this whatsoever.
    Then I saw the living dorms at San Luis Rey Downs – despicable not to mention the fact that the manure had not been picked-up for weeks, it stunk so bad it was unbearable and this was because they were late in paying their trash removal bills.
    So I had to ask myself how in the hell can this organization, Magna Entertainment, go on when they can’t even pay simple bills or are so late in paying some bills that things don’t get done?
    So it didn’t surprise me when they claimed bankruptcy shortly thereafter, but it shocked me that the local and state governments continued with the sweet deals, which netted them billions, to this circus show.
    I swear every single American needs to stand up to this corrupt killing pit called horse racing immediately demand that ALL funding stops and shut it the fuck down.
    All casino profits should be going to the communities and to our children’s education – NOT to this waste.
    How many more politicians and people are going to be swept up under this delusional man?
    He ruined Ontario horse racing and I could write a book about that.
    One of the last sales auctions I attended at the Woodbine Racetrack back around 2007? Andy Stronach, Frank Stronach’s son and Adena Springs were dumping a bunch of broodmares there most of whom were in foal.
    Many were spent mares who had given this man, Frank Stronach, year after year of forced impregnation, selling their foals at sales auction and now most were done, this would be their last foal and they were dumped.
    Some were barren unable to get in foal because there reproductive systems were spent.
    Most didn’t even reach the $1000 minimum auction bid so they began selling them in the parking lot at Woodbine because they didn’t want to take them back to the farm to financially support them and I’m not kidding you and there were many people there that night that saw it.
    Of course it was Stronach so everybody was supposed to shut up about it.
    My comment here isn’t derived from hatred towards the Stronach family at all because this is going on all over America and the corruption and waste of billions in Pennsylvania is nauseating!!
    I’m just simply stating the facts, what I directly witnessed and this has GOT TO STOP!
    This man, now in his 80’s and appears to now be mentally unsound who is not legally in charge of The Stronach Group, and his daughter who probably wouldn’t have anything to do with this if she was not given this, and all of their delusions, need to end and it’s up to our politicians to stop this total waste of money and racehorse lives.
    It’s up to each and every one of us to bang on our politicians doors to demand that they stop supporting this.
    Billions that would otherwise benefit our communities and our children’s education.

  6. Another thing.
    Frank Stronach’s multi-billion dollar auto parts company founded here in Toronto, Canada is now called Magna Auto Parts.
    He was a genius when it came to this business – no doubt about it.
    He built an empire out of a garage in Toronto – there’s a book written about this.
    Anyways, fast forward and the shareholders of Magna Auto Parts were so concerned over his delusional business plans for horse racing that they filed a lawsuit against Stronach to not only remove him from President, but to keep the assets of the auto industry (which makes billions in profits) away from his horse racing plans.
    That had to be one of the smartest business moves in the 21st century.
    Both the shareholders and Frank Stronach reached a deal.
    They got what they want, mainly separating from the all horse racing entities, while Mr. Stronach got millions in salary and stocks – simple overview mind you.
    So the business shareholders were smart so what about our politicians?
    I guess it’s easy to hand out money that belongs to taxpayers right?
    When is our government going to stop throwing bad money after bad, when are hard working Americans going to get their fair share.
    It’s no wonder why these people are so rich and fly around in their private jets.
    If Frank Stronach had to go into bankruptcy for this vile business then nobody can make this work.
    Ontario Racing got 345 million per year for 12 years (more than our education and healthcare budget combined!) and still has to go to the taxpayers trough for another 100 million per year that their ole boys club buddy current Premier Ford gave while slashing our education and welfare this is insane!! not to mention supporting this massive suffering and carnage of racehorses with total impunity?

    • Your statements here are.more powerful than normal. The words should resound in every editorial nationwide.

  7. I’m continually amazed that those of us trying to eliminate horse racing are often (and exclusively) referred to as Animal Rights Activists. This anti-sport requires an equal army of HUMAN Rights Activists to speak out against its injustices, its abuse, and its universally exploitative foundations.

  8. They need to take a close look at the Del Mar racing industry. You’d better believe that they too are being grossly underpaid and are living in deplorable conditions. Add to that list the fact that at least most of them are here illegally.

  9. The most ridiculous statement continually touted by pro-horse racing entities is jobs, jobs, jobs and it’s endorsed by our government/politicians who echo this in order to justify the sweet deals that horse racing gets including either taxpayers money, casino profits, and/or corporate welfare.
    Yet, when you take just a moment to think about that you must ask yourself “what about all the billions in casino profits going to education and infrastructure instead which results in jobs, jobs, jobs – more jobs than this industry has, or ever will have plus it has redeeming factors for our communities, our children.
    Who in the hell are they trying to fool?
    Americans pay through the nose to keep this vile business going and so do Ontario residents, more recently, at the peril of our education and healthcare.
    In fact, top trainer Todd Pletcher complained that he couldn’t get enough work visas to import workers.

