Ayala Beats the Hell Out of Another Horse – and He Will Still Be Allowed to Wield a Whip

Jesus Ayala, the animal abuser masquerading as a jockey, is back at it. And why wouldn’t he be, what with the mere wristslap he received for the 12 consecutive lashes he gave his horse on the 22nd? In the most recent minutes from Los Alamitos, this:


The preceding ruling was issued as Mr. Ayala threw himself on the mercy of the Board of Stewards and acknowledged a severe violation of the ‘crop’ rule. He received a larger than usual fine from an incident on September 22 then came back last evening with a violation as bad, or worse, than the previous infraction. He said he got caught up in the moment, but realizes this cannot continue.”

Where to begin? This scumbag of a person beats the hell out of another horse (Mister Appolitical) – while the stewards did not disclose the number of blows, they did say the “violation [was] as bad, or worse, than the previous,” and the previous was unconscionable – and in just three days he will be allowed to ride again. Justice, CHRB style. (And California is supposed to have the strictest whip rules in the nation?) But then again, he was “contrite” – “he got caught up in the moment, but realizes this cannot continue.” If this doesn’t make you sick, you’ve lost your moral compass.

Incidentally, by coming in first (again), Ayala banked $58,800 for the “connections,” with he himself “earning” another $3,000+ payday. Base human greed at the expense of suffering and dying animals – this is horseracing.


  1. Anyone who is “caught up in the moment ” and physically abuses a horse is an animal abuser, plain and simple. Remember how women who are abused by their partners are advised to never believe the abusers when they express remorse and pledge never to do it again?
    This jockey needs to be fired, charged with a crime of animal abuse, punished and kept away from animals for the rest of his life.
    Those who keep him in employ as a jockey are partners to the crime. They need to be charged and punished as well.

  2. Funny how the anti-sport is suddenly concerned with the optics of whip use. Guess they’ve finally caught on that the incessant flogging of racehorses doesn’t much support the notion of their “they love to run” mantra.

    • They have to make it look like there is a major concern for the horse and it will therefore make them look upstanding in return.

      • Yeah, they’re not appearing real upstanding to anyone right now. Even to themselves, I think;)

  3. Someone needs to take this cockless little coward behind the shedrow and “get caught up in the moment” with him. He’s an animal abuser, plain and simple, who is addicted to beating horses and is actually paid for it. The fact he is still allowed to ride is just further proof that this industry doesn’t give a shit about the welfare or treatment of their horses.

  4. This was the DERBY PCQHRA Breeders Derby Grade 3 – Quarter Horse 400 yrds 1200 feet for that matter a 150,000 dollar race with 58,800 going to the winner 10% to the jockey….i counted 29 though it is hard to tell because the last 50 yrds or so it is whack,whack,whack,whack….now if i took this sorry excuse and smacked the daylights out of him, i wonder if i could just throw myself at the mercy of the court and say hey judge im sorry i just got caught up in the moment, NO, in the real world, i would be charged with assault and promptly thrown in jail without question, why is horse racing a world unto themselves to where actions like this get you 3 days suspension and thats it? Find me another “sport” to where such actions get you a simple meaningless punishment, i mean jeez i almost want a license so i can get away with getting even with these people and just tell the board of stewards hey im sorry i didnt mean too….wonder why i have the hatred i do towards this unethical immoral business, yet sorry people think this is part of the game and accept it, and defend it none the less. Ridiculous

  5. Jesus Ayala is a racehorse beater, and abuser.
    The rest?
    The supporters, participators, people who bet, people who watch this sadistic monster are all enablers of this abuse.
    The racing commissions, the CHRB, are a disgusting bunch of parasites that permit this to continue.
    The racing commissions are nothing more than facilitators of this unacceptable inhumane treatment..
    Horse racing is widespread, systemic, legitimized racehorse cruelty with the racing commissions being nothing more than a tool to pave the way for this treatment.
    Always has been – always will be because this morally bankrupt and corrupt business requires abusive business practices to keep sore racehorses filling the races and their wagering coffers.

  6. What a pitiful excuse for a jockey, didnt learn the first time – should be banned from EVER riding again in my opinion. Lenient repercussions only allow it to continue!

  7. Animal abusers getting away with severe animal abuse. Shame on the humans for continuing to support a business that is pure evil. We have to keep fighting for the ban in the California and set the way for the rest of the states.

  8. A couple days ago, there was an article by Jay Hovdey in Bloodhorse discussing the many factors threatening racing in California. Dr. Rick Arthur, the equine medical director of the CHRB, contributed input to the article and one of his observations is extremely relevant to this particular HW post. Here is the quote from the Hovdey article….

    Arthur also addressed “those who argue that whipping doesn’t hurt horses, but that’s nonsense, and we all know that. Whips are not just stimuli. They hurt. That’s why they’re used. ‘Run faster, or I’ll hit you again.’ More importantly, for a sport that relies on public support, whipping simply looks abusive.”

    Wow! Arthur had me eating out of his hand until the end….LOOKS ABUSIVE? No, Rick, whipping IS ABUSIVE, but the most important thing, at least to him, is that whipping LOOKS abusive since abusing animals in front of the public has a tendency to turn people against the industry. Keep those abuses behind closed doors whenever possible. Racing certainly can’t afford to lose any more fans!

  9. He is definitely not getting what he deserves. Beating any animal is a sign of mental illness and he should not even be allowed near a horse!! Piece of shit…hope karma tears him up!

  10. This bothers me to no end. I’m glad there wasn’t a video, the picture was enough. The day can’t come soon enough when all of this, the injuries, the deaths, the whipping, ends. For good. Keep up the good work Horseracing Wrongs.

  11. Here’s Mister Appolitical getting a severe beating by racehorse beater Jesus Ayala.
    I lost count after 20 consecutive lashings making direct contact with the skin.

    What’s equally disturbing is the rest of the racehorses running are getting beaten as well.
    California – all of you animal lovers, California one of the most progressive states in the world, California, please help us stop this.

  12. With lenient fines and no consequences the Board of Stewards have become a laughing stock much like are justice system. Instead of nipping it in the bud they are promoting repeat offenders! He was contrite, as he sat there but once out of ear shot I can bet you he laughed all the way home. We need some people in our systems, judicial or otherwise, that aren’t afraid to dish out a punishment that fits the crime.

  13. Jim and supporting apologists:

    “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a person in everlasting ignorance – that principle is, Contempt prior to investigation.”
    Herbert Spencer.

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