    Importing labor from other countries almost always results in human rights violations in one form or another.
    They simply don’t want to pay Americans even the peanut pay they receive (about $6 per hour) for taking care of million dollar racehorses from million dollar owners.
    Another thing, a foreign worker will keep their mouth shut just like the racehorses when even the most basic labor stands are violated only in this case it’s so beyond that when you read the court documents.
    It took multiple brave people, and years to finally turn in human rights violator Steve Asmussen (Clark Brewster’s “go to” trainer) and Chad Brown.
    I watched these poor Mexican workers (as far back as 2005) work 12 hour days, 7 days a week for Steve Asmussen at Keeneland, Churchill Downs, Fairgrounds and the worst had to be Evangeline Downs.
    Most were never paid or paid so little they had to come to me and ask if I would buy milk for their babies.
    Most all were living in tack rooms, some would sleep in the stall to keep warm during the October fall meet.
    They would be shipped from track to track like chattel just like the racehorses and they suffered greatly to break their backs taking care of million dollar racehorses for million dollar owners who live on million dollar farms.
    Everybody knew damn well what was going on including the CEO’s of Keeneland because some of them had racehorses in that stable.
    Does that surprise anybody coming from a bunch of racehorse abusers who cripple them, dump them, send them off to slaughter when they are not of any use anymore?
    More often than not people who abuse animals are the same people who will abuse humans.
    There’s a strong link there and horse racing is living proof of this.
    It’s time to hold the horse racing industry accountable for human rights violations and to sue them where warranted including any racetrack that facilitates these human rights violations because it’s taking place on their property so they can be held liable according to the attorneys that I’ve spoken to.

  10. Cute pseudonym, Commonsenseand sensible! However, it IS an ironic choice because you come across as clearly lacking in sense common or uncommon.

  11. Those supporting horseracing are Ignoring the real world of this business. The majority of it is horrific for the horses and even for some of the people. I’m speaking about the secondary tracks where there is no such thing as “extensive medical care” and their treatment is far from royal!
    In truth racing is a 2 tiered system where the “elite” of the business go about making lots of money and promote the “big horses” along with the prestigious races while ignoring the the far more numerous “cheap horses” running for their lifes at the lesser tracks even throughout bitter winters and at night to boot. If they survive the rigors of the game they make up the thousands packing the slaughter – bound trucks.
    And lets not forget, the racing “elite” uses the claiming game to get rid of the horses that are not performing to expectations – they join the “cheap horses” in the enivitable downward spiral.
    The supporters of racing ignore this side of the “sport” which is a much larger share of racing. Why?!
    Could it be they are suffering from California Chrome syndrome !!

  12. According to Jockey Club Statistics::
    90% of racehorses will become an unwanted financial liability by the time they are 3 years old. This corresponds with their dreams being shattered of not making it to the Derby or Breeders Cup most everybody’s reason why they go into this – to get that “dream” horse.
    5% will compete at upper levels, but will slide into the other 90% eventually.
    There are no retirement plans in place for most all except for dumping them into the claiming ranks or at the kill auctions after they are done crippling them.
    The never ending cycle of unwanted racehorses churns year after year while this industry boasts about record-breaking obscene profits.
    When you come across an unwanted dog or cat that you can’t take in yourself what do you do?
    You have a 1-800 phone number to your local animal shelter, but this nasty business doesn’t even do that.
    When you call their industry-funded aftercare programs most all are full, can’t take anymore which is why many spill over into somebody’s backyard where they may get neglected or dumped again because they are full and they are usually on social media begging for donations while these creeps can’t even send $200 bucks.
    These parasites only care when they can suck every last bit of sweat, blood and life out of them.
    This is horse racing.

  13. Can it be any wonder that the critics and repentant gamblers call the racetrack the devil’s playground?

    Money may not be the root of all evil, but the gross desire for such may as well be. It is not a sport. It is a form of gambling and a totally unregulated one at that. It is nothing but a “get rich quick” scheme if there ever was one.

    God commands us in Exodus: “See that ye not muzzle the ox when it treadeth out the corn.”

    Thank you Patrick and for Horseracing Wrongs for being a voice for these voiceless animals.

  14. Just because people in the business “work hard” and don’t actively abuse their animals does not absolve them because they are still participating in a very abusive gambling business and their their horses, more often than not, are for sale in the claiming races. The horses once claimed inevitably enter the downward spiral typical of the business. These so called “claimers” are overworked, injected and drugged, whatever it takes to get them to the gate and they either die on the track or wind up on the slaughter bound trucks. Very, very few make it to a rescue organization
    It is impossible to participate in racing and not be responsible for animal abuse, directly or indirectly.

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